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kristen rinakerkristen rinaker 

How get custom picklist status button to appear on and stay on manage members page?

I've asked this question a few times in different ways.  One more try.  I want to replace the standard status piclist (sent/responded) on a large class of campaigns.  I've created the replacement picklist.  I've managed to get it to come up on the members section of the campaign page.  I can use it when editing status for one individual member.  However, when I go to the "manage members" only the "sent/responded" picklist is available.  How can I get the replacement picklist on the manage members page?  How can I get that to happen for a class of campaigns so it doesn't have to be manually changed for every single campaign we create?
Celeste KellerCeleste Keller
Hi Kristen,

Unfortunately, the "Manage Members" page is not customizable. You can pull in your custom picklist, but cannot mass update that field for the campaign members. There is an idea out there that is similar to what you want - - but not exactly.

It seems that the only ways to update your new field other than manually are: 1) export your campaign members, and then do a mass update of your custom picklist with the data loader, or 2) create workflow rules that update the field as needed (which would only work if they always meet the same criteria - you could at least set the first status upon creation).

You might also want to vote for this idea - - because if you could add more picklist values to the standard Status field, we probably would not be having this conversation! :-)
Celeste KellerCeleste Keller
I should also mention that you can add new Campaign Status values to individual campaigns by clicking the Advanced Setup button, then Edit, and then the Add More link at the bottom of the list of statuses. If you didn't mind doing this for each campaign, it could be an alternative to your custom status picklist - and then you could mass edit statuses from the Manage Members page.
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