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Robee PilgrimRobee Pilgrim 

How do I build an HTML opened email report

How do I build a report that tracks the HTML emails I send and the number of times they have been opened?

Thank you 

James GarfieldJames Garfield
Hey there,

So for starters, when you are creating your email template you need to make sure that you are using an HTML template. The reason being that SFDC inserts a 1kb image (tiny) into the body of the HTML email and this is what tracks the opens.

Now, assuming that you've used the HTML template and you've sent it out to contacts / leads, click the Contacts tab, scroll down to Reports (at the bottom of the page) and click the HTML Status Report

Additionally, there are related lists that you can add to the contact and lead page layouts that will allow you to view the same data without going into a large report!

Best of luck!
Robee PilgrimRobee Pilgrim
Hi James,
Thank you for your reply I did set the templates up in HTML but when I go to the reports at the bottome of the page HTML status report is not one of my options....  I searched for it but my search produces zero results. 
James GarfieldJames Garfield
Are you by chance the System Administrator? Can you run reports in general?

Also, did you try adding the HTML Status related list to one of the page layouts?
James GarfieldJames Garfield
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Ed VillalobosEd Villalobos
Let's see if this helps you.

HTML emails are sent as an HTML file. When a mail program that can open HTML e-mails (such as Outlook) opens the file, it scans the HTML file for references to images in an attempt to load them.

One of the images included in an HTML e-mail is a 1x1 pixel image which is so small it is normally transparent. This image is stored on the Salesforce server. When that URL is opened Salesforce registers that the email has accordingly.
been viewed and the html status is updated
However, if people have configured their browser to not download embedded images, this doesn't work and the html tracking will not register. Solution 4868 has more information on enabling image downloads for Outlook.

Email tracking must be enabled to successfully run the report
Setup / App Setup / Customize / Activities / Activity Settings / select the box for: Enable Email Tracking
/ Submit /

This is the procedure we take in order to create a report to see how many people opened the email and
how many times “clicked” the email

Report tabs / Create new custom report / Activities in the first list & associated with HTML Email Status /
next / Order the report columns: you will decide what order you would like / next / Standard Filters: just
in the Start Date select: ______ and in the End Date_____ (optional) / Run Report /

Note: in this report you will be able to see: the name of the person you send the email / how many emails
you have sent to that person / the name of the email “subject” / if they open the email & how many times
they opened (if any)

Robee PilgrimRobee Pilgrim
Thank you all! Very helpful and greatly appreciated!