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Erik VenzErik Venz 

How can I add multiple contacts to an event?

I use the "Event" feature to log appointments I make, future/past, with my customers.  Sometimes I meet with more than one individual.  The "Event" dialog appears to only allow me to add one contact per event, but there are times I am meeting a group of contacts within a company.  I would like to associate my meeting notes and salesforce tracking with all those contacts.  How do I go about doing that?
Nash ZgonjaninNash Zgonjanin
Enable this feature:
Allow Users to Relate Multiple Contacts to Tasks and Events under Setup->Customize->Activities->Activity Settings

Shared Activities Overview

Available in: All Editions except

If your organization has enabled Shared Activities, you can relate as many as 10 contacts to non-recurring and non-group tasks, and non-recurring events. You assign one primary contact; all others are secondary contacts. Sharing activities gives you a more accurate picture when you view your task or event details and reports. Specifically, Shared Activities lets you view:

  • Tasks and events when you have access to at least one contact or lead, and the related record, if it exists. You can also view tasks and events if your role is above the activity owner’s in your organization’s hierarchy. Keep in mind, when you relate contacts to activities to which other users have access, those users can view the activity along with the names, account names, and titles of all the contacts you related to the activity—including the contacts to which those users may not otherwise have access.
  • All contacts related to a task on the task detail page or an event on the event detail page if your administrator adds the Name related list to the task page layout and event page layout.
  • The number of contacts related to a task or event when you use the Relation Count column in activity reports.
  • One row per contact for each activity in the Activities with Contacts report when you select at least one field from the related contact list.
  • An activity’s primary contact in two reports: Tasks and Events, and Activities with Cases. The primary contact also appears in the Name field on the task detail page or event detail page.

Syed Y. TalhaSyed Y. Talha
+1 Nash
Erik VenzErik Venz
Thanks - that did the trick!
Nash ZgonjaninNash Zgonjanin
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Syed Y. TalhaSyed Y. Talha
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Rebecca HamptonRebecca Hampton
We have this functionality in place today - however, I don't think we can do this through the mobile app - is that true?  
David ChauDavid Chau
I turned on "Relate Multiple Contacts" in Activity Settings, but I still only see the Single Lookup search box. Any ideas?
Akhil NambiarAkhil Nambiar
How can I associate multiple contacts to a particular task through apex?
Kostiantyn HladkyiKostiantyn Hladkyi
I think the question is not fully answered. Because it's clear how to enable "Multiple Contacts for Events and Tasks" feature in SalesForce, but it's not clear how to relate Event to multiple Contacts in LEX after this feature has been enabled. It's possible in Classic, but seems to be impossible in LEX?