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Jack OdellJack Odell 

Opportunity Queue

I recently discovered that there are no Queues for Opportunities (although there is an idea to create them).

I've decided to work around this issue by:
* Creating a user that will behave like the Queue
* Defining a Workflow Rule to send emails when an Opportunity is assigned to the user
* Creating a View which shows the records owned by the Queue-User

Some drawbacks to my approach:
* Eats up a license
* Agents will need to change the ownership of the record manually (rather than using the Accept button)

I don't love my solution, but can't think of another solution that works with opportunities which provides me the features I outlined above.  

Some follow up questions:
* Can anyone see other flaws with this approach?  
* Does someone know an alternate way to resolve this issue?  
* And finally, if you're not supposed to use Queues with Opportunities, what is the appropriate way of sharing and alerting a team that a new Opportunity is ready for them to work on?

Thanks for your feedback folks!

Eric StephensonEric Stephenson
1 You've cover the flaws.
2 Leads have queues. Lead are converted to Opportunities.
3 On EE and UE, Opportunities and Accounts have Teams. Teams can be assigned by defualt when an opportunty is own by a team member.
Jack OdellJack Odell
Thanks Eric.  Some comments on your responses.

I contemplated using Leads for this use case but I thought they would be problematic.   For this use case, I am dealing with existing customers whom we already have Contact records for.  

I was worried about creating Leads because I don't know any way where I can correlate the Contact and Lead objects for reporting later on.  For example, if 50% of my leads are not converted and I want to run a report where I pull information from both the Lead and Contact record.

Was I right to be concerned about that?  Or is there a way to run a report where you can link a Lead with a Contact?

I thought about using Opportunity Teams, but they seem to be designed for a different use case.  From what I understand, assigning an Opportunity to an Opportunity team basically grants access to an Opportunity to a team.  Instead, what I want, is for the team to be able to see that an Opportunity is available and unclaimed.  

Am I misunderstanding how Opportunity Teams work?

Thanks a lot for your feedback.
Scott FletcherScott Fletcher
Users will not be able to take ownership of opportunities without having Transfer Records permission, which may be more than you wish to give them.
Rick UptonRick Upton
For those looking for the Idea, Opportunity Queues are expected to be available in the Spring '22 GA release per this Salesforce Idea: https://trailblazer.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=08730000000DfoWAAS