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Andrew LevyAndrew Levy 

How do I link multiple contacts from different accounts to a single collaborative opportunity?

Geoffrey FlynnGeoffrey Flynn
Hi Andrew,

You can use Contact Roles with comes standard.  You just have to get it added as a related list on the Opportunity page layout
Steve FouracreSteve Fouracre
Best way is likely to have 1 single hierarchy Account that the opportunity links to. If all the other Accounts sit under this Account this would be better, but if not you will have to introduce a junction object that links the opportunity, Accounts and Contacts together.
So you would have a new custom junction object which lists all the Accounts and this will have a parent object record. So lets call these 2 new objects  junction_parent__c, junction_child__c. In the children all the Accounts will be listed. On the Opportunity you will have alookup to the junction_parent__c
Andrew LevyAndrew Levy
Hi Steve, Thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work well for us. The opportunity involves both government personnel and personnel at a private corporation, and we can’t really create a single account to span both. These folks are involved in other opportunities outside of the particular collaborative opportunity that we are trying to manage in SalesForce. Best regards, Andrew
Andrew LevyAndrew Levy
Hi Geoffrey, Thanks for the quick response. I don’t understand your suggestion. I see Contact Roles on the Opportunities page and I am able to add contacts from a given account to the opportunity. But the opportunity seems to be limited to a single account; there are people from different accounts involved in this particular opportunity. I don’t see how to get the opportunity to span multiple accounts. Best regards, Andrew
Geoffrey FlynnGeoffrey Flynn
@Andrew - you originally just said Contacts which is why this would have worked.

You can also add the Parters related list to relate additional Accounts.  As a warning, reporting on this is limited because it is a many-to-many relationship, but it works for informational purposes
Andrew LevyAndrew Levy
HI Geoffrey, Thanks for the advice. I think that will help a lot. Best regards, Andrew