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Julia McMahanJulia McMahan 

Multiple donation receipting - Is it possible?

 I need to be able to send out receipts that record multiple donations made by the same person. For instance, at the end of the year, we'll need to send out "year-end" receipts. 

Can I do that in SF somehow? If so, please help me understand how.

Mark PickeringMark Pickering
Hi Julia,

This depends on your current configuration of Salesforce. So my answer will be kind of generic and assume a vanilla install.

Assuming your Person is a Contact, you could create a new Custom Object, called Donation, with a MasterDetail relationship with Contact. Also add the relevant fields to Donation, such as Date, Amount etc.
So, when you receive a donation from the Person, navigate to their Contact record and Add a new Donation record via the Donations related list.

To generate a year end receipt, you could simply write a report filtering on that specific Contact and Date range of the Donation.

Yu could get fancy and create a bespoke Visual Force page which generates you a Receipt report in PDF format for easy emailing/printing. Please get in touch if you wish to persue that.

Hope this helps!
Bryan BoroughfBryan Boroughf
I haven't yet tried it, but I believe you can use Mail Merge to create individual letters and Extended Mail Merge to process in a batch. (Extended Mail Merge has to be enabled by request.) There's some extra complexity with Householding and mailing to them, so I'm interested in what others say.

Another option that I plan to consider is using Conga Composer. It will do batches, allow for creating as a PDF, and email delivery of the document/output.

This thread is also posted at the Nonprofit Salesforce Practitioners forum:

Julia McMahanJulia McMahan
Thank you for your quick response and advice. 

I don't know if this would help clarify things, I'm using the non-profit starter pack, so we already have an object called Donation (formerly Opportunities). I also do use the Mail Merge but I don't know how I would do the Mail Merge with multiple donation records...

I will probably try the report idea; however, I am interested in the Visual Force page. That sounds like it could be really professional looking which I feel like like the report way might lack.

Thank you very much!
Mark PickeringMark Pickering
Drop me a line via my website and we'll work something out.

Tal FrankfurtTal Frankfurt
Hi Julia, you can create these receipts with Conga Composer (discounted for nonprofits).

Tyler GeffeneyTyler Geffeney
Hi Julia, 

I came in here to ask the same question as you.  Did you find a good workflow for doing year end receipting?  
Julia McMahanJulia McMahan
Hey Tyler, 

No, I never found a great answer to this question. The only thing I know to do at this point is run reports on each donor showing their giving over the past year, but that's going to take AGES! Ugh.

Let me know if you find something and I'll do the same. :) 

Tal FrankfurtTal Frankfurt
Julia and Tyler, did you take a look at Conga? Most of our clients are using them to generate receipts, thank you letters etc.
Julia McMahanJulia McMahan
Hi Tal,

I know I looked into using Conga, but right now I don't think we can afford it. We are a small non-profit, so I know we would get the discounted price. However, we're so small that I'm really the only one who uses SF so having to buy it for a minimum of three users doesn't really make sense. I really wish I could use it! I dread having to do this another way, but it's all I can do I think.

Tal FrankfurtTal Frankfurt
Julia, at the end, the question is how much does your time woth? Does it make more sense to pay the Conga costs vs. spending time on manually creating these documents?
BTW, you can always create a report, export it to excel, and do the mail merge from the excel....
Julia McMahanJulia McMahan
True. I may find that next year it is totally necessary to use Conga. This year however, I plan to do the "report to excell, excell to mail merge" route, and hope it goes faster than I fear. :) 
Judi SohnJudi Sohn
I've spent a bit of time the past couple of weeks working with LOOP and I have to say, I've been impressed. It's got a slightly different plan of attack than Conga, but in many ways it's easier and can be a little cheaper. Might be worth checking it out.
Tiffany AliotoTiffany Alioto

I have the same problem with much of the Salesforce database. We are a small non-profit and I am the only person in charge of donor management, including dasebase management for Salesforce and our backend database, Convio.

Conga was suggested to me by another organization we affiliate with (but is much bigger than ours) and after reading your findings, we can't afford the cost either. I have currently be going the excel-> Word mailing route for acknowledgments and it's worked grreat, but I'm stumped on the end-of-year receipts and how to create a report in Salesforce that would generate every donation made into the proper excel format.

