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disable recent items

Hi, I would like to desable the default "recent items"view in a listview of items in my custom object, instead i would like to see one of the views with filters that i created myself first, is this possible and if so, how?

Thanks in advance!
Till KlotzTill Klotz

Unfortunately, you cannot do that from Saleforce Out of Box. An idea is raised for same too (Link pasted below). Also, a solution is mentioned at the top by Product Manager of a workaround solution of creating a Visualforce tab instead of standard tab.



Nathan GraberNathan Graber
Not possible out of the box. However, there is an idea you can vote for to implement this functionality:
Recent [Object] Home page Default view

In the comments, there is a solution provided to create a Visualforce page to achieve what you want.
Atul GuptaAtul Gupta

Once you click on a tab for a custom or a standard object, you will be taken to the "Recent <objectname>" view only.
Nothing can be done about this as of now.

You can however override the standard view with a vf page by overriding the tab with a vf page

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There is an Idea (https://success.salesforce.com/ideaview?id=08730000000BpRoAAK) you can vote on though.

The idea is almost in the Product Team Review Stage which is a pretty good status for an idea, I can tell you that. So just hang on.