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Nina Gomez-FernandiniNina Gomez-Fernandini 

Is there a limit to how many individual users you can add to a report schedule?

One of our users wants to schedule a report and send it to certain users within her department. She and I are able to add up to 10 individual users but then we can't find anymore/no more appear. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?
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Nina Gomez-FernandiniNina Gomez-Fernandini
I found that article in my searching but it doesn't fully answer the question. We were able to add 10 users but then when we try to add more users that are, by all accounts, identical (role, profile, permission sets, etc.) they don't even show up in the multi-select picklist.
Steve MolisSteve Molis
Can you post a screenshot of the Folder Sharing settings and the User List you get in the Report Scheduler?
Nina Gomez-FernandiniNina Gomez-Fernandini
So in taking those screenshots I figured out what was going on. The folder was setup in a which was preventing adding certain users individually. The role was there but in the report scheduling picklist you cannot pick individual users from that role, you can only select the role at large. But if you add users individually to that folder's sharing settings...I was able to add the missing ones to the report schedule. Thanks for your suggestion!! Just needed that little push apparently. :)