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James Kacerguis JrJames Kacerguis Jr 

Creating flow for task email alerts created in process builder

As Salesforce doesn't automatically send an email when a task is created if the task is created via process builder ( ), I'm trying to create a flow to do this based on a solution by Mayank -

I'm running into a few issues and have a few questions.  
First, for the vTaskEmailBody, where is that value getting set? I.E. where can I put in the email body and can I include field values?  These values would be on the project custom object that the task is referenced to.  

Next, I'm just curious why you can't reference the owner / assignee email address from the task object?  I know the solution has us using a formula field to capture that value, but I'm just curious why referencing it through the task ower email doesn't work.  

User-added image

Lastly, as I couldn't get the reference above to work, I tried creating the custom activity field.  However, The field is only visible to system administrator.  It's not showing up as a value to select on the process.  Does it have to be visible to a certain profile in order for it to show up?  

Thanks in advance.  
James Kacerguis JrJames Kacerguis Jr
Update: I was able to get the owner email formula field to show, I just had to refresh the process builder page, so that part is solved.  
Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
Jim, if you scroll down on that solution page, where I have made a post with the text:
Haley, this is how you can do it:

1. Create a Flow for the email alert.

That's the rest of the solution. The Process just performs the task of launching the flow and all of the other heavy lifting like populating the body, subject etc. is done within the Flow. Deepak Anand made a video for it too (in case you get lost along the way):

James Kacerguis JrJames Kacerguis Jr
I got the email notifications working!  But I still have two small issues.  I tried to use the formatted text view (html?) so I could include hyperlinks to tasks and projects - however the email thats sent displays all the html.  I'm guessing it's sending as plain text, is there any way to change that or a way to hyperlink a url?

Also, I have an organization wide email address I'm using for all email notifications.  To use this in the send email I added sender address to input and used the actual organization wide email address for the value.  When I get the notification, it's using the default salesforce on behalf of.  Any ideas?
Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
Jim, I think I have ran into those issues before. I would definitely log a case with Support for getting these clarified.
James Kacerguis JrJames Kacerguis Jr
Thanks Mayank.  I put in a case this morning and will update this question with any feedback I get.  For now, everything is working minus the email being html (urls are still clickable hyperlinks in outlook 2016) and the sender email not using our organization wide address.