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Due to personnel changes, I've had to change our lead assignment rules and need to run these rules on our existing leads to update the lead owner to the appropriate person. Is there a way to do an "update" for this that would not require deleting and re-importing all of the records? Thanks in advance!
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Douglas NaylorDouglas Naylor
Try the Lead Import wizard under Data Management.  First, run a report to export all Lead ID's to excel.  Then use the file with the Lead Import wizard. Match on the ID and use your assignment rule.

You can also transfer leads using Transfer Leads tool on the home page.  
Manoj PatilManoj Patil 
I want to learn a complete small organization set up. I want to explore marketing and sales cloud but not able to find out any use cases that I can try on my own. Request your help.
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Josh BaumanJosh Bauman
Hi Manoj,

I found myself in a similar situation after having recently completed over 50 trails and 3 super badges. I understood how to do a great many things and I was very familiar with the Salesforce interface. However, I was still at a loss of where to begin on a practical level.

I picked a small personal portfolio project to work on but kept on getting bogged down by details. It helped when I came up with the simplest of implementation cases based on a small business I was already familiar with. I created a very basic user story:

Celeste wants to list an upcoming series of events and allow people to register in advance. A user can then find out the date, time and location of the event. If the event has accessibility issues, the registration should ask whether the attendee requires assistance. Celeste wants to know how many people are registered for an event. The event should be listed in the schedule and a teacher should be attached. Equipment and supplies should also be included.

Then, I drew out a very simple diagram of standard and custom objects and the fields they would require.

The Lightning Experience Customization trail ( was immensely helpful in building an org from scratch. For any additional features, I consulted Trailhead projects ( to fill in the gaps of my understanding, looking for similar functions. I also got ideas for additional features from the projects and it has grown from there. Now I'm implementing roles, profiles and security and picked up some handy knowledge about data loader along the way.

I documented all of my steps as well with the relevant trails that I consulted, for next time. I think the most important step was keeping my first project very very small and functional and then building off of that. It took me three tries before my project was manageable to accomplish.

Schema Builder, in Object Manager, was very helpful for getting a visual overview of existing objects and their potential.

I'm looking forward to suggestions you might have from your journey.

Dear all,

We have products with 1 year. We sell our products for 1 year basis mostly. Sometimes we sell for monthly basis. So I have created a custom field in quote line items called "terms in months". 

What i want: There is a sales price, there is a terms in months. I will calculate total prices as sales price * terms in months / 12 * (1-discount rate)

Would it be simply possible through PB?

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Brig LarimerBrig Larimer
I would suggest instead of [QuoteLineItem].ListPrice that you use [QuoteLineItem].PricebookEntry.UnitPrice - this is the source value for ListPrice. I'm not sure the timing of when the ListPrice value is available (sounds like it's not yet when PB fires), but this is just a formula that looks to [QuoteLineItem].PricebookEntry.UnitPrice anyway. Let me know if that works!
Sibyl BeaudrySibyl Beaudry 
I just joined a new org and am new to Pardot. My new company who has used Pardot for 5+ years, doesn't know how to make the activty history show up in the lead/contacts record (in the Activty History section of the layout). Can someone please lay out the directions to do this so I can relay it to our Pardot admin? 
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Justin EpistolaJustin Epistola
Hey Manaw, Just submit a case to Pardot. They are the only one who can export this info. 
Daniel AndellDaniel Andell 

I would like to create a multi level dropdown selection on my customers. As you see below I have two levels of details, first product group and then products. 

I would like the user to be able to either select Product group then all products below are selected. Of they can select individual products from the group. Also attached a picture of how it could look like in excel.

