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Julianne Nash-SmithJulianne Nash-Smith 
We have implemented an Azure Active Directory conditional access policy which says: 
All users can access all cloud apps from 4 specified device platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, macOS) or from 2 specified client apps (browser, mobile app & desktop client); access is granted provided the device is “marked as compliant”.

With this rule in place, our users are not able to log into the Salesforce Mobile app on their mobile devices. They get an error message saying: "You can't get there from here. You cannot access the resource from this browser on your device. You need to use Safari, Intune Managed Browser, or Edge".

It seems that the Salesforce Mobile app does not support conditional access rules. I can't believe that we are the only Salesforce customers in the world who have the requirement to secure Salesforce Mobile using an AzureAD conditional access policy.

Has anyone managed to implement this successfully?
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Zachary NorthropZachary Northrop

Have you been able to test the feature for the Salesforce mobile applications to accomodate advanced authentication methods? This feature is turned on at the My Domain section using the checkboxes "use the native browser for user authentication on..." for both iOS and Android.

This feature will defer to Safari (on iOS) or Chrome (on Android) to continue with the authentication process. This is most noteable for iOS users using Google Authentication with Open ID Connect or other features like Certificate based authentication, support for pop-ups like Windows integration Authentication (WIA) and Azure/Intune Conditiional access policies.

I included a link to the Help documention which includes the Advanced Authentication section: Salesforce Mobile Application Single Sign-On overview (
Aliya JansonAliya Janson 

I have downloaded the lightning for gmail extension and it works great on my desktop. 
But I want my users to be able to access this gmail integration with Salesforce on their phone.  Does anyone know of or recommend an ios app or solution where my users can log an email, create a new lead etc. to Salesforce through gmail on ios?

Thank you.
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Thomas JonesThomas Jones
Check out Salesforce Inbox ( Hope this helps!
Gustavo SelujaGustavo Seluja 

Can someone tell me or point me to the information on about logging on the TP on the mobie app.  Thanks!
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Gaurav ChauhanGaurav Chauhan
Thanks Gustavo, I am pleased to help you. 

Now coming to your question, you would never have same credentials for your dev org and Trailhead playgrounds. When you login into trailhead account for completing your badges or learning anything, you use your dev org credentials only. But once you have logged into your trailhead, you can create trailhead playgrounds from there. 

Suppose you create 10 TPs then all of them will have different domains and different credentials and will be different from your Dev org credentials.

Please do this trailhead it will answer all your questions regarding trailhead playgrounds.
Best Regards
Gaurav Chauhan
Ronald CazorlaRonald Cazorla 

Please find below some questions in regards to what could happen with the data stored locally on the device after a user deletes any of the Salesforce mobile apps from his device.
  • Would the data be permanently deleted from the user device, e.g., Phone, Tablet?
  • Is it recommended for the mobile app to be uninstalled from the user mobile by the Salesforce admin, or is it safe for the user to do so?
  • Is there any chance for the user to be able to access the data stored locally before or after the salesforce app is deleted from his device? 
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Mike BrownMike Brown
Hi Ronald, 

I'd be curious what others have to say, but if the user deletes the app together, any data from the app should be deleted. However, if they offload the app, as you can on iOS, then there could still be data that lingers on their device. That said, I don't believe they would be able to access this data unless they redownloaded the app and logged back in, which you could prevent by marking that user inactive, assuming they no longer need access at all. it should also be fine for individual users to uinstall the app themselves. The only data that may be lost during this is any cached data that didn't have time to sync if that user happened to be creating data while offline. 

Kristi ManessKristi Maness 
Anyone know with the release of ios14 today if the Salesforce widgets are available?  Didn’t see them but nothing sure if there is something I need to do to activate
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Jayson MoralesJayson Morales
Hi Kristi,

Sorry for the inconvenience. In case you don't receive a response here, may I also suggest joining the mobile group below to collaborate with the experts for best practice and advice.

Hope this helps.

Tammy HermanTammy Herman 
Why one of my users can't see the recent dashboard he view in the recent Dashboard list in the Mobile?
For me it is working.
Does anyone had an idea?

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krishna dadikrishna dadi
HI Tammy Herman ,
Dashboard only visible on Mobile if he opened on Web , otherwise it will not be visible . Please check with him if he has opened or not , If he not ask him to open the dashbaord in desktop once and refresh the mobile screen , he shall see the dashboard.

Let me know if it works.

Jesus PrietoJesus Prieto 
Hi all!

Just wondering the best way to create a DE from all my Mobile Push users, so I can use it as an Entry Source in Journey Builder.
The only way I found so far is by creating a SQL query with the data within the data view _PushAddress.
However, I'm struggling with how to get the Contact Key field, as it is not in _PushAddress data view, but it is asked for me as a requiered field.
Any suggestions?
Does anyone have a SQL query example for this?

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Jesus PrietoJesus Prieto
Hi Nick!

Just to let you know that you're completely right. I opened a ticket asking for activating Audience as entry source in JB in my account, and that's all! Now, I can use the lists created in Mobile Push as audiences for my JB, as simple as that.
Thanks a lot for your advice!

Christian EichhornChristian Eichhorn 
Hello Salesforce,
could you please tell me if it is somehow possible to expand the 'more' section by the default Task objects, since there is only one field below. So there would be enough place to see all field and there would not be 'more' necessarily to be placed on the mobile app.

User-added image
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John ChavezJohn Chavez
Hello Chris - Looks like you have Simple task form enable for mobile. Go to 
Setup > Feature Settings > Sales > Acvitiy Settings.   Or simply go to setup and search for "Acvitiy Settings"

Disable option called "Show simpler New Task form on mobile " 
Hans HongHans Hong 
Many of our users are first time mobile users, so the "mobile only" app is not really useful for transitioning, because they aren't transitioning from anything. The "Mobile Only" app being the default when they first log in is confusing to them and we are constantly having to instruct people to go into the app launcher and picking the appropriate app.

Is there no way to just remove the "Mobile Only" app, or skip it completely so users go to a different app by default?
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Michael GammonMichael Gammon

We were successful in removing the "Mobile Only" app using instruction located at (" style="color:#0563c1; text-decoration:underline)

If you’ve previously made a Lightning app available for mobile, the Mobile Only app might not make sense for your transition. You can disable it by adding a connected app custom attribute. In Setup, enter Connected Apps in the Quick Find box, select Manage Connected Apps, then click the name of the connected app you want to modify. In the Custom Attributes section on the connected app page, click New. Enter HIDE_MOBILE_ONLY_APP for the attribute key and “true” for the attribute value.

גלעד מוטרוגלעד מוטרו 
We are using in our Org in salesforce1 on tablet with secured network.
When I tried to search address in account, our network blocked me and didn't show any results.
We need to know what is the URL that  we need to allow access in secured network.
ThanksUser-added image
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Allie LawlerAllie Lawler
You should whitelist all ** sites!