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Mariya PirolliMariya Pirolli 

How can I see all records that I am following in Chatter in a single view or rep

How can I see all records that I am following in Chatter in a single view or report?
I just found out there is a limit as to how many records you can follow at once, and i need to figure out which ones to un-follow. Thanks!
Amber BoazAmber Boaz
If you go to your Profile page there is a link "Following". Click on that and you can see all the people and records you're following.
Bill PosnerBill Posner
I was scanning to find out an easy way to delete all the things I'm following.  We have auto following for cases, that way we can see our cases if there are things happening in it with our mobile devices. So in MY case (this won't work for everyone) I added a new view that shows all closed cases of each agent.  When they look at the list, the chatter following icon is visable. So all closed cases in this view that have a check mark, we just go  in and click on them. A lot quicker than going through the profile way.

Just a fyi, because we follow all our cases this works for us, for other objects, I'm not sure if this would work.
Jen NelsonJen Nelson
Hello, Mariya - 

Configero just recently released our new Grid Application on the App Exchange (  With it, you can easily pull up the Entity Subscription table and filter it for records that you are on the ParentId hyperlink to go to the record(s) that you want to Unfollow.

User-added image

You can also use the Grid to pull a list of all records for a particular Object (for example Cases or Opportunities) and mass select records to Unfollow in Chatter because they are Closed.

User-added image

Once you get your initial records unfollowed, there is also an app from Labs called Chatter Unfollow Rules that will allow you to set auto-unfollow rules (but they are not retroactive; that is why we use the Grid to unfollow any Cases or Opptys that have already closed but we are still following).
Kunal SharmaKunal Sharma
To answer you second issue. I have implemented the following free app to unfollow cases in our org (as we were hitting the limit as well). Hope this helps - Chatter Unfollow (
Kristin BaxterKristin Baxter
How can I see this in lightning?
Echoing Kristin Baxter's question above: in Lightning, it only appears to display people who are following you, and not all the records. Thanks!