> Product group 1
>> Product 1
>> Product 2
>> Product 3
>Product group 2
>> Product 4
>>Product 5
>Product group 3
>>Product 6
>>Product 7

User-added image

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sakshi nagpalsakshi nagpal
Hi Daniel,

 You can use dependant picklist in salesforce
 check this-:
Yan ZhaoYan Zhao 
i have a field which is a picklist,i want to use dataloader to make all this field value to none. what should i put in the csv for this field? i trid put nothing but it won't change anything for this field. i also try to put "none" but doesn't work.
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Kapil BatraKapil Batra
Hi Yan,
Make sure that in your dataloader settings that you have enabled 'Insert Null Values'. In your CSV file whatever values you want as blank I would edit/replace with #N/A

Hope it helps !
Daniel CavosieDaniel Cavosie 
Hi Trailblazers,

I'm signed up to take my Marketing Cloud Admin Certification test next week. I'll complete the trail needed within the next few days. Then I'm planning to re-study the learning objectives and test questions at the end of each unit thoroughly leading up to the test. Beyond this, I'm wondering if there are methods of study this community recommends? It's been awhile since I've taken an exam, what to speak of being nervous about it! Also want to mention that the SF org I currently work in does not have marketing cloud, so I'm unable to get hands on training.

I'm also curious if there are any certified Marketing Cloud Admin test takers out there who can recommend study techniques. This is not an attmept to cheat (if that's even possible?); I want to pass this honestly otherwise I won't know what I'm doing. Rather, it's an attempt to see if there's a systematic way of how the test works in relation to the study materials like Trailhead. Knowing this I'd feel confident about this certification and others I may choose to take.

Any response is appreciated! Thank you!

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Om PrakashOm Prakash
Hi Daniel,
I hope you have also went throw with this "Marketing Cloud Admin certification exam guide with interactive study tools":

Overall your practical hands-on experience will help you in the exam.
Please have a look at the certification guide topics and please explore topic wise steps/configuration in your org.

All the best for exam :)

Stay safe!
John SadlerJohn Sadler 
I ceated an invocable process that is active but when I try to invoke the process I cannot find the invocable process.
The invocable process creates a task from a Lead
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John SadlerJohn Sadler
Thanks Karthikeyan ... I tried to delete this question because I went back to the Process Builder using Chrome and the Invocable Processes were magically there. I went back to Firefox and they were visible there also. It looks like I have to exit the Process Builder and return to find my invocable Processes visible. Not ideal but at least I now know. And yes ... they were all active :-)
Scott NiblockScott Niblock 

Been staring at this for a bit, and I'm not sure what's going on, but this seems like it should work, but isn't.

I'm trying to prevent anyone with these profiles from creating an account except during lead conversion.  The 'Created_by_Conversion__c' field is a checkbox that would is unchecked by default and would be checked off during lead conversion.  

Here's the wierd thing, it works if I use $Profile.Name instead of the ID, but I'm trying to avoid that so it doesn't break if we change profile names, which will likely be done in the near future.

Any ideas?

    $User.ProfileId = "00ed0000000OwtTAAS" /* Sales */,
    $User.ProfileId = '00ed0000001EQ40AAG' /* Sales Manager */,
    $User.ProfileId = '00ed0000001EPRWAA4' /* Sales Management */,
    $User.ProfileId = '00ed0000001uH4xAAE' /* Sales Director- Field Sales */,
    $User.ProfileId = '00ed0000001ELlcAAG' /* Sales Director */ 
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Can you try with the 15 characters long version of the Profile IIDs ?
    $User.ProfileId = '00ed0000000OwtT' /* Sales */,
    $User.ProfileId = '00ed0000001EQ40' /* Sales Manager */,
    $User.ProfileId = '00ed0000001EPRW' /* Sales Management */,
    $User.ProfileId = '00ed0000001uH4x' /* Sales Director- Field Sales */,
    $User.ProfileId = '00ed0000001ELlc' /* Sales Director */ 
Jennifer PellerinJennifer Pellerin 
Is there a way to create a Pardot landing page and use this as a check in at events?

Ex: when a person "checks in" on a tablet at the event, this will trigger in automation as to change the status to "attended". Then the landing page would refresh for the next person with an empty form and not track / update a prospect in the database.
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Andrew CookAndrew Cook

Hi Jennifer,

Yes this is possible. One thing you'll need to do is create the landing page in kiosk mode so it doesn't cache anyone's responses. 
Then you can have a completion action on the form to update the status on the campaign to checked in.