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Thomas BontheliusThomas Bonthelius 

Email to post on chatter does not work

I have gone through the email set up for Chatter and it is now available in the chatter group, however when i email the unique email address it does not appear in my group....Any ideas?
Venkata BottaVenkata Botta
HI Thomas,

"The following limitations apply to posting to a group using email:
The 10,000 character limit for Chatter posts applies to posts created using email. Any text in your email beyond this limit is not included in the post.
The maximum message size is 25 MB, including text and attachments.
The email subject is not included in the post.
You can create text posts using email and include links in the text. You can also include up to 25 attachments. You can’t mention people, create polls, or give titles to links when posting to the group by email.
Character-level formatting, such as the use of bold or different type sizes, is not supported.
Email addresses must be unique at the group level. If multiple user profiles in your organization use the same email address, and that email address is used to post to a group, then the user profile associated with that particular group is used for the post in the group feed. If the email address is shared between multiple user profiles in the same group, the email is blocked.
Signature text is treated as part of your post. Default signatures inserted by mobile devices, such as Sent from my iPhone, are automatically removed. Before sending your email, delete custom signatures and any extra text you don't want posted to Chatter. Or, add a separator line to the top of your signature to have it automatically removed. The separator line must have a minimum of one of the following characters:
Dash (-)
Equal sign (=)
Underscore (_)
You can also use any combination of these characters."