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Salvatore DedolaSalvatore Dedola 

How do I send a mass email?

I would like to be able to select multiple emails and send marketing material.
Steve MolisSteve Molis

Guidelines on Sending Mass Email

Available in: Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited Editions

When sending mass email, note the following.


  • You can send mass email to a total of 1,000 external email addresses per day per organization based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The maximum number of external addresses you can include in each mass email depends on the Edition of Salesforce you are using:
    EditionAddress Limit per Mass Email
    Enterprise Edition500
    Unlimited Edition1,000
    The mass email limits don't take unique addresses into account. For example, if you have in your mass email 10 times, that counts as 10 against the limit.
    You can send an unlimited amount of email to your internal users. These limits also apply to emails sent from the API and Apex.
  • Before you send a mass email, create a custom view of contacts, leads, person accounts, or cases without an email address. In the search criteria, choose “Email equals,” and leave the third field blank. You can then update those records before sending your emails. Unfortunately, there is no way to validate an email address without sending an actual email message.
  • If your template contains a merge field for which there is no data in a particular record, that field does not appear in the email you send. To find such blank fields, modify your recipient list view to search for the merge fields you are using in your template, and enter the criterion “<field> equals,” leaving the third field blank. Edit those records that have blank fields before you send your emails.
  • You can send a mass email to a recipient list that consists of contacts, leads, person accounts, or users you can view in Salesforce.


  • If the email deliverability option Notify sender when mass email completes is selected, you receive an auto-generated status email from Salesforce for each mass email you send. The subject line of the status email contains the value you entered in the Mass Email Name field when sending the mass email.
  • Attachments in mass emails are sent as links rather than as physical files. When recipients click the attachment link in the email, the attachment opens in a separate Web browser, and they can download the file. Attachments sent as links are stored for 30 days.


  • Mass email can only be sent to an address in a standard email field. Mass email using a custom email field is not supported.
  • If a standard email field is hidden by field-level security, the Mass Email links for contacts and leads don't appear.
  • Email templates give you access only to the fields that are accessible to you via your page layout and field-level security settings. (Field-level security is available in Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer Editions only.)
  • You cannot use an organization-wide address to send a mass email or a Stay-in-Touch request.
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Sending Mass Email

Sending Mass Email

Available in: Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited Editions

User Permissions Needed
To send mass emails to contacts, person accounts, or leads:"Mass Email"
To send mass emails to users:"Mass Email"


"Manage Users"

To send mass emails and log them in the Activity History related list:"Mass Email"


"Edit Tasks"

You can send a mass email message to a recipient list that consists of contacts, leads, person accounts, or users you can view in Salesforce.

  1. Choose the type of recipients for your mass email:
    • To send mass email to contacts or person accounts, click Mass Email Contacts in the Tools section at the bottom of the Contacts or Cases tabs. If your organization uses person accounts, the link is also in the Tools section at the bottom of the Accounts tab.
    • To send mass email to leads, click Mass Email Leads in the Tools section at the bottom of the Leads tab.
    • To send mass email to users, click Your Name | Setup | Manage Users | Mass Email Users. This link is available to administrators and users with the “Manage Users” permission.
  2. Select a list view of recipients and click Go!. By default, the My Contacts, My Leads, Active Users, or My Cases views include all records of that type with an email address. To change the list of recipients, create a new custom view. See Creating Custom List Views.

    Contacts, leads, or person accounts that have the Email Opt Out field selected or do not have an email address are not included in any email list views. Person accounts are included in contact list views.

