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Donnie IsaacDonnie Isaac 

problem with creating object specific action from the Contact with Opportunity as target

Hi all! I'm in a trail Salesforce non-profit dealing with NSPS 3.0. I created object specific actions to add to the publisher and I have been successful for the accounts. From an account, the publisher shows the actions and all the magic that I created to pre-define (thanks to Sergey Erlikh at Manifesta Foundation). But I can't get them to show up when I click from a contact record. Am I missing something? I've looked at the permissions and all the record types are created, defined, and chosen (again it's working when I click from an account.)  I have accomplished this in my sandbox org with no problems and I have accomplished this in the trial org (where I am now) on the account object with no problems. I created a "New Donation Opportunity" (action) and a "New Major Gift Opportunity" in the buttons, links, and actions on the contact object. (Object specific actions in the publisher, right?) Of course, I chose a specific record type, "Donation" for the first and "Major Gift" for the second. Both of those record types exist and are in the list for the profile viewing this. Neither will show up in the publisher in the Chatter feed. (They both show up, of course, in the palette. So I put them on the page layout but they won't show on the chatter feed of the record detail.) I created all the predefined fields just like the account object and configured the account name with "Contact.Account.Id" as the formula. Of course I have checked every bit of permission I could think of: the record types for the profile, enabling chatter, enabling actions in the publisher, making sure feed tracking is enabled for the specific objects (account and contact.) I have read every bit of documentation I could get my hands on and it still won't show up. The contact object does not have any record type defined for it but this shouldn't stop other actions from happening, should it? (The contact object in my sandbox does not have any record types defined for it either, but that page layout allows for it.) I can change the actions that are available in the palette so changes do show but just not the two I want. I can also choose another object (even one with no record type) and it shows in the publisher once I put it in the page layout. I can put an action in from the global publisher but it doesn't allow me to pre-define the oppotunity name or account name (which is a lookup field.) Any ideas about how to fix it or what's going on should I encounter this in future? Is there something about the contact object I missed? One further thing: I deleted the "normal" contact page layout only leaving the managed package one. I thought this might have been it, so I created another contact page layout (based on the managed package one) and called it "Default Contact Layout." Tried to assign this one to see if would make any difference (since the new one is not part of a managed package.) It did not, of course, since it was basically cloned. Thanks for your help.
Pawel DobrzynskiPawel Dobrzynski
Hi @Donnie,
You provided a lot of information and it is hard to get through to read the essence. Can you please repeat in simple steps, what is working and what not? Posting some screenshots will help, too.