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Tammy GagnonTammy Gagnon 

Paused and Waiting Interviews

If Process Builder has some Paused and Waiting Interviews, and you create a new version of the flow and make the new version the active flow, what is the impact to the currently paused items?

we seem to be running into a few errorrs. 
Derek DavisDerek Davis
Hi Tammy!

I believe this is what you're looking for:

Excerpt below:
  • If scheduled actions fail to execute—for example, because the user who caused the process to start is inactive—the admin who created the process receives an email with details about the failure. Salesforce makes additional attempts to execute failed scheduled actions before removing them from the queue. For details about error notifications, see Errors Received after a Process Starts Evaluating a Record.
  • After you deactivate a process, any scheduled actions continue as usual.
  • You can’t delete a process if it has unexecuted groups of scheduled actions. For details about deleting unexecuted groups of scheduled actions, see Delete Unexecuted Scheduled Actions.
  • An organization can process up to 1000 groups of scheduled actions per hour. Each group of scheduled actions is associated with a schedule, such as “3 days from now.” When a schedule is processed, the associated actions are executed. If an organization exceeds this limit, Salesforce processes the remaining schedules in the next hour. For example, if an organization has 1,200 groups of pending actions scheduled to be processed between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM, Salesforce processes 1000 groups between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM and the additional 200 groups between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM.
  • An organization can have up to 30,000 pending schedules and waiting flow interviews at one time.
  • For processes that are set to run when a record is created or edited, scheduled actions remain in the queue only as long as the criteria for those actions are still valid. If a record no longer matches the criteria, Salesforce removes the scheduled actions for that record from the queue.
  • For processes that are set to run when a record is created, Salesforce never reevaluates the record with that process. Scheduled actions remain in the queue, even if the record no longer meets the associated criteria when the scheduled actions are executed.
  • If you schedule an action for 0 Days Before a date, save the process, and then reopen the process, the schedule in the process changes to 0 Days After the date. The process still executes at the specified time.
  • If you schedule an action for 0 Days After a date, there may be a delay from the time represented by the date field before the action group executes.

I'm pretty sure any scheduled actions will continue as usual, but I am not 100% certain on flow interviews that were paused by a user.

I hope this helps!

Best regards,

Tammy GagnonTammy Gagnon
Thanks Derek. I am not sure it answers my question or not. I will confer with my co-admin. we are running into weird erros based on these flows. 
Johann FurmannJohann Furmann
I´m also having weired flow errors. Sometimes flows are not removed from the queue which should be removed since they don´t meet the criteria anymore but they still exectue.
Larry Caper IILarry Caper II
Tammy - Were you able to successfully investigate if a process builder flow is updated will the pending (paused) actions continue to fire as expected? 
Tara AldridgeTara Aldridge
johann Furmann -are you still having the issue above? I have flows in the queue that shouldn't be there as the Lead no longer meets the criteria
Nick KossNick Koss
Was anyone able to find an answer for this question?
Pradeep IppaPradeep Ippa
I believe the Time based workflow rules and Scheduled actions in the process builder work differently when it comes to executing any pending actions. Time based WF rules dont have the concept of versioning Whereas Process builder has versioning. If WF rule (whose rule criteria is - Evaluate the rule when a record is created, and any time it's edited to subsequently meet criteria) is edited so that it no longer meets the criteria then Salesforce automatically removes any pending actions from the queue. But if you create and activate a new version of a process builder, the old version is still in the system and so are the pending flow interviews for it. Salesforce will not allow you to delete that version since it has pending interviews. You need to manually delete them using API such as data loader or workbench. (see here : Be sure to export the interviews using the interview label of the old version of the process builder.