I will let you know if I come up with anything, but I'm probably going to start by generating a report of every donors yearly gifts, and then manually creating an excel that properly columnizes those gifts in order to merge with a Word doc.
Anne SwearinginAnne Swearingin
Are you able to add the name, street, city, state, zip code, donation amount, non-deductible amount, date donation posted and campaign all on one report to export for a mail merge?
Annette PretoriusAnnette Pretorius
Ok, so I was just looking at how to do this same thing.  Also a small non-profit and I have a very limited understanding of Salesforce.  This is what I did that didn't require manually printing each donor page separately and allowed me to report by Household (which is more appropriate for us than by Contact):

Started with the report Donations with Contact Roles and Household.
Customized the report to include the Household mailing and addressee information, the opportunity information I wanted and the right dates.  Make sure to select Closed Won opportunities.

Exported to Excel and sorted by Household Name.  Still not helpful because you'll have to manually separate each Household group . . . EXCEPT

. . . Excel will let you set conditional page breaks.  Under the Data menu, select Subtotal.  In the At Each Change drop-down menu you can specificy to look for changes in Household name, and then at the bottom you can select Page Break Between Groups.  Also in that window you can add a subtotal for each Household that will total their giving for the year (uncheck Replace Current Subtotals).

Now each household's information will print on its own page.  Then you can format page layout so that the pages print nicely with whatever column headings you want, etc.  Anyway this is an old thread, but I was still looking for an answer so hopefully this will help someone else.
James MurphyJames Murphy
I've got an app you can use for generating tax receipts that I think is a pretty good solution. It is available here (

Hope you find it useful. If you have any feedback I would love to hear it!

James Murphy
Becki AllenBecki Allen

@Judi- How did you figure it out using LOOP? We are also a small nonprofit & I am preparing to do the Year End receipting. We just switched from Raiser's Edhe to Salesforce this past spring & we use LOOP to process our general receipting. However, I am concerned about capturing all of the donor's donations for the year....what have you found to be helpful? 



Shari GilfordShari Gilford
I'm working on the same problem and also am a one-person nonprofit so can't yet afford Conga, especially since right now ALL I need it for is year-end tax receipts (that's one use for an entire year... does not justify the expense). I found the report was easy in SF for what I wanted to spit out (can share the fields I chose with anyone who wants it and also my instructions). However, though I have a perfect Excel document with all the fields I need, I'm having a very difficult time of setting up a Word mail merge template that will list multiple donations per donor. It needs to somehow know when the donor name changes so that it can start a new document with a new table of donations. I've ready so many tutorials online and cannot figure out how to make Word do this. The best I can do is create one document for each donation. But then the donor's donations will show up on separate letters for each donation. Can someone help me set up the Word mail merge template with a table and so it knows how to start a new document only when the donor name changes? I've looked all over the Internet. It seems with such a process that so many nonprofits need, to issue end-of-year tax receipts with a list of each donor's donations plus a total, someone would have created something less expensive and easy to use native to Salesforce. Someone?????
Shari GilfordShari Gilford
P.S. James, I did look at your program but it seems a bit complex for me, and I need it for USA donors, not Canadian donors. But glad you're trying to help people. Keep up the good work!
Becki AllenBecki Allen
I'm in the same boat Shari, I can get the info out, but then the merge into Word is fouling me up. Have you found a solution?
Shari GilfordShari Gilford
Hi Becki and anyone who needs help. I did find a reasonable solution with some help from a friend who's very good at Excel. I did a report in SF with all the columns I needed for every donation. Then my friend created a Directory Word merge with a special code that looks for a change in a certain field and then starts a new list of donations on the next page of Word. It was rather complicated to set up, and he still didn't solve the problem of getting a total to print at the bottom of the table of donations. I had the total in the text of the document, so I just went through every letter and copied and pasted the total. I wrote up a 2-page document detailing every step, and I have my report in SF created to specifications. It now takes me about an hour to do the process from start to finish for under 100 donors. I don't know how many donors you have since if you have more than 100 it could be time-consuming to paste the total on each letter. Once you do the merge, the Word document is fully editible. If you're interested, I'd be happy to share my documentation with you off-line, but I'm not sure how to do that in this forum. Or you can tell me your e-mail address and I can e-mail you. I may not be able to get to you right away since I'll be very busy for the next two weeks.
Becki AllenBecki Allen
Thansk Shari! I've been working with that formula & I just don't understand it at all! It didn't work for me, and I don't know why!! I will be trying to figure that out today. However, I got around the total amount by creating a field in the account called Total Amount 2015. Then when I run my report for the donations, I include that field. 
Becki AllenBecki Allen

