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Bruno JorgeBruno Jorge 
Hi there,

We recently noticed that when creating list emails in Pardot the 'Tracker Domain' is being defaulted to (Inherited Tracker Domain).

We can select our primary domain, but I was just wondering what this (Inherited tracker domain) option means? 
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Bea SagdahlBea Sagdahl
Hi Bruno Jorge, 

This help text can be found under the Tracker Domain dropdown:

Emails inherit the tracker domain assigned to the email template.
If no email template is applied, the email inherits the account's primary tracker domain.

Manal AlkallasManal Alkallas 
Hello Trailblazer,

I am preparing for my Admin exam and I have a question that confused me. This is the question:

The marketing team at universal containers wants to send an email to each lead received from its website. The country of the incoming lead should determine the language of the email that will be sent to the lead. How can the system administrator automate this process?
  1. Create an email template for each language and an assignment rule to send appropriate template
  2. Create an email template for each language and an auto response rule to send appropriate template
  3. Create an email template for each language and a workflow alert to send appropriate template
  4. Create a single email template and use the translation workbench to translate and send the appropriate template
Is the correct answer 2 or 4? Can you please help with a clarification? 
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Luaina KwideerLuaina Kwideer
I do not see how this is violating the T&C's in any way! It is a fair question is available online & a lot of people on the community exchange questions and concerns! This should be a platform where we feel comfortable and welcome to share our concerns with each other :) 
Nicholas HutchinsonNicholas Hutchinson 

After taking a look at the documentation for pardot, I cannot find a limit to the number of emails that be sent out via pardot.
Is there a limit to emails that can be delivered via drip campaigns/automations in pardot? (E.g. monthly/daily)

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Quratulain TariqQuratulain Tariq
Hello Nicholas

This feature comparison document mentions unlimited (1-1 and mass emails)

[Ref: Answer -]
Thomas BeerensThomas Beerens 

I do not know where I can find the link to do a mail merge in the new version lightning experience

Thanks you for your help
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Sreejith PittonSreejith Pitton
You might still be able to access the classic version of mail merge in lightning
Try creating a button using the URL from classic mail merge.
Here's an example on contact record{!Contact.Id}&1={!Contact.FirstName}+' '{!Contact.LastName}&retURL={!CASESAFEID(Contact.Id)}/view?0.source=alohaHeader
Beverly TyreeBeverly Tyree 

I am trying to create a Lightning email template that pulls information from the Opportunity to send for an RFQ. I have tried a number of ways to pull the account name, phone number, and address into the template from the Opportunity object without success. Is there anyway to do this? Thank you.

Here is the syntax I have used. 

Please see details for RFQ below.

Quote Type: (Select one/delete all others not applicable)
Electrical Only
Mechanical Only
Electrical & Mechanical

Product of Interest: {{{Opportunity.Products_of_Interest__c}}}

Client Number: {{{Opportunity.Account_Number}}}
Client Name:{{{Opportunity.Account_Name}}}
Client Address:{{{Opportunity.Account_Address}}}

Primary Contact Name: {{{Opportunity.Primary_Contact_Name__c}}}
Primary Contact Phone:{{{Opportunity.Primary_Contact_Phone__c}}}
Primary Contact Email: {{{Opportunity.Primary_Contact_Email__c}}}
SF Opportunity Name: {{{Opportunity.Name}}}
Quote Due Date: {{{Opportunity.Quote_Due_Date__c}}}
Sales Rep: {{{Opportunity.OwnerFullName}}}

Description: {{{Opportunity.Description}}}

Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions.

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John KnightJohn Knight
Hi Beverly, unfortunately, you cannot lookup across objects in an email merge field.  The workaround is to create formula fields on the opportunity object to pull in all the fields you need from the account.
Marian DunnMarian Dunn 
Can anyone clarify how the Primary Campaign Source field is filled in on an Opportunity?  Can it only be done manually or is there some automation there?
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
Also if the Opportunity is created from a Contact (instead of just the Account) it automagically inherits the most recent Campaign the Contact was a member of
Scott ThomasScott Thomas 
Hello fellow Salesforce Marketing Cloud Users,

I had a question regarding the capability of "blind form submission" functionality in Pardot.

