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bedika mohantybedika mohanty 
Hi , This is for challenge under "Create Relationship Queries with Custom Objects".
I get the error "We can’t find the correct SOQL query in the PropertyUtility class. "
I wrote below Class .. please let know my mistake
public class PropertyUtility {
    public static void newListedProperties(){
        List <Property__c> newPropList= New List <Property__c>();
        newPropList = [Select Name,Broker__r.Email__c,Days_On_Market__c from Property__c where Date_Listed__c = LAST_N_DAYS:30];
        for(Property__c prop :newPropList ){
            string propEmail= prop.Name +':'+ prop.Broker__r.Email__c;

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Geetha NatarajanGeetha Natarajan
public class PropertyUtility{
    public static void newListedProperties(){
      List<Property__c>  newPropList = [Select Name,Days_On_Market__c,Broker__r.Email__c from Property__c where Days_On_Market__c < 31];
        for(Property__c p : newPropList){
         string  propEmail = p.Name +':'+ p.Broker__r.Email__c ;

This worked to me 
Gabriel VenteGabriel Vente 
I can´t find why I get accountDetails_type_201 (null) in Debug Details after following all the steps before the challenge. Thanks for your help.
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Devender Singh BaghelDevender Singh Baghel
Do not worry about the null output getting in Add Employee record. It's might be because we are calling bankservice which do not exist and getting null in return. 
To complete the module,follow below steps,
1) Add Update AccountType step (Action step ) after Add Employee Record.
2)  give label as you like ans set input values a) accontName = {!Name_on_Account}  b) accountType = select variable created in earlier step which is = {!accountTypeField.Account_Type__c}
3) connect thi step to add employee record and save it
4) Run debug step 

That's it. you will complete this module.

Note: you don't even have to activate your flow for to complete your task.

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Om PrakashOm Prakash
I see a few minor things which you can give a try.

In the field label, there is one . (full stop mark) in the field Average Review Score, and Review Indicator

Please rename both and remove the fullstop
Setup > Object Manager > Job Application > Fields & Relationships > 

Veryfy from the page layout, now full stop mark should remove automatically from here.

Check challenge.

Please keep me updated if it works
Jonathan AhrensJonathan Ahrens 
First-time question: When trying to create a new Case, I am unable to view the closed value in the picklist field named "Status" on the Case object using the record type "Hardware." 

Things that I have done
  • Confirmed the closed value is check-marked closed in Fields & Relationships. 
  • Confirmed that I have both, visibility and accessibility enabled in Field-Level Security. (I'm the system admin) 
  • Confirmed I am using the correct page layout assignment (Hardware using "Case (Support)Layout") 
As you can see from the pictures, the picklist "Status" is not listed in the Record Type "Hardware". Im sure this is the reason that I am not seeing it but I do not know how to add it. 

What am I missing? 

Missing "Closed"
FLSCase Record TypePage LayoutLayout Assignment
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Vishal NegandhiVishal Negandhi

Hi Jonathan, 

You can check if it's made available under Setup > Support Processes 

And since it's a Closed status, also verify that 
Setup > Support Settings > Show Closed Statuses in Case Status Field is checked. 


Hope the above helps in fixing your problem.

Valerio VerdeValerio Verde 
Hi all,

I'm struggling with the "Create Formula and Roll-Up Summary Fields" step and I cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong.

The last step asks to: "Drag the Number of Reviews, Total Review Score, Average Review Score, and Review Indicator fields from the Information section into the Candidate Rating section."

I've done it, but it give me an error: 
Step not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
Make sure you moved the correct fields from the Information section to the Candidate Rating section.

Here's the layout

Job Application - Page Layout

Any clue? Thanks in advance :)
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Valerio VerdeValerio Verde
I've figure it out.
The Field Accessibility of the Total Review Score was "Hidden" for all profiles, so I just set it to "visible" for the Recruiter and System Administrator profiles and I was able to complete this step.
Cody BustamanteCody Bustamante 
I'm having timing issues with timing on integrated tools, long story short I need to delay a workflow rule by one minute, how might I do this in the workflow rule? 
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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
Hi Cody,

You can create a formula field that's one minute after the record creation, or whatever time you need it to fire. The formula would be like:
DateTimeField__c + ((1/60)/24)

Then just add a timed action for that formula field.
Michael HaberleinMichael Haberlein 

The Trailhead Module in question is Build a Simple Flow.

I am pulling my hair out due to a flow not working, despite my following the Trailhead module exactly, and even earning the Build a Simple Flow badge, indicating that I did nothing wrong on the module itself.

The error I am receiving is as follows:
Error element Find_a_Match (FlowRecordLookup).
This error occurred when the flow tried to look up records: The flow failed to access the value for contact.FirstName because it hasn't been set or assigned.. You can look up ExceptionCode values in the SOAP API Developer Guide (" style="color:blue; text-decoration:underline).

