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Patrick MurphyPatrick Murphy 

Looking for some feedback on Campaigns created by Salesforce Users


Before I start setting things up I was looking for some honest feedback if its really the way to go. We have around 16 campaigns that we are looking to launch, mostly about re-engaging with our clients and letting them know what we can do for them. We have around 6000 active clients that we'd like to target via email.

Whilst we have these templates set up in word, we could look to create as PDF's and send them via Salesforce campaigns. We dont want to be sending attachments in our emails as we feel some will go to junk/spam type areas and others just wont be bothered opening, we'd like it to be straight in our clients face!!

I'm aware of outside companies and features but we are looking to lower our consultancy fees and do it ourselves. We are happy to try and fail using the campaigns.

Feedback appreciated.

Nebojsa (Nash) ZgonjaninNebojsa (Nash) Zgonjanin
You can use Mass email (according to limitations on number of emails per day) and HTML emails.

Can I use mass email for my email campaigns?

Mass email is designed for small-scale sales and support mailings, not for marketing purposes. We recommend that you use a third-party email-execution vendor to send emails for marketing campaigns.

Guidelines on Sending Mass Email

Available in: Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

When sending mass email, note the following.


  • You can send mass email to a total of 1,000 external email addresses per day per organization based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The maximum number of external addresses you can include in each mass email depends on the Edition of Salesforce you are using:
    EditionAddress Limit per Mass Email
    Enterprise Edition500
    Unlimited Edition1,000
    The mass email limits don't take unique addresses into account. For example, if you have johndoe@example.com in your mass email 10 times, that counts as 10 against the limit.
    In Developer Edition organizations and organizations evaluating Salesforce during a trial period, your organization can send mass email to no more than 10 external email addresses per day. This lower limit does not apply if your organization was created before the Winter '12 release and already had mass email enabled.
    You can send an unlimited amount of email to your internal users. These limits also apply to emails sent from the API and Apex.
  • Before you send a mass email, create a custom view of contacts, leads, person accounts, or cases without an email address. In the search criteria, choose “Email equals,” and leave the third field blank. You can then update those records before sending your emails. Unfortunately, there is no way to validate an email address without sending an actual email message.
  • If your template contains a merge field for which there is no data in a particular record, that field does not appear in the email you send. To find such blank fields, modify your recipient list view to search for the merge fields you are using in your template, and enter the criterion “<field> equals,” leaving the third field blank. Edit those records that have blank fields before you send your emails.
  • You can send a mass email to a recipient list that consists of contacts, leads, person accounts, or users you can view in Salesforce.


  • If the email deliverability option Notify sender when mass email completes is selected, you receive an auto-generated status email from Salesforce for each mass email you send. The subject line of the status email contains the value you entered in the Mass Email Name field when sending the mass email.
  • Attachments in mass emails are sent as links rather than as physical files. When recipients click the attachment link in the email, the attachment opens in a separate Web browser, and they can download the file. Attachments sent as links are stored for 30 days.


  • Mass email can only be sent to an address in a standard email field. Mass email using a custom email field is not supported.
  • If a standard email field is hidden by field-level security, the Mass Email links for contacts and leads don't appear.
  • Email templates give you access only to the fields that are accessible to you via your page layout and field-level security settings. (Field-level security is available in Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer Editions only.)
  • You cannot use an organization-wide address to send a mass email or a Stay-in-Touch request.
Jatin AhujaJatin Ahuja
As mentioned, we can only send 250 Emails from Professional Edition, 500 Enterprise Edition, and 1000 Emails from Unlimited Edition.

In order to make yourself Unlimited while sending the mass emails to Contacts, Leads, Users and sending emails to Campaign Members then you need to check an appexchange native app - MassMailer.This will let you bypass salesforce mass email limits and at the same time let you send simple marketing emails to Schedule one-off mass emails. With this you can even track the status of your Email i.e. it got delivered, opened, Unsubscribed etc.

For this, you might need to visit and play with this app -