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Kumar AbhishekKumar Abhishek 

Hi All

Can i scdhule multiple report at same time ? Since SFDC give option to schdule one report at one time(avaible time slot ) .Please provide feedback for same 
Madhanprabhu ThangaduraiMadhanprabhu Thangadurai
Hi Kumar,

Here is a link that outlines the limits of each Salesforce Edition. Under Analytics, you'll find that Unlimited (now Performance) Edition is required for 2 reports in an hour:  http://na1.salesforce.com/help/pdfs/en/salesforce_app_limits_cheatsheet.pdf

Many companies schedule their reports during the overnight hours when business is closed/slow to be able to make use of consecutive hours.

You can look into this blog as well.


Please promote the following idea for the ABILITY TO SCHEDULE MORE THAN 1 REPORT IN ONE TIME SLOT (https://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=08730000000l2N0AAI)
Ohad IdanOhad Idan

Hello Kumar,

Madhanprabhu provided very detailed answer.
As a WORKAROUND - I can recommend using the following web application:


It is completely free, and allows you to connect to your Salesforce org and schedule as many reports as you want.
You can also attach the report content as PDF, Excel, HTML, and even send to email addresses outside of Salesforce.

* I am not affiliated with ReportBuilder... just a user.

Sonya DhandSonya Dhand
Hi Kumar

We are using report builder provideed by cloud 4 j as well however it is no longer free to schedule, there is now a small subscription fee. Small though.  But a great little standalone web app, that can now be accesssed directly when in your Salesforce instance by creating a new web app tab