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Renee PierceRenee Pierce 

I've reached the limit for Dashboards run as logged-in user...


I modified some reports on our NA Sales Dasboard, and the dashboard snapshot appears on our NA Sales teams home pages.  The option has always been to run as logged-in user, but now I received an error that says I've reached the limit for dashboards run as the logged-in user. 

I don't know what happened, but has anyone run into this problem before?  Do you have any suggestions for fixing this problem? 

Thank you, once again!
Maria BelliMaria Belli
You would either need to change some of the dashboards to a named user or you can contact Salesforce to increase your limits. From what I understand there is a small added cost for the increased limits.
The Unknown AdminThe Unknown Admin
I have hit this but it's not true
The Unknown AdminThe Unknown Admin
All 66 Dashboard are 
Run as specified user
The Unknown AdminThe Unknown Admin
Any ideas Steve - I created a Dash report to check
Benjamin BarnhurstBenjamin Barnhurst
I have run into the same problem. I have cleared out most of our Dashboards and we now only have 9 in our org. None of them are using the logged-in user function. I am unable to create and save a new dashboard that uses the logged-in user function. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Steve MolisSteve Molis
@Benjamin Barnhurst  @Question Man

This question was posted on November 15, 2012  

Can you create a custom Report Type and select Dashboards as the primary object and group the Report by Running User?  

Also, do any other users have access to create Dashboards?
Benjamin BarnhurstBenjamin Barnhurst
I ended up putting in a case with Salesforce. As I had mentioned in my question, I said I had "cleared out most of my dashboards". Being new to Salesforce, I didn't realize that they went into a recycling bin for 15 days. They also suggested that before I deleted a dynamic dashboard, I should change it from "View as Dashboard Viewer" to any other type of "View as". Once I went to the recycling bin and restored one of my previous Dashboards and changed it I was able to create/update the dashboard I wanted to view as Dashboard Viewer. This resolved my issue.
Stephanie ByrneStephanie Byrne
I'm having the same issue today - I've made 9 dashboards static to allow release of licenses - but now I can not create any Dynamic 'View As' type Dashboards.