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Bruce RhoadsBruce Rhoads 

Can I restrict access of a specific lead record type to certain profiles

I am getting some confidential leads which I want to restrict access.  Can I do this through a new record type that I restrict access to certain profiles?  If so how?  Is there another way to achieve this?
Tiffany ChenTiffany Chen
you can take out this confidential record type on profile (under record type settings section)
Steve MolisSteve Molis
Make Leads "Private" and then create a Criteria Based Sharing Rule to allow access to the other Leads

Creating Lead Sharing Rules 
Lead sharing rules are based on the record owner or on other criteria including record type and certain field values. You can define up to 300 lead sharing rules including up to 50 criteria-based sharing rules. 

Criteria-Based Sharing Rules Overview 
Criteria-based sharing rules determine whom to share records with based on field values in records. For example let's say you use a custom object for job applications with a custom picklist field named “Department.” You can create a criteria-based sharing rule that shares all job applications in which the Department field is set to “IT” with all IT managers in your organization. Although criteria-based sharing rules are based on values in the records and not the record owners a role or territory hierarchy still allows users higher in the hierarchy to access the records. You can't use Apex to create criteria-based sharing rules. Also criteria-based sharing cannot be tested using Apex. You can use the Metadata API to create criteria-based sharing rules starting in API version 24.0. You can't include high-volume portal users in sharing rules because they don't have roles and can't be in public groups.