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Shubhashini RajaShubhashini Raja 
Hi all,

I forgot my login password for Salesforce mobile app which i installed while working on Trailhead Challenges. I also don't remeber the answer for the security question that asks to reset my password. It says to contact the Administrator. Who would i reach out to? Please help.                      
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Shubham GuptaShubham Gupta
Hi Shubhashini,

Are there any other Salesforce Administrator in your org? If yes, please ask to reset your password else if you're only the sole admin, then you'll have to contact the Salesforce customer support with your username.

Please refer to this documentation: (

Let me know if this helps!

Pedro SouzaPedro Souza 
I am looking for advice on what trailhed modules can give me a good understanding on how to develop a process to maintain knowledge articles.
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Anil S VaddadiAnil S Vaddadi
hi Pedro

trail link

let me know if this helps
Diego OliveiraDiego Oliveira 

Can someone help me with Safari?
When I try to access any setting option by click in the menu, the content opens in a new tab and all the links and buttons that refers to some URL inside the platform won't work.

I recorded a short video, that is 26secs longer, and uploaded to youtube to show you all this browser behavior:

Hope someone can help me.
Thanks for attention

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Diego OliveiraDiego Oliveira

Hello Sakshi!

I am using 13.1.1 version.

I also find out the solution of my problem testing some options presented in "Known Issues" Forum. I needed to turn off the "Prevent cross-site tracking" option.

The path to this option is -> Safari | Preferences | Privacy | Prevent cross-site tracking (Ensure this is OFF).


Again, thanks for your attention!

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Vanisha GuptaVanisha Gupta

Is Opporunity Amount a field on Opportunity object?
If yes, then Go to Set up -> Object Manager -> Opportunity -> Fields & relationships -> Set history Tracking 
User-added image
Check Enable Opportunity field history.
Then, Enable it for Opportunity amount field. 
Let me know in case of any questions.

Anilkumar BugathaAnilkumar Bugatha 
Hi Team,

I want to work  as a QA in Salesforce application. Could anyone help me out how could I start, so I can move my carrier as SALESFORCE QA . 

Request you all to guide me accordingly .

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Vanisha guptaVanisha gupta

Start learning SF from trailhead complete Salesforce Administrator Credentials. You should have understanding of Admin part nicely to work as QA. Also watch trailhead live videos to better understand concepts.

Refer trails:

Also complete superbadges, projects on trailhead.
Get yourself clear with concepts used in SF. 

For functional understanding to perform testing, you will get once you start in a project. 
Anagha NadigAnagha Nadig 

I am done with the challenge but I am getting the below error. Please help me out..
ThanksUser-added image
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Ankush AgarwalAnkush Agarwal
Hi Anagha,

You need to uncheck required on Radius__c and Height__c fields on Oportunity Object

Go to Setup --> Object Manager --> Opportunity --> Fields & Relationships --> Radius --> Edit and uncheck Required checkbox
Save with Height__c field

This will resolve the issue
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Amey PAmey P

Please check if there are any issues occurred while saving the details.

If not, then there might be some Salesforce glitch, sometimes, it takes time to receive email. However, you can try testing if its working fine.

Andrean LoboAndrean Lobo 

I have a dashboard on the Account record page with the report link which when clicked in Salesforce shows me the data of that particular account (Account Id). In fact, I can see the Account Id in the filters of the report.

The same does not happen in the partner community. When I click the report link via a particular account, the report shows me all records. I cannot see the Filter by Account Id filter. 

Is there any workaround for this solution? I thought this could be because the Partner Community user has the System Admin as Channel Manager but that does not seem to be the reason. 

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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
Hi Andrean, 

As far as I'm aware, communities do not support URL hacking - including for reports. This is the mechanism that allows you to send the account ID into the report filter. So all you can do right now is vote for the idea and hope they change it.  (
Gabriel ArgenalGabriel Argenal 
Hi Community,

I'm new to development. I'm try to use a Integer "Count" to inrement inside of a for loop thats part of an Apex Class, but the variable is not incrementing. I can tell from the test class coverage that the code is being triggered inside the for loop but the integer just stays at 0 and never increases. Do you know what might be causing this?

Here is a portion of the code and a screenshot of the debug logs, any help would be much appreciated.
Map<Id, string> conAcctMap = new Map<ID, string>();
        Integer count = 0;
        for(Contact con : contactList){
            for(String domainString: accEmailDomains.keyset()){
                System.debug('* domainString ...'+domainString+'con.Domain_Name__c...'+ con.Domain_Name__c);
                    count = count++;
                    System.debug('* count1 ...'+count);
                    If(count > 1){
                 System.debug('* count2 ...'+count);
			System.debug('* count3 ...'+count);                
            System.debug('* count4 ...'+count);                
            if(count ==1){
                con.AccountId = conAcctMap.get(;
                Contact_Relationship__c crRecord = new Contact_Relationship__c();
                crRecord.Contact__c = con.Id;
                crRecord.Contact_Account__c = con.AccountId;
                crRecord.CBRE_Employee_Contact__c = con.CreatedById;
                crRecord.Status__c = 'Active';
                crRecord.Relationship_Type__c = 'Business Relationship';
            System.debug('* Count...'+count+'conAcctMap...'+conAcctMap+'crRecord...'+crRecord);
            count = 0;

User-added image
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Amey PAmey P
Hi Gabriel,

Instead of using,
count = count++;

Can you please use just,

Gary SamioneGary Samione 
I am working on the Process Builder challenge below:
Automate Business Processes with Process Builder.
Keep contact addresses in sync with their account's address
You've been given a requirement to keep contact addresses in sync with the accounts they belong to. Use Process Builder to create a process on the Account object that updates child Contact addresses when an account's address is updated.

Challenge Requirements:
The process can have any name
The process must have an Update Records action that updates Contact mailing address fields (Street, City, State, Postal Code, Country) when the address field values of the account that’s the parent of the contact are updated
Since you’re creating a process on the Account object and not the Contact object, your actions don’t need to reference a parent ID
The process must be active

NOTE: To complete this challenge, you may have to deactivate the validation rule for the Account object (created from a previous challenge).
My Trailhead Playground 1
Check Challenge to Earn 500 Points

I am confused how to solve this challenge.  I do not understand how to reference when the Address fields are changed, etc.  Also do I reference the OwnerID to get the address fields that will trigger an address update on the Contact object?  I  am very confused on this challenge. There is not enough information supplied for me to solve the problem.  First off all how do you reference the Account.MailingStreet being changed, etc.?  Any help with this challenge would be greatly appreciated.  I simply need a hint or two in order to understand what objects to use and how to state when the fields are updated?
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Gary SamioneGary Samione
Thank you for your help! Gary J. Samione Software Developer | Business Technology Group Washington State Department of Licensing Office: (360)664-1396 | Helping every Washington resident live, work, drive, and thrive. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and the DOL Blog!