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Heath ParksHeath Parks 
Ok, I know this can be done, and I have seen many people say, "just create a varible to store the id of the record you just created".  But my question is "how"?  After the record is created, how to do I get access to the newly created ID to create the varible?

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Tony TrinhTony Trinh
Hello Heath,

Check "Manually assign variables (advanced)" and that should allow you to Store ID in a Variable.
Nelson StoppaNelson Stoppa 
Hi all, can you help me?

I'm doing the Trailhead - Create the My Trailblazer Journey App, but it´s showing this error below:

We couldn't find a Discovery object named 'Trailhead' of type 'Website'.

But I already put the type as "site". Error - Type

Thanks in advanced. 
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Seyran MammadovSeyran Mammadov
Hi Nelson,

If "Website" is not an option in the Type picklist, can you add it there?

Go to Setup-->Object Manager-->Discovery-->Fields&Relationships--> Type ---> add a new value called Website and click save.

Then come back to Trailhead record of this object and select the Website from the Type picklist.
Bob RonanBob Ronan 
I'm trying to set a flow to run only if a custom date field on the Account record is 'less than or equal to' TODAY.
Is this possible? Thanks for any help. I'm a bit of a Flow noob.

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Ajit surendar RAjit surendar R
Hi Bob,

I see that there is an open idea for this functionality. But they posted some workaround: Please refer to this link below:

Create a checkbox formula field on the object/record that does the date comparison
In the schedule criteria, check whether the checkbox is true.
Brittany PenmanBrittany Penman 
Hi keep getting this weird error for this superbadge, and I think I'm doing it right. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
We can’t find the requested graph type associated with the 'Top Case Drivers by SolarBot Ownership' report. Or the setting isn't selected to show the proportions between values in each grouping and each grouping's total.

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Amit SinghAmit Singh
Have you tried to Select the Stacked to 100% of the Chart ? Try that
Jessica CanoJessica Cano 
We have successfully integrated our users with the Outlook integration (formerly known as Lightning for Outlook), except one user is having trouble.  The Salesforce email pane comes up and requests for him to log into Salesforce, which he does, and he confirms the connection via the window that pops up after he provides his credentials.  Everything seems to be okay but it just brings him back to the login request again.

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Jessica CanoJessica Cano
Go figure, it was a browser issue
David MenasheDavid Menashe 
It's Currently set to Thai!!!

Page in Thai

Not all pages - but many of them! Can't seem to find a pattern as to which but unable to find a langauge setting. My Trailead and Dev account are 100% in English - it's just Trailhead Community
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Christine MarshallChristine Marshall
I had this issue and it was a bug that had to be fixed by Salesforce. 

I would:
a) create a support case with Salesforce
b) tweet them to let them know there's an issue!!
Lisa HaigyLisa Haigy 
I blame this on being a Friday afternoon, but I have added an org wide emaill address but I do not want to set it up under the email to case, but when I want to respond to a case using this address it is not available.

How do I add it?
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Seyran MammadovSeyran Mammadov
Weird. I have seen something like this before. Can you allow it up to an hour to kick in? Usually it's resolved in 20 mins or so.
Saurabh DeshpandeSaurabh Deshpande 
Hello Team,

I am getting error "there was an error processing your verification. Please refresh the page and try again" while completing a challenge on the trailhead. I have tried to clear cache, logout-login again,use incognito,created new playground but all in vain. I am getting same error everytime. Its been more than 7 days and issue still persists.Please help!User-added image
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BurgupallyBurgupally ( 
Hi Saurabh,

As discussed in the case, the issue has been fixed from our end and you were able to verify for the challenge.
Please feel free to reach out in case of any further questions or concerns.

B Vikas
Bryan HungBryan Hung 
Hello guys,
I was wondering what formula I should use to calculate everyone in the campaigne with a specific status.

I created a number formula field then i want it to automatically add all the campaigne member with the status "Unsubscribe"

thank for your help
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Manoj NambirajanManoj Nambirajan
Hi Bryan,

You would need a workflow rule automation on top of the number field. a similar usecase in below link

Richard Security-SuperBadgeRichard Security-SuperBadge 
I'm having the same problem with the Apex Unit Tests failing for the Trailhead Security Superbadge (step 2).  Anyone have a way to troubleshoot this 'managed package'? 

Error messages listed below:
  1. System.QueryException: List has no rows for assignment to SObject
  2. Class.sb_security.BeAwesome.createUser: line 133, column 1 Class.sb_security.BeAwesome.setup: line 124, column 1
This image is not available because: You don’t have the privileges to see it, or it has been removed from the system
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Nick WalshNick Walsh
I had the problem of the test units failing. What I did to solve it was this:

In the Apex Test Execution window, once your test fails, click "developer console" button, it's to the right of "select tests" button. A window will open and in the bottom left you'll see the yellow folders, it's a list of the files for the tests you've run. Click the + button to open a folder until you see file icons and "helpAStranger" and "hugYourMother." Now double click on one of those and they will open up in a new window above. There is a column "errors" and in that column script for your failed unit. Double click on that script and once again it expands in a small window to tell you exactly what is missing from your org. Make the adjustments and voila! it should pass ok.

Nick Walsh