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José CorreiaJosé Correia 

Email Alert through Workflow does not create an Activity History

I've been searching on the internet and I have found this answer:

As we know, this isn't the case. So here's the workaround:


1- Duplicate the email template that you're using for the outbound email
For example, we created a template called "Leads: Auto-Introductory Email to Leads" and a second one called "Leads: Auto-Introductory Email to Leads FOR ACTIVITY HISTORY"

2 - Somewhere in the duplicated template, "ref" the ID of the record for which you want to track the activity
For example, in our duplicated template, we added ref: {!Lead.Id}

3 - Duplicate the original email alert, make it send ONLY to the administrator's Email-to-Salesforce address, and use the duplicated email template with the "ref" in it

I've done exactly what's written above, and I've received both emails (one with the lead ID (the duplicated one to the salesforce administrator email ; and the other to the lead email without the lead ID) but when I go to the lead activity history nothing is there.

Does anyone had this problem? How did you solve it?

Meighan BrodkeyMeighan Brodkey
One option for showing the details of the email alert in the Activity History is, instead of creating the 2nd email template, you can create a task in the workflow.  Populate the description with the text in the email, Status Completed, Due Date = Today, associate it with the Lead and you should have a completed activity showing the details of the email alert.
arun sharmaarun sharma
Hi, Can anybody pick this up! 
I have the same scenario but for the Orders. I can see through the Activity Log is generated for Lead and Contacts.
Can somebody guide me how to work this out when Workflow email alerts to Orders should be recordable as activity history.

Thanks in advance!
Jay @ CRMJourneyJay @ CRMJourney
There is a solution out there. Please check this out. 

Activites Pro - Capture Workflow and Email Alerts as Activities in Salesforce (

Siva DevakiSiva Devaki
Hello Rodolfo,
You can do this using feature through which you can send email alerts to contacts or leads and  log as an activity history. You can also track the emails such as open, click, spam, unsubscribe etc. You can go through this article ( to learn about it more. If you need any help, just submit a support ticket at
Daniel HowellDaniel Howell
Here is a free simple app that you can use in process builder or flows that sends emails and logs activity.

Here is the listing:

Please Salesforce still address this issue and make it standard (with the option to choose to log or not). Idea here: Workflow email alerts to contacts should be recordable as activity history (