So blind form submission functionality would work as such:

1. I set up a form in pardot with fields "Email Address" and "Asset Clicked" that map to prospect fields in Pardot itself. 
2. We create a URL
3. On our landing page we place an html button that represents an asset to be clicked on. The html button has an <a href=""> value equal to the URL from above.
4. When the customer clicks on this button it simulates a submission of the form(we created in step 1 and that we are calling in the URL "formname=ExampleFormPardotHTMLName")  by passing the values of Email Address and Asset Clicked in the Query String parameters of the URL(from step 2).
5. The button click/form submission simulation will perform a page redirect to another landing page or page on our website for the customer to continue their experience after clicking the asset. 
6. Now when we look at the prospect's fields in Pardot it has the "staticParameterValueforAssetClicked" value populated for the "Asset Clicked"(which was associated by the EmailAddress value passed through the form submission simulation) custom field and we can utilize that as a way to segment/target our prospects.

My Question to you fine people...Is this functionality possible within Pardot and how would I go about creating the URL from Step 2 above?? Please if anyone can help me it would be very very very much appreciated as I am relying on this functionality being possible to complete a large client project that is resting on my shoulders!
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David HindmanDavid Hindman
I think you want a Form Handler ( in this scenario, Scott. Associate the form variables to the corresponding Pardot fields and then redirect to your next page in the process. Have the form in step 3 submit to the url that Pardot generates. The data gets pushed into Pardot and the user immediately redirected to the url of your choosing rather than a default thank you message.
Nikki BoockNikki Boock 
I have a list of 100 customers where we need to send them an email to cancel their order because of product availability.  We just switched over to Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud so these orders are not in our Salesforce systems.  My plan is to create a list with these 100 people but I was hoping to personalize it with their order number and I'm not sure how to do that.  First off, is creating a list with these 100 people where to start?  When uploading can I include a column of their order number?  And if I can include the order number is there a personalization string I could pull into the email?  Thanks for any help, teaching myself this new system.
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Andrew FragiasAndrew Fragias
Hi Nikki,

For a one off send I would suggest you create a list with all the attributes you need in Marketing cloud and add it to a new Data Extension. You then create your content and then do a triggered send to that data extension and use ampscript to reference there attributes in the content
Yemin Deng-KralYemin Deng-Kral 
Hi ! Can anyone help me understand the difference between user-initiated send and guided send? Thank you!  I have checked out the documentation for both and still don't understand when to use which one
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Aaron PrattAaron Pratt
A guided send is what you traditionally think of when you talk about sending an email from Marketing Cloud or another email service provider. It walks you through all the steps needed to send or schedule an email (who you're going to send it to; when you're going to send it), and when you're through the process, your email is either sent or scheduled to be sent. (One important note here: a guided send is the process used in Classic Content. Content Builder uses a similar process named Send Flow).

A user initiated send is similar except the email is not sent or scheduled when it's saved. An automation has to be used in order to send that particular email. A user initiated send is usually an email that you're going to reuse over and over on a set schedule, but likely to a different audience every time. Really, user initiated send is not the most intuitive name since an automation is required to send the user initiated send.
Sharif RennoSharif Renno 
Recently we sent a highly relevant email to a distribution list, which contained several corporate emails addresses. We noticed a high level of unsubscribes from this send. Our team then started to ask questions about the fact that some companies are now running emails through a link checking software prior to distrubuting the email to the recipient on their network. Could this practice by companies using this link checking software be the cause of these unsubscribes? Could this also be inflating click metrics given this software appear to ether test every link or links at random to validate they are not malicious. Apologies if this is a newb question - but want to make sure I can articlulate to our business that software like this will or will not hurt our email marketing efforts.

Short term fix was thinking about developing a 2 step unsubscribe effort to combat this - but thats not the best UX either. Any expereience out there dealing with this issue?
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Andrew RussoAndrew Russo
Yes that i8s possible that that is happening. It has been a known issue in the marketing community that some spam filters and even email clients will open emails and click links to check if they are safe for a user. this does cause inflated metrics. The best path would be to use a sort of 2 step unsubscribe or if you are in something like pardot dont use unsubscribe liunk. you can use the email preference center so even if it is clicked it doesnt auto unsubscribe...