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Willie MullenWillie Mullen 

Require certain fields to convert a lead

I am hoping to make a few fields required when a user converts a lead to an account. Specifically I am interested in Phone & Website. I'm sure I need to create a validation rule to accomplish this but am not sure what to base these requirements off of. Thanks!
Austin NordmanAustin Nordman
For the validation rule would just have it set so that the field cannot be blank.  So ISBLANK(fieldname)  If it is it will produce an error.
Willie MullenWillie Mullen
I guess where I'm confused is the first part of the rule. Because I don't want those fields to be required until someone attempts to convert the lead into an account.
Austin NordmanAustin Nordman
Ah i'm not entirely sure you can limit it in that way.  You could base it off of the lead status.  If it is not a certain lead status or something then it would check it.
Aiden MartinAiden Martin

Try this validation rule on your Lead object

ISBLANK( Phone ),
ISBLANK(Website )


Steve MolisSteve Molis
Also, in the Lead conversion settings select ""Enable Validation and Triggers from Lead Convert"

Customizing Lead Settings

Available in: Group, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

User Permissions Needed
To change lead settings: “Customize Application”

To optimize the lead management features, you must edit the lead settings to specify certain defaults.

  1. Click Your Name | Setup | Customize | Leads | Settings.
  2. Click Edit to customize the following defaults:
    Field Description
    Default Lead Owner The user or queue to which leads will be assigned if the active assignment rule fails to locate an owner. This applies to leads captured online and leads that a user manually creates or edits with the auto-assign checkbox enabled.
    Notify Default Lead Owner Checkbox to indicate whether Salesforce sends a notification to the default lead owner when assigning a lead to him or her. Default Lead Owner selected must be a user.
    Record Type Setting If a user creating a new lead applies assignment rules, this setting indicates which record type to assign to the new record. If you want new leads to keep the creator’s record type, check Keep the existing record type. If you want to overwrite the creator’s record type when applying assignment rules, check Override the existing record type with the assignee’s default record type.
    Enable Validation and Triggers from Lead Convert When selected, enables the following operations when you convert leads:
    • Enforcement of universally required custom fields.
    • Enforcement of validation rules. Note that if validation rules exist for activities and you create an activity during lead conversion, the lead converts but a task is not created.
    • Workflow actions on leads such as field updates, automatic task assignments, and transfers. Note that existing time-based workflow actions on leads do not get triggered as part of lead conversion.
    • Execution of Apex before triggers that fire before the insertion of accounts, contacts, or opportunities. In addition, execution of Apex before triggers that fire before the update of accounts or contacts.
    • Cross-object field updates on accounts and opportunities created from the lead conversion.
    When Enable Validation and Triggers from Lead Convert is selected, if the lead conversion creates an opportunity and the opportunity has Apex before triggers associated with it, the triggers run immediately after the opportunity is created, before the opportunity contact role is created.
    Do Not Change Lead Status Values to New Owner's Record Type on Lead Conversion If your organization uses record types, you can create a lead process that allows you to provide different Lead Status values for different record types. If Do Not Change Lead Status Values to New Owner's Record Type on Lead Conversion is selected, the Lead Status does not change to the new owner's default value during lead conversion. If this setting it is not selected, the Lead Status may change during lead conversion if the new owner's record type has a different default value for Lead Status.

Willie MullenWillie Mullen
This worked great, thank you!
Katie DeLunaKatie DeLuna

I'm attempting to do the same in my org! We want to avoid using validation rules, if possible. Can it be done without validation rules?
Brittany WolfBrittany Wolf
If you don't want to use validaiton rules there is another way but it is a little more of a process to setup. You can use record types and page layouts. For example, you can create an Unqualified record type and coresponding page layout and a Qualified record type and coresponding page layout, then make the fields that you want requried in order to convert only requried on the Qualified page layout. Next you only place the Convert button on the Qualified page layout. Remember to remove the Convert button from the Unqualified page layout. You may also want to create a WFR or a process builder to automatically update the record type based on when certain fields are updated, like when the Lead Status is updated from Unqualified to Qualified. Hope that helps!
George WakedGeorge Waked
@Aiden, your solution worked! Thank you so much.

I'd like to fully understand why it works though – can anyone shed some light on what the "&&" does in the rule?
Cheryl FernandesCheryl Fernandes
@George Waked It is one of the ways you can say "And". Click the insert operator button while in Edit mode for the validation rule and you can see all of the options:
User-added image
Brian MurpheyBrian Murphey
We have users converting a lot of leads into existing accounts and required fields don't need to be filled out in this case, so I want a similar validation rule that will only trigger when a user tries to convert a lead into a new account. Is there a way to do this?