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William BrownWilliam Brown 

Lightning Assistant not displaying overdue activities on the home page

I have enabled Lightning and noticed that overdue activities and other items that should show up in assistant are not displaying.  I am only seeing a list of opportunities.    Here is what Lightning Trailhead documenation has to say on the matter:
"If your users don’t have access to activities on opportunities or if the opportunity pipeline is off, they instead see opportunities that have close dates over the next 90 days." 

My users have activities on opportunities, but I don't know what Opportunity pipeline is off means?  Additionally, the little warning symbols on the opportunity board are not displaying and I assume these are probably related problems.  has anyone else seen this?
Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
@William, Littile warning symbols coming on opportunity for Overdue tasks and No open activities, so user canTake action to keep that deal moving. Are you having oppotunity which have overdue task?? If yes then it will come into opportunity pipeline. Let me know if you having any other issue.
William BrownWilliam Brown
That what should happen, but does not happen.  I already know what yoiu had stated, but it does not work.
James CornwillJames Cornwill
I've recently begun experiencing the same issue.  Has there been no further update on this thread?
Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
Can you post screenshot for the same. So we can assist you with your issue.
James CornwillJames Cornwill
Screeshot attached.  User-added image
James CornwillJames Cornwill
Assistant is clearly displaying that no activities are overdue, when I know that this is simply not the case.
Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
A new Assistant panel automatically shows specific items like Opportunities with no activity in 30 days or overdue tasks. Verify you have overdue task here? Create a demo task with overdue date then again give a shot there.
Rajan PatelRajan Patel
Hi, I am Raj and the product manager for this page. 

@James- are you referring to any overdue activity (ie. related to any object) or activities related to an opportunity that show 'no open / overdue' items in the assistant?  

We removed the ability to see overdue tasks from the Assistant (related to any object) as we introduced a tasks component on home.  
Erik PetersonErik Peterson
I have a user asking a similar question.  I understand that tasks and events are now center screen on the home screen, but I think I am confused as to what the purpose of the assistant is now?  Only for opportunities with no activity in the past 30 days?  thank you in advance for your help!
Christina KingChristina King
Ok, so now we have a task component that only shows tasks for today. An assistant that no longer shows tasks at all. We are now missing the functionality to see overdue tasks.
Julie DumencuJulie Dumencu
Any luck on finding a solution for this?
Kaj NiemiKaj Niemi
Try MyTasks lightning component from AppExchange - most likely it does what you want as it solved my problem. It was recommended to me on the premier success forum by another happy user.

URL here for completeness
Charles CummingsCharles Cummings
@rajan patel Can you clarify what the plan is for this? Other than the free app @Kaj niemi listed, is there no plan to be able to list overdue Tasks on the Home page? 
Mitesh SuraMitesh Sura
+1 Charles Cummings. Any updates on how to see overdue tasks on home?. Tasks can be associated on any object and not just opportunity.
Mitesh SuraMitesh Sura
How to do we get to this view?

And is this only for Opportunity?
Charles CummingsCharles Cummings
@ Mitesh Sura. We need Salesforce to clarify what the plan is. The notes you referenced are now out of date. 
Luke HigginsLuke Higgins
Posting here so I can follow this.  Any update?  Users asking about this functionality.
Linda HanykovaLinda Hanykova
I am experiencing same issue and would like some clarification as well. Thank you!
April SantiagoApril Santiago

Im also experiencing this issue. Do we have an update regarding this?

Confirmed that I created the Task related to Opportunity with overdue date but still no Duedate task are in assistant. 

Christine IennaChristine Ienna
@Kaj Niemi thanks for your post, this Salesforce Labs app worked great for my team!
Gita KulkarniGita Kulkarni
What's the point of the Home Page Assistant component if it is 84% non-operational. I get that you can remove the component, but it really should work as advertised in release notes - or update the notes. I haven't seen any updated release information on this since Winter 16. One would think that something that by default something that occupies 50% of initial page of a CRM would not be 16% useful out of the box. Instead it's a guessing game to determine what shows up there.

