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Jonathan AhrensJonathan Ahrens 
First-time question: When trying to create a new Case, I am unable to view the closed value in the picklist field named "Status" on the Case object using the record type "Hardware." 

Things that I have done
  • Confirmed the closed value is check-marked closed in Fields & Relationships. 
  • Confirmed that I have both, visibility and accessibility enabled in Field-Level Security. (I'm the system admin) 
  • Confirmed I am using the correct page layout assignment (Hardware using "Case (Support)Layout") 
As you can see from the pictures, the picklist "Status" is not listed in the Record Type "Hardware". Im sure this is the reason that I am not seeing it but I do not know how to add it. 

What am I missing? 

Missing "Closed"
FLSCase Record TypePage LayoutLayout Assignment
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Vishal NegandhiVishal Negandhi

Hi Jonathan, 

You can check if it's made available under Setup > Support Processes 

And since it's a Closed status, also verify that 
Setup > Support Settings > Show Closed Statuses in Case Status Field is checked. 


Hope the above helps in fixing your problem.

Mark BolandMark Boland 
Hi all,

Trailhead instructions can be confusing to follow at times

In the trailhead challenge (einstein analytics Integrate Local and Remote Data in Einstein Analytics;  Load Your Local Sales Data)

When instructed to create a dataflow for US Sales Data
at step number 7 I click create as instructed where I enter US Sales Data and click create,
then at step number 8 it asks me to click the dataset builder button, at the top of the dataflow editor, where exactly is this button?

Then step 9 instructs to enter US Sales in the dataset name field, is this a search field?
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Mark BolandMark Boland
I just found it so never mind, it is located on the top left but looks nothing like what is instructed
Sanket NagpureSanket Nagpure 
User-added image
Is anyone can let me know how can I activate this indicator in my org?
Time and data indicator?
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David BaumannDavid Baumann
Just go to Setup > Quick Search > "Debug Mode" > Select your user > Enable. But keep in mind that salesforce will become slower for the users where debug mode is enabled.

Praveen MathaPraveen Matha 
Hi Team,

I have created a custom app as "Dream House" and created custom objects are "Battle Station", Resource and Supplies.

I have given read/write permissions in the profile level.

Still those objects were not enabled.
User-added image
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Anil JAdhavAnil JAdhav
Hi Praveen,

> Please go to object setting on profile > select object > tab setting > select always visible.

> go to app magager > select require object in app.

Praveen MathaPraveen Matha 
Hi Team,

I am doing Trailhead exercise, please find the link below.
when I was doing validation rule exercise, I got a doubt.

Utilization field accepts values in terms of percentage: i.e 20%, 60% etc.

When I am using that field in the formula that have been converted to decimals.
Ex: that validation rule has to fire when resource name is "Exhaust Port Inspector" and utilization is less than 150.

in that example they have converted 150 in to decimals as 1.5.

Q: Why we should convert into decimals, why can not we keep it as a percentage.

I tried by mentioning as 150, it has not worked out.

Kindly someone help me to understand, why we need to convert to decimals.

In that case, utilization field itself should accept the values interms of decimal not in the percentage wise.

Traihead URL:

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Please refer

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Sumeet KheraSumeet Khera
Hello Sujata, The feature is disabled as of Summer 19 release

Hope this helps, If so please vote for my answer.

Carl PaulsenCarl Paulsen 
I have succeeded in adding the Log a Call button to Accounts, Leads and Opportunities, but while I've added it to Contacts, it won't show up on Contact records.  Note there are no record types in Tasks so that isn't the problem.  I've checked lots of posts and youtube videos and checked everything to no avail.  Any advice?  Thank you.
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Carl PaulsenCarl Paulsen
Ah, I figured it out.  I had to refresh my browser window.  I had navigated around to various objects/tabs and settings, but kept coming back to the same Contact record to look for the Log a Call button.  The button wouldn't show, but when I checked a different Contact, there it was.  Went back to the original Contact and it was gone.  A browser refresh revealed the button.

So if you've tried all else, remember to check different records in your object and/or refresh your browser window.
Travis GrothausTravis Grothaus 
Hello! Simple question that I can't find the answer for; can an approval process final action change the record type of a Quote? Or should I juist run a process builder to make the adjustment based on the status change?
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BhavinBhavin ( 
Hi Travis,

Excellent question, this might help:

Steve ConnellySteve Connelly 
Working in Lightning...

We have a workflow rule that keys off of changes pulled in by a Talend job...

These are the criteria: AND(ISCHANGED(Incoming_Pin_Rating__c), AND( PRIORVALUE(Incoming_Pin_Rating__c) <> "E", ISPICKVAL(Incoming_Pin_Rating__c, "E") ) )

So far, so good.

A change has been requested that if the above is true AND the account is not a member of any of our services, that we want a separate action to take place from those accounts that are members.

So, am i going to be better off to update this workflow rule to accomodate that? or should I switch this to a process builder or even a flow? I am actually pretty comforatble with flows.

If I stay with the workflow rule, can I split the functions between member and non member accounts? or would it take a separate workflow rule?


I have a new request
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So you can make the condition as the following 
AND(ISCHANGED(Incoming_Pin_Rating__c), AND( PRIORVALUE(Incoming_Pin_Rating__c) <> "E", ISPICKVAL(Incoming_Pin_Rating__c, "E") ),ISBLANK(Member__c) )

Just make sure tu fill the right API Name of the member field (I've put member__c).

Thank you.
Rakesh MuppuRakesh Muppu 
74M revenue the revenue range automatically becomes >5Bn 

Revenu= Number(16,2)

Revenue Range = Formula( Text)  

Please anyone can help what's wrong in formula?
IF(AND(Revenue__c>=1,Revenue__c<=10),1,0),"1-10 Mn",
IF(AND(Revenue__c>=11,Revenue__c<=50),1,0),"10-50 Mn",
IF(AND(Revenue__c>=51,Revenue__c<=100),1,0),"50-100 Mn",
IF(AND(Revenue__c>=101,Revenue__c<=250),1,0),"100-250 Mn",
IF(AND(Revenue__c>=251,Revenue__c<=500),1,0),"250-500 Mn",
IF(AND(Revenue__c>=501,Revenue__c<=750),1,0),"500-750 Mn",
IF(AND(Revenue__c>=1001,Revenue__c<=2000),1,0),"1-2 Bn",
IF(AND(Revenue__c>=2001,Revenue__c<=5000),1,0),"2-5 Bn",
IF(Revenue__c>5000,1,0),">5 Bn",
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Tony TrinhTony Trinh
Hi Rakesh,

Let's simplify this a bit. Give this a try:
IF(Revenue__c > 0,
IF(Revenue__c<=10000000,"1-10 Mn",
IF(Revenue__c<=50000000,"10-50 Mn",
IF(Revenue__c<=100000000,"50-100 Mn",
IF(Revenue__c<=250000000,"100-250 Mn",
IF(Revenue__c<=500000000,"250-500 Mn",
IF(Revenue__c<=750000000,"500-750 Mn",
IF(Revenue__c<=2000000000,"1-2 Bn",
IF(Revenue__c<=5000000000,"2-5 Bn", ">5 Bn"))))))))), "None")