Does your documentation include the formula? my email is


Rebecca RoyRebecca Roy
I'd love to get your documentation, @Shari Gilford. Would you be willing to send it? Thank you. 
Robert DuncanRobert Duncan
Shari Gilford very kindly sent me her documentation. I had spent many hours yesterday trying to figure out how to do these letters, and with her instruction set I was able to within an hour set up a letter which will be very easy to repeat. I suspect generating these tax summary letters to take no more than an hour in the future. Thanks Shari!
Gala LyevshynaGala Lyevshyna
Hello Shari Gilford, can you send me your documentation to please. Thank you!
Lisa sLisa s
Hello Shari, can you please send me your documentation to Thank you
bhuvana reddybhuvana reddy
Hello Shari, can you please send me your documentation to Thank you
Talya LTalya L
hi shari, is it too late to send me the documention? Thanks!
bhuvana reddybhuvana reddy
Hi Talya, Thank you. Could you please send me the documentation Thanks
Mark BatcheckMark Batcheck
Hi Shari-- can you please send me your documentation? 
Mark EvansMark Evans
Shari - I could use that mail merge code as well. I've been trying for a year to figure this out.
Mark EvansMark Evans
Other than Conga (too expensive), what application or processes are NPSP users using to send out end-of-year tax receipt letters to donors that includes each of their donations as well as the total amount given for the year?
Nikki BehlerNikki Behler
Shari Gilford - I would love if you could share your method for doing the year-end receipting using Excel and MailMerge.  This is our first year having to do this from Salesforce and I'm stumped.  nikki@kindredlifeministries.  Many thanks in advance
Betsy McCurryBetsy McCurry
Shari Gilford, could you send me your documentation?  I am about to run our year end receipts. Thanks in advance! 
Brandon JerniganBrandon Jernigan
We used a combination of Excel and Word to make this happen.  We followed the tutorial linked below which shows how to do a Directory Mail Merge in Word.  The tutorial is very thorough but it is a little hard to understand, especially if you are not tech savvy.  Here are the basics of what I did:
  • Do an opportunity export from SF with all your opportunities for the year with the account mailing address information on the export 
  • Once you do that export, you need to then sort the document by Account Name first and then Date second (this is very important so the receipt shows the dates in chronological order). 
  • Then start a new Directory Mail Merge in Word. 
  • Once you do this is where it gets complicated.  You need to take the special code from within the tutorial and type it into your word document but change the mail merge field names from the sample code to your mail merge field names.  What I did is I found the example code from the tutorial that was the closest to what I wanted to do and then used that.  It wasn’t exactly the format I wanted, but because I didn’t understand enough about the code I couldn’t change it to exactly how I wanted.  If you can decipher what the code in the tutorial is actually doing, then you can adjust it to your heart’s content.  I chose the tutorial example that had text before the inserted fields so that I could put an introduction letter from us and also the mail merge fields for name and address.  It took me a while of trial and error but I finally got it.
  • The tutorial has a section that shows how to add a subtotal at the bottom of the merged information, but I could not figure it out.  What I ended up doing was having Excel do a Subtotal by Account Name in my list.  Then I removed the word "Total" using Find and Replace All so that the Subtotal Account Name was exactly the same as the rest of the Account Names.  Then when I ran the document through the code, it inestered the Subtotal in as the final entry for each Account.
  • Getting the code to function as you want is by far the hardest part, once you do that, then you just finish the merge and print.
Overall, it took me a several days to make this work but I was happy with the outcome.  And hopefully next year it will be a lot easier since I’ve done it once now.  If you are not tech savvy I would not suggest this process for you.
Tutorial link:
Note: I have no affiliation with the person who made this tutorial and you will have to create a free account on their site to access it.  They do provide some support on their site if you get stuck.
Mina HaimMina Haim
 @Shari Gilford. Do you still see this? Can you send me your documentation? Thanks 
Tracy FerrellTracy Ferrell
Hi @ShariGilford Can you share your documentation with me as well? 
Monique BottgerMonique Bottger
Hi @ShariGilford Please add me to the list for your documentation.  Thanks so much.
Monique BottgerMonique Bottger
Hi All!  I finally found an app that works for the USA - Apsona's Email & Document merge takes care of this smoothly! Bonus, they have discounts for nonprofits! Here's their link in case you're interested.

They have really good documentation as well for the end of the year receipts.
Brandon JerniganBrandon Jernigan
As Shari mentioned above you can use a Microsoft Word Directory Mail Merge to accomplish this.  I posted last year about this but this year was inspired to put together a video tutorial on how to do this.  You can watch it here:

As a reminder this uses Word and Excel to make a year end satement/receipt and it totally free.