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Brigitte HoeyBrigitte Hoey 

how do I modify the "amount" under an opportunity

Accounts and opportunities created some time ago and intially entered in a "product" which tied to a specfic amount and popultes the :"amount" field under the opportuity.  We're finding this number changes and/or is inaccurate and would like to edit the number for reporting purposes.  Who do we go about this?
Nash ZgonjaninNash Zgonjanin
If opportunity has products you are not able to edit amount on Opportunity. It is calculated based on product prace and quantity.

You can ctreate custom field (currency) for free form input and use in your reports.

Syed Y. TalhaSyed Y. Talha
Did you changed numbers in Product Master for those opportunities?

Click on to Products Tab | then Search and Click on the product name you have in Opporunity | Check that Standard Price is not changed. You can adjust Prices in Product Master to run Reports and then adjust it back. 

I think Salesforce does not change Amount on opportunities those are already closed.  Are these Still open opportunities?
Nash ZgonjaninNash Zgonjanin

Opportunity Fields

The available fields vary according to which Salesforce Edition you have.

An opportunity has the following fields, listed in alphabetical order. Depending on your page layout and field-level security settings, some fields may not be visible or editable. (Field-level security is available in Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer Editions only.)

Account NameName of account that opportunity is linked to. You can enter the account name, or select the account using the lookup icon.

If you change the account for an opportunity that has partners, all partners are deleted from the Partners related list.

AmountEstimated total sale amount. For organizations using multiple currencies, the amount is shown in your personal currency by default. Change the Opportunity Currency picklist to track the amount in another currency.

For opportunities with products, the amount is the sum of the related products. You cannot directly edit the amount unless the opportunity has no products. To change the amount for an opportunity that contains products, edit the sales price or quantity of the related products.

If you change the price book for an opportunity that has products, all products are deleted from the Products related list, but the value in the opportunity's Amount field remains.

Close DateDate when you plan to close the opportunity. You can enter a date, or choose a date from the calendar that displays when you put your cursor in the field.

Opportunities with a Close Date in a given month will tally in the forecast for that month, unless you assign them to the Omitted category while editing the forecast.

When you set an open opportunity's Stage to a type of “Closed/Won,” the Close Date is set to the current date.

Created ByUser who created the opportunity including creation date and time. (Read only)
Custom LinksListing of custom links for opportunities as set up by your administrator.
DescriptionDescription of the opportunity. Up to 32KB of data are allowed. Only the first 255 characters display in reports.
Expected RevenueCalculated revenue based on the Amount and Probability fields.
Forecast CategoryForecast category name that is displayed in reports, opportunity detail and edit pages, opportunity searches, and opportunity list views. The setting for an opportunity is tied to its Stage. For more information on forecast categories, see Working with Forecast Categories .
Lead SourceSource of the opportunity, for example, Advertisement, Partner, or Web. Entry is selected from a picklist of available values, which are set by an administrator. Each picklist value can have up to 40 characters.
Modified ByUser who last changed the opportunity fields, including modification date and time. This does not track changes made to any of the related list items on the opportunity. (Read only)
Next StepDescription of next task in closing opportunity. Up to 255 characters are allowed in this field.
Opportunity CurrencyThe default currency for all currency amount fields in the opportunity. Amounts are displayed in the opportunity currency, and are also converted to the user’s personal currency. Available only for organizations that use multiple currencies.

For opportunities with products, the currency is tied to the currency of the associated price book. You cannot directly edit this field unless you first delete the products.

Opportunity DivisionDivision to which the opportunity belongs. This value is automatically inherited from the related account.

Available only in organizations that use divisions to segment their data.

Opportunity NameName of the opportunity, for example, - Office Equipment Order. Up to 120 characters are allowed in this field.
Opportunity OwnerAssigned owner of opportunity. Not available in Personal Edition.
Opportunity Record TypeName of the field that determines what picklist values are available for the record. The record type may be associated with a sales process. Available in Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer Editions.
Partner AccountRead-only field that indicates the opportunity is owned by a partner user.
Primary Campaign SourceName of the campaign responsible for generating the opportunity.

When you click the lookup icon for the empty field, the dialog shows the first 100 active campaigns. Enter search terms to find other records.

For opportunities created during lead conversion, this field is automatically filled in with the campaign name from the lead. If the lead has multiple associated campaigns, the campaign with the most recently updated member status is inserted into the opportunity.

For opportunities with multiple influential campaigns, click Edit next the primary campaign in the Campaign Influence related list on the opportunity detail page and select the Primary Campaign Source checkbox. The campaign will display in the Primary Campaign Source field on the opportunity.

PrivateCheckbox indicating that the opportunity is private. Only the record owner, users above that role in the hierarchy, and administrators can view, edit, and report on private opportunities. Not available in Group or Personal Editions. Private opportunities do not trigger Big Deal Alerts or workflow rules. If you have customizable forecasting, private opportunities count towards your forecasts. If you do not have customizable forecasting, private opportunities do not count towards your forecasts.
ProbabilityPercentage of estimated confidence in closing the opportunity.

The Probability value is always updated by a change in the Stage value, even if Probability is marked as read only on your page layout. Users with access to edit this field can override the value.

QuantityTotal of all Quantity field values for all products in the Products related list if the opportunity has products. General use field if the opportunity does not have products.
StageCurrent stage of opportunity based on selections you make from a predefined list, for example, Prospect or Proposal. Entry is selected from a picklist of up to 100 available values, which are set by an administrator. Each picklist value can have up to 40 characters.

Your administrator correlates the values in this picklist with Forecast Category values that determine how the opportunity contributes to your forecast.

When you set an open opportunity's Stage to a type of “Closed/Won,” the Close Date is set to the current date.

Synced QuoteThe quote that is synced to the opportunity. Only one quote can sync to the opportunity at a time.
TerritoryTerritory with which the opportunity is associated. Only available if your organization has territory management. See Changing the Territory of an Opportunity.
TypeType of opportunity, for example, Existing Business or New Business. Entry is selected from a picklist of available values, which are set by an administrator. Each picklist value can have up to 40 characters.

Opportunity Product Fields

ActiveIndicates whether the price book entry (product and list price) is active and can be added to an opportunity or quote.
Created ByName of the user who created the product.
DateClose date of a particular opportunity product.
DiscountThe discount for the product as a percentage.
Last Modified ByUser who last changed the opportunity product fields. (Read only)
Line DescriptionText to distinguish this opportunity product from another.
List PricePrice of the product within the price book including currency.
OpportunityName of the opportunity for this opportunity product.
ProductItem listed in the Products related list on an opportunity.
Product NameTitle for the product.
QuantityThe number of units for the opportunity product.
Sales PricePrice for the products in the opportunity product.
SubtotalThe difference between standard and discounted pricing. Converted currency amounts when the opportunity's currency is different from the user's currency.
Total PriceSum of all the product amounts for this opportunity product.
Mausam SinghMausam Singh

If you have added opportunity line items, then the amount field is sum of all your opportunity line item price and can not be modified there after.

Varun Nagpal
KVP Business Solutions

Syed Y. TalhaSyed Y. Talha
@Varun is right. They will not change in Opportunity Product price even if you update product master. 

Product master update will be in effect for new opportunities..

Just Curious....Why do you think that Amount numbers are different now? Did some one actually changed these numbers for some opportunities at line item. 

Can you check last modified date on Opportunity line item record to determine that it was updated some time after Created Date?