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vinod kumarvinod kumar 

what is appExchange?

hi all

what is appExchange?what is the use of appExchange?which website is best for study the appExchange?
Syed Y. TalhaSyed Y. Talha
App Exchange is force.com based App Store just like Apple or Android App Stor. Developers and companies design their Apps based on Force.com and Upload them to AppExchange so Potential customers can browse apps and download into their SF.com instance and start using it. 

Check this documentation to know more about AppExchange

Chris O DaviesChris O Davies
"The AppExchange is the leading online marketplace for cloud computing applications. In just a few clicks, you can find and evaluate more than 1,000 apps and services for the Sales Cloud. Find additional apps to help you with contract management, advanced territory management, data cleansing, compensation, and more."