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Akash jenaAkash jena 
if there is no activity in a lead for 2 hours it will send email , and if alteast 1 task is created then no email will send
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Piyush SinghalPiyush Singhal
Hi Akash

You can go through the following link:-

Hope this will resolve your query.

Thank you
Saikat MukhopadhyaySaikat Mukhopadhyay 
Hi All,

I am trying create a new case queue but seems not in the correect path.

System is creating 'New View' Not 'New Case'.

Please check the attached screen shots..

Appreciate your  help.

User-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image​​​​​​​
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Anil JAdhavAnil JAdhav
Hi Saikat,

> You should click on 'New' button below there in first screenshot.
> If you click on 'Create New View' then it will create it for View not for Queue. 
> There is one other bitton you should click that one.

Luca VignoliniLuca Vignolini 

I am trying to take a challenge but when I click on "take the challenge to earn points" an error message pops up.

Can anyone help?

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Andrew FragiasAndrew Fragias
Hi Luca if you scroll up in your challenge there will be instructions on how to create the account inside Salesforce Regards Andrew Fragias
Conner BrownConner Brown 
While working on the assignment for the Unit "Secure Your Users' Identity", you must edit the system permissions of a Permission Set by selecting "Two-Factor Authentication for User Interface Logins". However, I am unable to find the checkbox for this setting. Does anybody else have this same problem or know where it is?
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Karan KeharKaran Kehar
Hi Conner,

Try searching for Multi-factor authentication. It was renamed to Multi-Factor
Carolyn O'ConnorCarolyn O'Connor 
Hi there,

My boss has asked if I can set the default value for an Opportunity Close Date to the end of the NEXT fiscal year when a Lead is converted. The default appears to be the end of the quarter at this point. And yes, we've considered that something converted on Jan 1, 2021 will show a Close Date of 12/31/2022.

The Close Date is a standard field and I don't see where I can change the default. I tried a Validation Rule, a Process and a Workflow, and none seemed to do the this even possible? I seem to recall that you cannot change if it is a standard field.

Thanks for the help,
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
For that you could use a Workflow, Process, or Flow.  

The Date part would be pretty easy 
DATE( YEAR( TODAY()) + 1, 12 , 31 )

Michelle WhiteMichelle White 

I created a custom object for "parts request for quote form". I want it to only show on the opportunity quick links tabs not on in the navigation bar. 
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This tab has shown up on all users nav bars automatically. How can I remove this for all users? and the only way they can access the object is through the opportunity?


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Steve MolisSteve Molis
Here =>
User-added image
Carolyn O'ConnorCarolyn O'Connor 
Hello there,

My company has acquired another and we are planning to merge instances a bit down the road. In the meantime, I am trying to set up a few of their people in our instance as Users. I am aware SF does not allow duplicate email addresses (User names). Short of setting up new email addresses for them within my organisation, does anyone know of a work-around for this?

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Jeff PearsonJeff Pearson
The user names look like emails but they don't have to be the same as a user's email address.  If you have a user with email = you could have that user in different systems as a@b.1 and a@b.2, or you could append to the user name like and
Tarun MukhiaTarun Mukhia 
We have two similar dashboard components. When I click on the account name of one component, it takes me to the actual account record, but when I do the same on the other component, it takes me to the report, not to the account record.
We want it to take the user to the account record as the 1st one.

User-added image

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Steve MolisSteve Molis
That is controlled in the Component Settings 

Here =>
User-added image

You'd be amazed at what you find when you poke around the setup and configuration
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Andrew FragiasAndrew Fragias
No worries Stacey. If you are happy with my response please mark it as best answer so this can close Regards Andrew Fragias
Liz Caterin Denbow BastidasLiz Caterin Denbow Bastidas 
Hello pioneers, I am trying to register a custom object in shema builder and it throws an error, I have switched browsers and it doesn't seem to be the problem, some of you have thrown this "exceed character parameters" error. .. I am following the steps of the challenge but the label is giving me problems: direction. Thanks for the help.User-added imageUser-added image
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Liz Caterin Denbow BastidasLiz Caterin Denbow Bastidas
I was able to get the badge now! I have discovered where my error was. I had to select the field "text area".Field "tex area"