Flow Details
Flow API Name: New_Contact
Type: Screen Flow
Version: 2
Status: Inactive
Org: Block Imaging (00D4T000000Fy77)

Flow Interview Details
Interview Label: New Contact 10/10/2019 1:40 PM
Current User: Michael Haberlein (0054T000000wNWk)
Start time: 10/10/2019 1:40 PM
Duration: 13 seconds

How the Interview Started
Michael Haberlein (0054T000000wNWk) started the flow interview.

SCREEN: Contact_Info
Lightning Component: contactName
Screen component: flowruntime:name
firstName = contact.FirstName ()
lastName = contact.LastName ()
disabled = false
fieldsToDisplayList = firstName,lastName
firstName = Lisa
informalName =
label = Name
lastName = Ling
middleName =
readonly = false
salutation =
salutationOptions = Mr.,Mrs.,Ms.
suffix =

Dropdown List: Account
Label: Account
Data Type: Text
Choices selected at runtime:
Choice selected at runtime: Grand Hotels & Resorts Ltd (accounts)
Choice value: 0014T00000469A5QAI
Stored field values:
{!contact.AccountId} = Id (0014T00000469A5QAI)

Lightning Component: update_toggle
Screen component: flowruntime:toggle
label = (If this contact already exists, update the existing record.)
messageToggleActive = (Update Existing)
messageToggleInactive = (Create other Contact)
value = updateExisting (null)
label = If this contact already exists, update the existing record.
messageToggleActive = Update Existing
messageToggleInactive = Create other Contact
value = false

Selected Navigation Button: NEXT

GET RECORDS: Find_a_Match
Find one Contact record where:
FirstName Equals {!contact.FirstName} (<contact.FirstName couldn't be resolved>)
LastName Equals {!contact.LastName} (<contact.LastName couldn't be resolved>)
Failed to find record.

Error Occurred: The flow failed to access the value for contact.FirstName because it hasn't been set or assigned.

Salesforce Error ID: 1799991688-82753 (802446044)

So looking at the error, it is indicating that I did not set the value for Contact.FirstName, an that the error itself is occurring on the Find_a_Match element, which is a Flow Record Lookup.

However, I input the values in exactly the manner instrcuted by the Trailhead module, and as afore-mentioned have passed the module itself indicating I did indeed follow the instructions correctly.

User-added image
User-added image

I have no idea what to do now, as I need this flow to be running correctly in order to move onto the Flow Builder module, as this Flow is used in that module.

If anybody has any suggestions I would appreciate it.

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Will BissettWill Bissett
Hi Michael,

I had this problem too; I'd followed all the steps correctly (so I thought) passed the assessments and got the badge, but running the flow in debug mode I got the same result as you:

Error Occurred: The flow failed to access the value for contact.FirstName because it hasn't been set or assigned.

After some investigation I found that when setting the properties on the Name Input Component I had added the contact.FirstName and Contact.LastName to the wrong fields; I hadn't put them under the 'Store Output Values to Select Variables', but had put them in similar fields at the top of the column.  See 'Collect Contact Info from Your User' section 6a. and 6b.  ... that might solve your problem.  It solved it for me and it now works.  Hope that helps.

Soma Sekhar KSoma Sekhar K 
Hi Ohana,
I am new to salesforce, can anyone help me on a simple formula field
book is a lookup in student
Status: Formula field
If Student.Book != null then Status=Active
Else If Student.Book == null AND Today() - Student.CreatedDate <45 then student.Status = Pending

Thank you
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Tony TrinhTony Trinh
Hi Soma,

Give this a try:
IF(NOT ISBLANK(Book__c), "Active",
IF(TODAY() - DATEVALUE(CreatedDate) < 45, "Pending",
Jennifer DonnellJennifer Donnell 
[Data Security>Control Access to Fields>Challenge Error]

"The 'Rating' permission set does not have the appropriate field-level security for the Account Rating field."

I did un-select Read and Edit on the Rating field [Account: View].

Read through all the previous posts and comments and tried the suggestions, still getting the same result. 
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Jennifer DonnellJennifer Donnell
Pieter, Thank you for your assistance.
I figured it out. I gave Object Permission which was incorrect. Here is the correct way: Permission Sets>New>Create "Rating" Permission Set>Object Settings>Click "Accounts">Scroll Down to "Rating" and select both boxes: Read Acces and Edit Access, then save. Check challenge. (There is a place at the top that also says Read Access and Edit Access, do not touch those.) :) Hope this helps others. 
Lonny DyerLonny Dyer 
Hey all! 
We currently use Social Studio for all of our companies moderation, publication, and analyzation of 36 social accounts. Does Social Studio support FB groups? Or if we set them up, would they default to the FB main page stack? 
Thanks for your help!  
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Lakhan MeghaniLakhan Meghani
Hey Lonny
You can do posting from your page only. It doesnt support groups.
If you want the extra features, you can use zapier. I am not sure whether social studio support 36 accounts or not?
Often scheduling is also not possible in social studio

If it works for you then kindly mark the best answer and close the thread.