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David WaughDavid Waugh 

How do I have MailChimp campaign activity reflected in SFDC activity history?

We are currently using MailChimp and have the SFDC integration. I would like to have an activity added to the lead record in SFDC when someone is sent an email, opens an email or clicks on an email. I have tried setting this up using Zapier but it's not working. I would also love it if when someone unsubscribes from a MailChimp email the Email Opt Out box in SFDC is marked. Any suggestions?
Sachin SinghSachin Singh

Hi ,

This would need a small custom code to map the mailchimp activity history to SFDC activity history.We at mirketa are experts on doing customisation on salesforce and mailchimp.Do reach out to me at for further discussion.

Sachin Singh

Jerry ReidJerry Reid
First, you can see the activity data on the lead record if you add the mailchimp visualforce page to display the activity. You will have sync the lead record manually to pull in the activity data. If this is not automated enough for your and assuming you are using the native MC4SF app, there are restrictions in how much activity data makes its way into Salesforce based on opens, clicks, etc in MC, so the bigger issue you have is how to get all your MC data into Salesforce reliably? The MC4SF app does not seem to do it. I also tried to work with Zapier and since it will NOT update the MC Subscriber record (or any custom object record for that matter), we're left with finding another solution. Anybody recommend any other solutions for integrating Salesforce with Mailchimp?
Kristian RomeroKristian Romero
Has there been any solutions or updates on this? I have this exact issue. 
Mina M. @ IntuitionMina M. @ Intuition
Hi everyone,
It's very weird that there is no out of the box solution for this?
So does that mean that every organization will do it's own implementation to sync Subscriber Activity from MC to Salesforce Members!!?
I believe there is a solution out there! Anyone to prove me right?
Jerry ReidJerry Reid
The Mailchimp For Salesforce app will sync the subscriber activities into it own custom object, but I believe it is limited depending on your data volumes and it sucks up your data storage.

To save you some potentail grief...We moved away from Mailchimp for multiple reasons, including its poor support for a configurable integration with Salesforce. The native integration has also rarely been improved over the years. Would highly recommend to anyone that they pursue other solutions if they need a bi-directional sync between Salesforce and Mailchimp. MailChimp is great as a stand alone email solution, but integrating to Salesforce is not straightforward. There are a several tools that claim to offer an integration but they are not purpose built solutions that deal with the use cases of syncing an email tool with salesforce. Perhaps there are some orgs out there that have solved this problem, but nothing that I found. Would recommend looking at HubSpot or Pardot or Marketo if that is a possibility.
Dean KhaledDean Khaled
 Hi any update on this one, I am facing the same issue
Harrison BeckerHarrison Becker
And.....also facing the same issue.