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Jim GentileJim Gentile 

Do users need "View Setup and Configuration"


What is opinion regarding the profile permission: View Setup and Configuration?  Do you allow this setting on your standard user profiles?   Is there a legitimate need for this permission on standard users?

Sandeep Kumar GaddamSandeep Kumar Gaddam
Hello Jim,

users with the “View Setup and Configuration” permission can view Setup pages. that means they can see the object details pageslayouts etc which i would say should only be a permission to system admins. 

standard users in salesforce should not be having this permission. there is know need of this permission for standred user unless he needs to the the configurations of the org which i think is a job of system admin.

you can ready more about user permissions in the below

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Rashi krishanRashi krishan
Hi Jim ,
View Setup and Configuration helps you to view set up pages. The users can see the setting because on the profile they have the "View Setup and Configuration" enabled (It is in the Administrative Permission section). 
Here are the following links,plaese go through them as they will help to answer all your queries regarding "View Setup and Configuration".
Rashi Krishan.
Till KlotzTill Klotz
Hi Jim,

I agree with Sandeep on the point that Standard Users should not necessarily have this User Permission.

During the projects that we are working on with clients, we have seen it often that too many Users have access to the Setup. In cases, this completely messed up the SFDC Org with too many fields, layouts, record types, etc etc, so that nobody had the overview anymore of who was using what and why.

Now, Salesforce is a constantly evolving ecosystem and with changes in Salesforce and changes in your company (including necessary data, process steps, etc. etc.), you will have a lot of change requests from the Users working with it.

Considering this, we always recommend having only a few - if not just 1 - administrator with all the access rights to setup, and channeling requests from users to this/these adminstrator(s).

A good option would be to use the Idea object in Salesforce, which helps you to determine the needs of your users by votes and comments.

Another way would be using Cases on Salesforce:

Alternatively, you could also use simple Tasks in Salesforce!

Whatever you use in the end, my clear recommendation is making sure to have the administration centralized and requests channeled.

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Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
++ User with this permission can View the organization setup details on the Setup pages, Run user reports, View the setup audit trail, Check field accessibility for users. I agree with all on the point that Standard Users should not necessarily have this User Permission.
Rachel BurcherRachel Burcher
I agree that standard users should not have access to this functionality, does anyone know why the standard user profile has this option defaulted?  I think the reason all of our custom profiles have this enabled is because they cloned the standard profiles (of which pretty much all have this enabled) and didn't uncheck it has to be fixed.
Mark NeillMark Neill
Incidentally, I found that if you take this permission away "View Setup and Configuration" then the users without this permission cannot view the data on any reports that use the USER object data.  Does anyone know a work around?
Lorraine SannerLorraine Sanner
In my org, when I deselect "View Setup and Configuration," assigned users are still able to view all setup and configuration items. 
Andreea CapataAndreea Capata
Similar to what Lorraine mentioned,some users without this permission are still bale to see the Setup configuration. How can i remove this access?
Chuck FernaldChuck Fernald
Lorraine & Andreea, check all your permission sets to see if it's enabled in one of them.
Anthony FosterAnthony Foster
@Mark Neill, I just got caught out by users needing access to view setup and config to run reports on users. These permissions should be separated.
Anthony FosterAnthony Foster
Vote / comment on this idea to separate running reports on Users from View Setup and Configuration permission -
Chris NalewayChris Naleway
@Anthony Foster - I'm having the same issue here. Does not make sense. I'll add access to the report folders, view folders & dashboard permission in system permission, but when I remove this view setup and config, they lose access to some reports. Voted!
Tanmay PriyadarshiTanmay Priyadarshi
If you uncheck View Setup and Configuration then, you won't be able to see the gear(setting) icon on the top right corner that is you won't be able to get into the setup home page nor you can go to the service setup. 
Stephanie WongStephanie Wong

I need to give a couple of users the ability to "CRED, Modify All" on standard objects and let them access to "View Setup and Configuration". However, these users are not allowed to create any custom object, report types or make any changes in the backend - in short only view page layouts or have "read only" view. Can someone guide me on how to do this?

Thank you in advance
Anthony FosterAnthony Foster
You can give the users View Setup and Configuration for read only access, but make sure that the users don't have the Customize Application permission. Check out this page for a full list of profile permissions and what features are enabled - For customize application -