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Robert SchendleRobert Schendle 

How can I force a report chart to display empty groupings?

I have a report that groups products by their phase of development. It seems that the charts by default only show those groupings along an axis that have at least one record. I'd like to always show all phases on a chart, even when there are no products in that phase. As it is right now, all the differently filtered charts don't have a consistent look. I need there to be continuity.

Is there a way to force the chart to show all groupings, even those with a zero count?

Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
There is not at the moment (at least that I've seen, I'd love to be proven wrong about this), the reporting engine does this automatically and there's not a setting or anything to make it graph blanks.

One way to trick it is to map a second data point that does have data across the entire range, then the blanks from your first set will show up.

Another way to sort of accomplish this is with Analytic Snapshots, but it would take a while to snapshot your data going forward so you could report on it.