From my experience:
  • Tasks that are overdue DO NOT SHOW UP
  • Tasks due today DO NOT SHOW UP
  • Leads assigned to you today DO SHOW UP
  • Opportunities with overdue tasks DO NOT SHOW UP
  • Opportunities with no activity in 30 days ??????? I HAVE NO IDEA
  • Opportunities with no open activity DO NOT SHOW UP
Colleen ThorntonColleen Thornton
Posting here as having issues with assistant as well. On our assistant it is saying the Opportunity has had no activity for 30 days when a user has only loaded the opportunity the day before. Close date is in the future and there is nothing else that I can see to suggest we are doing something completely wrong from our end.
Haidong SongHaidong Song
Thank you all very much for the feedback. We are working on enhancing the Today's Task component to be a generic task component that would have filter/sort capabilities customizable by admin/end users. Will report back with the progress. thank you all again for the continuous support and patience. 
Audrey LesuiAudrey Lesui
We need this
Alex HarveyAlex Harvey
Agreed it's shocking there's nowhere on the home page to show overdue tasks, what is the point in the assistant in this case?
As a fix we found an app called 'the task manager' that shows overdue tasks in a tab, not ideal but better than tasks being forgotten forever  
Sherri PropisSherri Propis
Hopefully this fix will come SOON.  this is the Default page for users and is vital to their day-to-day.  Also need the capability of changing the dashboard display on the Home Page.  What is showing now is useless.
netno netnomicsnetno netnomics
Same problem, overdue tasks are not visible and today created opps show as "30 days no activity"
Kim EldringKim Eldring
Same Probelm here, any updates on this?
Rebecca RallsRebecca Ralls
Is there any documentation anywhere that specifies what "no activity in 30 days" means is it based on modified date or salesforce activities?? and how does it determine an Opportunity is over due - close date?  Looking for clarification on what to expect from this component!
Anthony BarrowAnthony Barrow
Shameless plug but faced with similar issues many of you are facing so I created a Task component that allows you to see overdue tasks and it looks similar to OOB Task component... check it here:
Denise CrosbyDenise Crosby
We have the same issue. The assistant should show overdue tasks and upcoming tasks and events. All of this information should be in one place (one component). 
ami-j Rayami-j Ray
Posting so I can follow this.
Are there any plans to clarify and confirm what actually works now and what may work in the future?
Sam ChanSam Chan
Having the same issue. Please let us know the progress on this
ami-j Rayami-j Ray
@Anthony Barrow. Thanks for your "shameless plug", works nicely.
Kelly ArbuckleKelly Arbuckle
Any updates from Salesforce on this? I see last comment about future functionality on the assistant pannel back in April. Is this perhaps something that is coming in the winter release?
Kaj NiemiKaj Niemi
Mophy, referred to by @Anthony Barrow above, is a really nice app for displaying tasks in Lightning and in SF1 and allows for some customization. I replaced the SF Labs one I had earlier for our users in Lightning and they seem to agree ;-)

For users in Lightning experience I added it on the home page with some customizations like show priority, etc.
For users with SF1 I removed the original Tasks tab and created a custom tab for Mophy named My tasks.

Ivonne-Marie MendozaIvonne-Marie Mendoza
We recently coverted to Lightning in August and we are seeing issues where individuals are not seeing items that are overdue or they have inputted Opportunities the previous days and then show up the following day as an overdue task. Any insight?
Rob SherardRob Sherard
Same problem.  Overdue tasks not showing in Assistant on Home Page.  Anybody know a solution to this?
Rana HamidovaRana Hamidova
Assistant shows only one overdue Opportunity, even though I know there are more. Furthermore, no Opportunities with overdue tasks are shown despite the documentation claiming the opposite. Any Ideas?