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George GrecoGeorge Greco 

How can I find out which companies use Salesforce?


Is there a list of companies that use Salesforce?
Javier GonzalezJavier Gonzalez
Contact an Account Exec. The list of customers is over 104k. 
Sunil KeshariSunil Keshari
Here you can see few companies using SFDC -
Steve MolisSteve Molis
Are you looking for information on the SFDC Connection Finder?

Setting Up Connection Finder

Available in: Group, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited Editions

User Permissions Needed
To enable Connection Finder and edit settings:“Modify All Data”

Connection Finder allows you to email surveys to find out if your partners are Salesforce customers. Once you know a partner's status, you can invite them to connect using Salesforce to Salesforce.

To use connection finder, you must perform the following activities:

  1. Enable connection finder in your organization.
  2. Configure connection finder settings.
  3. Add the Find Connections button to the contacts list view by customizing the search layout. Add the button to the contact detail page by customizing the contacts page layout.
  4. Add the Uses field to the contacts page layout.
  5. Add the Customer field to the account page layout. Note
    You can create custom reports using the Uses and Customer fields.

    The Uses and Customer fields also appear on the contact and account records in any Customer Portal or partner portal you set up.

Enabling Connection Finder

To activate connection finder:

  1. Go to Your Name | Setup | Customize | Salesforce to Salesforce | Connection Finder.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Select Enabled.
  4. Click Save.

The connection finder settings are now available to configure. Additionally, the default email template and required related fields are created and available for use.

Disabling connection finder inactivates outstanding surveys and removes the Find Connections button. The Uses and Customer fields remain on contact and account records, respectively.

Configuring Connection Finder Settings

You can determine the content and look of the email you send to partners.

  1. Go to Your Name | Setup | Customize | Salesforce to Salesforce | Connection Finder.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Select an email template.

    The default connection finder template is automatically selected. You can also create custom email templates for your survey.

    Custom email templates must contain the survey URL. {!Contact.PartnerSurveyURL} is available as a contact merge field when creating templates.
  4. Optionally, select a logo using the lookup.Note
    You must first upload your logo to the Documents tab and mark it as Externally Available Image. recommends adding a branded logo, as it appears at the top of the survey page. If no logo is selected, the logo portion of the survey page remains blank.

  5. Click Save.
Bryan RevelantBryan Revelant
Do they actually use the standard or customize there own?
Thomas BlueThomas Blue
We have a list of Salesforce customers just from the US in the Lead411 database. There are 8K+ and growing.  Here is a quick video - 
daisy scottdaisy scott
Just a little search can provide you exact answer. However Salesforce provides the name of its users. You can check link to check the list of Salesforce customers. Apart from this though no service provider provides the list of its customers, for which they have done Salesforce implementation, but still some database service providers are there like to which you can contact to get the exact name of the companies. 
Across US around 8K + companies have implemented Salesforce, while a number of uncountable Salesforce users are there around the world. These paid sources can provide you the email, fax, address and contact number, name of the contact person and other information as well of these companies
Tudor ManoleTudor Manole
You can use HG Data to get that list of companies. Here's a link to a sample:
Shubham NandwanaShubham Nandwana

Here are some companies which provide salesforce development services:-