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Jamie GastonJamie Gaston 

Is there a way to set up a dashboard to auto-refresh when you open it?

I am familiar with scheduling a dashboard toauto- refresh and send an email on a schedule but that is not what this manager is wanting. Thank you for any insight!
David ReeceDavid Reece
Short answer - no.

A dashboard is a collection of up to 20 reports. The reason it is a snapshot is if you consider how many records may be contained within those 20 reports.

If you had an average of 25,000 records per report * 20 = 500,000 records.

Dashboards are refreshed in a queue on the server which is shared with other customers.
Most only take around 30 seconds or less but I have seen this take more then 10 minutes for a company with a couple of million records.

To have it auto refresh when opening could potentially monopolize the server resources. Think of 20 people viewing the one dashboard at the same time.

Hope this provides some information you can use.
HariKrishna SompalliHariKrishna Sompalli
Here is the work around for this:

You can add this extesion to your chrome browser and can specify the auto refresh interval along with the number of charts/reports should display in a row.
Chirag MehtaChirag Mehta
Thanks HariKrisha for the link.  There's AppExchange Listing as well.

Request you to please leave a detailed review of Chrome Extension on AppExchange (link above).