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Joe DobbelsJoe Dobbels 

Best way to send customized emails and manage email templates?

I need some advice on the best way to send out emails from Salesforce. We have a process for setting up new customers, which is very similar to the process of on-boarding new employees. These customers are typically referred from our clients, and many of the steps in our setup process involve sending out emails based on templates customized for each client. We can have up to around a dozen different templates for each client, and we have several dozen clients, so there are a lot of tempates to be managed.

Essentially I would like a way, either from the lead record or a custom object we have set up to track where in the process they are, to be able to pick an email template, customize it with a rich text editor, and send it out. The "Send an Email" button on the activity related list is insufficient as it does not include a rich text editor (we need to have the emails branded and send out links and stuff). Another solution was to keep the templates in Pardot, but their email editor does not provide a way to organize the templates, so it would be a picklist of hundreds of templates.

Unless there is an App out there that can do this or I am completely missing something this seems like something I would have to do in a visualforce page. Any advice on how to handle this requriement would be greatly appreciated.

David HindmanDavid Hindman
Joe - does the process need to happen entirely within Salesforce or would you be comfortable doing the sending from within Outlook or a 3rd party email app? How are the templates stored and used today? Manual process?

Do you happen to use an email service provider yet or are you open to suggestions?
Iryna DIryna D
Hi Joe, Are you Outlook or Gmail user? If so I suggest you to try ContactMonkey. This app sync email platform with Salesforce and allows you to view and edit any Salesforce record right from the Outlook/Gmail. It also allows you to access Salesforce templates in your email platform and provides information when you emails were opened, where, on what device and what links were clicked.

Check it here:

Hope that helps. 
Ryan RussikoffRyan Russikoff
Help! I am tryin to customize my HTML mass emails by using {!contact.firstname} and it stopped working, today. I have used it for over a year now and it hasn't worked. Does anyone know why or how to fix it?