  3. All recipients in the list view are selected by default. Remove recipients who shouldn't receive the mass email by deselecting them or using the top checkbox in the list view to select or deselect all of the recipients listed on the page.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Choose an email template.Note
    You cannot send a mass email using a Visualforce email template.
  6. Optionally, click the Preview links to view the templates. In the email template preview window, the template displays with any merge fields included, such as {!Account.AccountNumber}. When you send your email, data from the recipients' records, or any applicable substitute text, is inserted into the email in place of those merge fields.
  7. Click Next.
  8. On the confirmation page, select from the available Processing Options:
    • BCC me on one message
    • Store an activity for each message

      The Activity History item is associated with the contact, lead, or person account and displays as “Mass Email:<Template Description>.” The email subject, body, and attachments are not stored in the Activity History item. To log Activity History items, you must have access to view or edit the records in the recipient list and have the “Edit Task” permission.

    • Use my signature

      Optionally, include your email signature in this mass email. This option applies to text emails only.

    • Mass Email Name
      Enter a name you can use to identify this mass email in the mass email queue. See Monitoring the Mass Email Queue for more information. Note
      The mass email name only appears in the mass email queue and status messages you receive from Salesforce. Salesforce doesn't add the mass email name to the mass email you're sending.
  9. In the Delivery Options section, do one of the following.
    • Select Send now.
    • Select Schedule for delivery on and click in the date field to specify when Salesforce will send the mass email. Use the adjacent drop-down menu to specify the time zone.Note
      Users can click Your Name | Setup | Email | My Mass Emails to view and cancel mass emails they scheduled. Administrators can click Your Name | Setup | Monitoring | Mass Email to view and cancel mass emails scheduled by all users in their organization. See Monitoring the Mass Email Queue for more information.
  10. Click Send to submit the mass email.
  11. Click Finished to complete the mass email wizard.
Mausam SinghMausam Singh
You can send mass emails through a contact or a lead. Click on the lead tab and you will find a tool below the recently viewed leads list called 'Send Mass Mail' select this option and follow the steps to send mass emails. You can build your marketing materials in Email Template section under Setup.

Varun Nagpal
KVP Business Solutions

Chris O DaviesChris O Davies
Here is a good blog post on Mass email: it also compares the native mass email to App exchange apps:
Shell BlackShell Black
Here is another blog post on how to send mass emails:

This tutorial tells you how you can pre-load an attachment on your email to send your marketing materials:
Prince KhanPrince Khan
Hi All,

You may be interested in Appexchange native app Massmailer which is been Simple, easy mass email wizard, Track opens and clicks, Optimize your emails, Use MassMailer with Campaigns etc. Please check the link: 

Joe MurrayJoe Murray
I have a workaround the 100 contact limit...
Saiba SharmaSaiba Sharma
Hi Salvatore Dedola,

Third Party mass Email application would be a great solution for sending Mass Emails.  As  there are limitations in salesforce in sending Mass Emails i.e. 250 emails in Professional Edition, 500 in Enterprise Edition and 1000 in Unlimited Edition.

In order to make yourself Unlimited while sending the mass emails to Contacts, Leads, Users and sending emails to Campaign Members then you need to check an appexchange native app - MassMailer.This will let you bypass salesforce mass email limits, let you choose sender email address, reply to email address and at the same time let you send simple marketing emails to Schedule one-off mass emails. With this you can keep tack of you Emails i.e. it got delivered, Opened, Unsubscribed etc.

For this, you might need to visit and play with this app - 
Vineet BhagchandaniVineet Bhagchandani

You can send an email to a group of contacts, leads, person accounts, or coworkers all at the same time.
Please refer to the Link provided below.

Also if you need an external solution then there is a perfect app for your purpose on appexchange. Please have a look at it. (

Hyder WaheedHyder Waheed
Is it possible to send a mass email to a list (of leads, contacts or members of a campaign) through the gmail intergration for SF Lightning? I think it is called "Send Through External Email Services".

I am able to add individual folks in the "To" section - but can I add an entire list or multiple people where the recipients will see that they are the only person in the "to" field?
Mark PodliashetskyiMark Podliashetskyi
Veloxy ( can be used to send bulk emails. Also, you can create a mass email campaign based on geolocation and send email to your Salesforce Leads and Contacts without leaving Veloxy.