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Thijmen BaltusThijmen Baltus 


Is it possible to switch over your current progress/ badges / credentials over to a differtent account?
I was following trailhead admin training with an account that isnt't active anymore. I have an new account but would like to continue where I left with the old account.
Please advise

Many Thanks.

Rajendra RathoreRajendra Rathore
Hi Thijmen,

Unfortunately it’s not possible to do now.

You can vote for that idea :Merge Trailhead Accounts (

Vinay ChaturvediVinay Chaturvedi
Hi Thijmen,
Unfortunately this is not possible right now,logically it should not be otherwise people will be taking worng advantage of this feature.
However,there can be a feature to map badges on basis of email id.
Logically,Trailhead is designed in such a way that it checks the metadata and other things in dev org and on its basis,it checks that if assigment was done or not!!
You are always welcome to post an idea on Idea Exchange for the same.
HAppy Trailhead !!!
Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
++ Vinay, This is not possible right now. Due to this limitation always use your Salesforce developer org for trailhead modules. It will not expire or it will carry forward with you while moving to a new job or some other company. You can promote and upvote this idea here Merge Trailhead Accounts
Christopher FoxChristopher Fox
Just FYI, this is now possible via account merge from your settings page in Trailhead. 
Kriti PaulKriti Paul
Check this out for Account Merge

Hope it helps!