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Andy DeSanctisAndy DeSanctis 

Does Salesforce1 not support custom record types and page layouts?

I've built a Salesforce app in my dev org and I'd like to move it over to mobile. The App in the Mobile Environment is essentially worthless and page layouts / record types I've assigned to the user (me!) do not show up in SF1. What's goin on?
Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
Hello Andy,
                 Record types are working fine for me in Salesforce1 desktop browser app and in Lightning experience. From where you are trying to create new records?? Sf1 doesn't support record types when you are using Publisher action in SF1.        
 You can promote and vote this idea here Salesforce1 - Ability to select record type when using a Publisher Action (
Brian MakasBrian Makas
Does this help?
Andy DeSanctisAndy DeSanctis
Thanks Brian for the link to the documentration. I've looked it over. Perhaps I'm confused. 

Let's start with the basic premise: I've built an app in Salesforce. It has specific record types / layouts and is assigned to it's sales process. Will this app and it's related page layouts / assignments not translate in SF1 mobile? 
Andy DeSanctisAndy DeSanctis
So a minor update - 

I think that SF1 was having issues over the weekend / week in general. I had spooled up a couple dev orgs and added their stack accounts to mobile and the records I had created on custom objects/ layouts were not pullling (errror that they they had been deleted or changed by another user and to contact my admin - I AM the admin!). Anyway, weirdly this morning, they all work BUT for some reason the navigation bar on the stack account I want to test is only showing a few navigation items...User-added image