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Daniela SchmitzDaniela Schmitz 

Translate Product Code

Dear All, 

Does anyone know if there is a way to translate the Product Codes and/or Product Description in the Price Book, according to the currency?

For example: 
We have ONE Product Name, in multiple currencies (for example USD and BRL) 
and would like to have the Description for the USD Product in English, but when chosing BRL, it should be in Portuguese.

So far the only way to achieve this, was to add the same Product TWICE (thus duplicating), once with the Code and Description in English and the currency in USD, and once with Code and Description in Portuguese, and currency BRL.

In the HELP Section I could only find a restriction with regards to not being able to translate the Product Name.
(and this is not what I am trying to do)

If anyone has any ideas, that would be great!

Aliya SadequeAliya Sadeque
We ran into the same issue and didn't want to create duplicate Products because this would then need to be factored into ALL of our reporting.  In our case, the objective was to support multiple languages for Quotes so that product descriptions showed up on the quote in whatever language was specified, and I've come up with a workaround that is a bit of a hack but a pretty scalable one.

1) Create a custom field on the Product object that will house your translated version of the description, ie "Product Description (Spanish)" or something to that effect.  Do the same for all other languages.

2) Create a workflow for whatever object you present the Product Description on; in our case, when you add a product to a quote, the product info is pulled into a Description field on a custom Quote Line object, with one Quote Line for each product.  What this workflow does is that it looks at the language flag (in our case, if Quote Language = Spanish) and fires everytime a Quote Line record is created or edited.  The action is a field update where the workflow simply overwrites the destination field with the Spanish version of the description, which it pulls from the Product record via formula.

Not sure if this application will entierely align with what you're trying to do but workflows may well be a good place to start playing around with it!