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Rudy MuiRudy Mui 

How do I change a mislabeled opportunity back to a lead?

We inadvertantly entered all of our customer contacts as opportunities.  Is there a relatively painless way to change them back to leads without retyping them? 

Pierre Despatis-DupontPierre Despatis-Dupont
How many are we talking about? 

It sounds like you could probably export the contacts/opportunities and reimport them as leads. Then you could delete all the contacts/opps that were created in error.  Would this work? 

You can export the data using reports. Then here's how to get started with the data import.

Let us know if you have any questions. 

The easiest way in the front end is to use the Import Wizard. There are 2 ways to get to it depending on what you are trying to import and if you are an administrator:

1) If you are an admin and want to import data for several users, you can go here:
Setup>Data Management>Import Leads

2) If you just want to import records for yourself,  go to the landing page for Contacts and click on "Import Leads" in the tools section (bottom right).

Here are some links that may help to:

Preparing your data for an import: 

Importing Help Page: 
Rudy MuiRudy Mui
Thanks. We actually don't have so many, but I thought there might just be a tag we can relabel/re-assign to change them back.  

Will give your suggestion a try.  


Pierre Despatis-DupontPierre Despatis-Dupont
No, unfortunately. You can't really change records from one object to the other. It's only possible for leads (when converting), but most other objects don't support that functionality unfortunately. Let us know if you run into any issues while doing the export/import if you decide to go that route.
Anna HendryAnna Hendry
Hi Rudy, if Pierre's suggestion worked - come on back and let us know by marking the answer as "Best Answer" right under the comment. This will help the rest of the community should they have a similar issue in the future.  Thanks so much!