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Is Global Search option is available in Customer and Partner Portals?


Is Global Search option is available in Customer and Partner Portals?

subramani Jsubramani J

if Chatter is enabled in your organization, global search and contextual feed search are enabled by default in all communities.With global search, users can search for records, files, people, groups, topics, and feed posts and comments.
Feed search ( [feed search magnifying glass icon] ) is helpful when users want to look for information in a specific feed context, such as in groups, on a user’s profile, in a record feed, or in the community feed.If Chatter isn’t enabled, sidebar search is enabled in all communities.Sidebar search doesn’t support searches for items specific to Chatter, such as feeds, groups, files, topics, and user profiles.Search behavior in communities is different from searches in the internal organization:In general, searches within a community return matches from within the community. To find items from a different community, users must leave the current community and search from within the other community.
In search results in a community, users can see what they have access to through their profiles or permission sets in addition to what is explicitly shared with them in the community. This may include internal company content and records not explicitly shared in thecommunity. For example, if the user’s profile allows access to account information, and the accounts tab isn’t made visible in thecommunity, the user is able to access account information from their search results.
For user searches performed by external community members, global search and enhanced lookup search (with the All Fields option selected) query the following limited set of fields:

User ID
Custom fields

For example, if an external community member searches for a user, John Doe, by his alias, jdoe, and that term isn’t contained in any of the searchable fields, the user John Doe isn’t included in search results.
Search results for records and files are not limited to data made visible within the community. Record search results include all the records a user has access to across all communities, including the internal organization’s records if they have access. In file searches, users can see:

Files they own
Files shared with them directly
Files they have access to in a library
Files that are posted to a record they have access to
Files that are posted to groups or shared with that community

To enable search result filters for an object in a community, the administrator must enable them for that object from within the internal organization.
Michele JaffeMichele Jaffe
I had an add-on question.  I have enabled the community member to see files in the library.  They can see the files, but when they search based on value of a custom field on the Content, Global Search does not find the file. However as an internal user it works fine.  Do you have any ideas why this isn't working as I think it should?
Michele JaffeMichele Jaffe
please disregard previous question - it is working as it should :-)