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Alice SpreitzerAlice Spreitzer 

I have created an approval process on a type of campaign in a sandbox, but am having a doozy of a time trying to update the email template to include a url to the approval page.  
Campaign Approval Request email   Merge field: 
Approval Request Page: {!ApprovalRequest.Internal_URL}
it populates a link, but the link brings me to an Insufficient Privileges Errors page.  I suspect I'm missing something obvious. Any ideas?


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Moustafa IshakMoustafa Ishak
Hi Alice 

You can add the “s” to the link received in email, this will use any active session to access the pending approval. (

Kindly let me know if this works for you :D

Moustafa Ishak
Chris GallagherChris Gallagher 

Need help on a criteria formula in PB to check if a case is new, the record type, and if 2 values are not selected from a Multi Picklist with final criteria on a user type.

Have built the below but getting "Missing ) error" no matter what I try cannot get it to work.

[Case].RecordType.Name = 'SE Work Request',
NOT(INCLUDES( [Case].System_Name__c , 'Cloudsense CPQ'),
NOT(INCLUDES( [Case].System_Name__c , 'Smart Correspond')),
Text($User.UserType) <> 'Guest

Can't use the "Only when the record is created" option as ideally wanting to build this as a larger process for assigning during the case lifespan.


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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
Hi Chris, 

Looks like you missed a bracket after Cloud sense CPQ to close your NOT(). Try this:
[Case].RecordType.Name = 'SE Work Request',
NOT(INCLUDES( [Case].System_Name__c , 'Cloudsense CPQ')),
NOT(INCLUDES( [Case].System_Name__c , 'Smart Correspond')),
Text($User.UserType) <> 'Guest
Andres GuzmanAndres Guzman 

Stuck for a while on how to complete the below formula. I would really appreciate some light here. Thanks!!!

This is my incomplete formula:

IF( ISPICKVAL(Timeframe__c, "3 months"), Switch_Request_Date__c + 91,IF( ISPICKVAL( Timeframe__c , "6 months"), Switch_Request_Date__c + 183,IF( ISPICKVAL( Timeframe__c , "12 months"), Switch_Request_Date__c + 365,IF( ISPICKVAL( Timeframe__c , "18 months"), Switch_Request_Date__c + 548,IF( ISPICKVAL( Timeframe__c , "24 months"), Switch_Request_Date__c + 730,IF( ISPICKVAL( Timeframe__c , "36 months"), Switch_Request_Date__c + 1095,IF(ISPICKVAL( Timeframe__c , "Immediately"),

*Timeframe field is a picklist
*Switch Request Date is a date field

What I need is if Timeframe = Immediately, to give me Today's date. The catch is that "TODAY" will not change tomorrow. I need it to stay static.
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Manasa UdupiManasa Udupi
Hi Andres,

How about creating a Date field, creating a process builder that updates the date field to today(), if  Timeframe__c is changed() and is equals to "Immediately".
And using this date field in your formula field?
Ahmed IbrahimAhmed Ibrahim 
How do i know which day of the week is it ?
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Moustafa IshakMoustafa Ishak
Could you try this formula 
  MOD( date - DATE( 1900, 1, 7 ), 7 ),
  0, "Sunday",
  1, "Monday",
  2, "Tuesday",
  3, "Wednesday",
  4, "Thursday",
  5, "Friday", 

Kindly let me know if it works :D

Moustafa Ishak
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Shivam KumarShivam Kumar

Usually when a process takes longer salesforce send sends an automated email once its done. 
But its just for reference and you dont need to activate your domain via that email, in your case your domain is already changed so you can proceed with your challenge.
Since Trailheads playgrounds are linked to your dev org you should have received an email, looks like its missed. But i guess you can ignore it this time:)

Erica RintoulErica Rintoul 
I'm considering signing up for Trailhead Virtual Bootcamp for New Admins (TVB201) but would like to discuss the schedule. I might miss a week. What are the impacts of that? Should I wait until I am available for the whole class as scheduled?

Thank you

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Tony TrinhTony Trinh
Hi Erica,

I just enrolled for TVB450. Not the same class, but I got a WebEx invite and it's only twice a week. Wednesday for a Q&A session (30 mins) and Friday for a lecture (1 hr 30 mins) 

They did list this in the FAQs
What if I can’t commit to the scheduled instructor session times every week?
If you are unable to attend a scheduled instructor session, you will be able to access a recording of that session within 24 hours of the scheduled time.

Would you be able to watch the recording 24 hours after the class schedule? If so, I think you should be ok.
I'm reading the welcome email right now and they gave me a trailhead playground username/pw with a daily schedule tab. I would assume they're all in the same fashion. I'll let you decide on whether you want to join the class or not.
Xavier TXavier T 
Hello everyone,

How can I add a "Related To" field to my custom object?

For example Tasks has Related To as

Lookup(Contract,Order,Campaign,Account,Opportunity,Product,Asset,Case,Solution,Quote,Asset Relationship,List Email,Contact Request,Communication Subscription Consent,Party Consent,Agent,Credit Analysis,Feasibility study,Program,EPC Process,Project)
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Hemin KaleHemin Kale
Hi Xavier,
'Related to' (WhatId and WhoId) these fields are polymorphic. It means the  'Related To' field is euqivalent to Id of related object.
If you want to create such fields (like Related to) for custom object you can simply create a lookup or master detail relationship field. (On any object>Fields and Relationship> New Field).
Specifically if you want to add custom field for TASK object you can create it in Activity object.

Thank you.
Corey CloutierCorey Cloutier 
In our org when a Case closes, it sends out an email to the Contact by default.  However there are times that the support rep doesn't want to automatically send the email to the Contact to which in Classic you have the ability to uncheck this field.  So how do you do this in Lightning, I already had to create a "Case Close" quick action as there is no Case Close button in Lightning to which I cannot add this field to the action layout.  How do you do this without creating a custom field and using a workflow or using macros?

 User-added image
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Jayson MoralesJayson Morales
Hi Corey,

Unfortunately it's currently not possible to show that checkbox in the Close Case layout for Lightning UI. Your best option is to use macros.

Hope this helps.


Devin KellyDevin Kelly 
Hi all, 

Since the latest update that was pushed to Salesforce Marketing Cloud in August 2020, we have been unable to copy the full code from our emails when viewing them in 'Code View'. Previously, this was not an issue. 

We are able to copy individual sections of code if they are editable, i.e. if you click on a content block, then go into the 'HTML Editor' tab, but we cannot copy the full code in 'Code View'.

We use this for proofing and backups, so this is valuable to us.  Currently, to workaround this we have to send out a test email, view it in browser, inspect it in the browser, click the uppermost <html> tag, right-click it and select 'Edit HTML', then select all and copy. 

Is anyone else having this issue or know of any easier work arounds? Thanks in advance!

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Pavankumar VasanthamPavankumar Vasantham

Hi Devin,

You are not alone :) .

It's been reported and logged under known issues here and awaitng review. (

Meanwhile it seems there is a Work around  which you can try

1. Highlight the code
2. Right-click and select: Create Code Snippet
3. Code can be selected and copied from the modal


Vinay KrishnanVinay Krishnan 

So I need to create a validation rule that only lets a handful of users (User1, User2, User3) change the stage of an opportunity to "Cancelled". How would I go about doing this? Let me know if you have any questions.

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Tony TrinhTony Trinh
Hi Vinay,

Try this:
"", 1,
"", 1,
"", 1,
0) = 0,
ISPICKVAL(StageName, "Cancelled")