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Tusar PanigrahiTusar Panigrahi 

How many users have a specific permissionset

Hello- we need to generate a report on users with specific permissionset? I know we can't report on permissionset. What are the other alternatives to address this?

Atul GuptaAtul Gupta
Yes you are right, you can't report on Permission Sets. There is an Idea ( for this you can vote on.

And here is a fantastic tool you can user to do what you are asking and more.

Let me know if you need any further help on this.
Tusar PanigrahiTusar Panigrahi
Thanks ..unfortunately this won't help us to create a dashboard in sf.
Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
Take a look here Using SOQL to Determine Your User’s Permissions (  Meanwhile you can promote and upvote this idea here Ability to report on Users' Permission Set Assignments (  Or you can capture this information in some custom object and can run a report and also add dashboard for that if this information is important for you.
Atul GuptaAtul Gupta
Did you sort this out ?
John SzurleyJohn Szurley
You could export the data and report from Excel.  I used and used their data query tool with: 

SELECT Id, PermissionSetId, AssigneeId FROM PermissionSetAssignment

then I exported to .CSV

You may want to export the following: 

SELECT Id, Name, Label, Description FROM PermissionSet 

to link the ID to the name of the Permission Set.

Another tool to use is -   You don't need to know query language for that one, just the object names - PermissionSet and PermissionSetAssignment.

Good Luck!

Jane IsaacJane Isaac
You could also try this free app - it worked for me: (http://Profiles and Permission Sets Reports)
Sakthivel MadeshSakthivel Madesh
may be useful to others if they looking SOQL or APEX to achieve this count requirement,

Thanks & Regards,
Sakthivel Madesh