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Michael KolodnerMichael Kolodner 
Got a client org where all users would like to send email from Salesforce from the same address and have the reply to address also be common. When we go into Name>Settings>Email>My Email Settings there are fields that should be the right ones for everyone to edit. But making changes there doesn't stick. The Email Name change sticks but doesn't seem to have any effect. And no matter what email I put in the Email Address field, it reverts back to the user profile email address upon save (even though it says "your settings were saved successfully.") The email address I'm trying to save into that field IS set up as an organization wide email address and verified.
My Email Settings Screen
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Chris Manton-MaundChris Manton-Maund
Hi Michael, When you change the return address on this page it will send an email to the new email address requesting confirmation. Similar to when you create a new Org Wide Address. Have you checked for this?
Sylvia BrophySylvia Brophy 
We often communicate with 4-5 different stakeholders on a case and don't want to include the thread of all the other correspondence between them. So we have to delete the thread EVERY time we use Send Email.
We still need the ID to maintain the connection to the CAse, we just don't want to include the email text every time.
Is there a way to disable this?
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Jayson MoralesJayson Morales
Hi Sylvia,

There's a setting called "Exclude Email Thread from Drafts" to prevent the inclusion of past email history however this setting only applies to Salesforce Classic and is currently unsupported in Lightning Experience.

If you're using Lightning, it's currently not possible. Please refer to the link below regarding an existing idea:

Allow to respond to emails without email history thread in Lightning

Hope that helps.

Andrew MondyAndrew Mondy 
I am trying to use the new Lightning Email Template builder to send list emails through Pardot. The images in these emails seem to require SalesForce CMS to host the images. I have completed the process of enabling a domain for CDN and assigning that domain in CMS.

I cannot add an image to the email templates, with the following message in the "i" tooltip next to the image select button:
SalesForce CMS is not properly configured yet. A default channel must be fully enabled first.

I cannot find anywhere in CMS a setting for default channels. The only reference in SalesForce help documentation is here: (
Users with a Pardot License
To use CMS when choosing an image in a component:
  • A default channel must be selected in setup.
  • The user must be a contributor to a CMS workspace that is associated to the Lightning Content Builder channel.
  • The image size can be up to 25 MB.

Can anyone tell me how to actually choose a default channel for email template images?
User-added image
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Suzanne WilkinsSuzanne Wilkins

Hi Andrew,

I am also stumbling through the same Pardot Upgrade. I've found this site helpful: Essentially I believe the default channel seems to be found under Set-up - Pardot - Email Setup. 

Hope this helps.


Alex XiongAlex Xiong 

Does anyone know what this error message means? A search online hasn't helped.


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Santiago Ibarra CaceresSantiago Ibarra Caceres
This is now classified as a known issue:
Lou AcostaLou Acosta 
Hello, I'm relatively new to Salesforce. I am the Admin within my organization and am looking for a way to find copies of actual *full* emails that have been sent out from Salesforce.

Specifically, I am trying to find a record of an approval email that was generated by Salesforce and sent out to one of our internal users. I’ve briefly searched the community and downloaded an email log based on the suggestions I saw.

However, the information contained in the log is not really useful at all (in this situation). Is there a way to pull the actual emails (full email with body text contained, subject line, etc) that are generated from within Salesforce (specifically approval emails)?

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Sumit KawSumit Kaw
I dont think currently there is any such option available by which you can get Full Email Body information. You can get the Email Logs using the below option, but i believe thats the best it gets. (
Samantha MSamantha M 
I'm not sure why this is happening, but every now and again, some incoming cases arrive without the "contact" field populated. It causes issues, as you can't close the case or make any changes to it until a contact is associated with it. Can anyone help me understand why this might be happening?

User-added image
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Renee ChiamRenee Chiam
Hi Samantha,

Most likely because Salesforce is unable to associate an existing contact to the sender's email address. 

You can make Contact Name not required by going to Case Page Layout and click the wrench button next to the Contact Name field. Uncheck "Required" and save your settings. You can now set-up a process to close the case even if the contact name is empty. 
User-added image
User-added image
Hope it helps!
Mallory JobstMallory Jobst 
When sending list emails in Salesforce Lightening, is there a way to "toggle" or pick which email address the email is being sent to? We have a few different emails on the Contact and would like to be able to pick a certain one for a list email. Or does anyone know which email it autodefaults to? 
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Susan ThayerSusan Thayer
It will send to the standard "Email" field and will not send to any custom email address field that you added.  You may have changed the label of the standard "email" field so as System Admin you can go to setup and confirm the field label.

You could rename the standard email field a "Preferred Email Address" and allow users to select which of your custom email values to use in the "Preferred Email" field. Use flow to populate this field.

Here are some ideas to vote for
Jacques GrantJacques Grant 
I have an old e-mail that I dont use attached to my salesforce asccount and is not valid right now. How do I substitute a new e-mail in its place in salesforce. I cant log into sales force because I cant recieve an e-mail from salesforce using the old e-mail.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
I think you might have to contact Salesforce Support (unless there is another Admin on your org) 

Is this for a Production org, or a Trailhead Dev org?
Shahar LevyShahar Levy 
So Einstein Activity Capture. Can you set it to private and then it will respect role hierarchy when letting users view emails captured on a record? Meaning the CEO will be able to see everyones mails on a specific account but Sales users won't be able to see the CEO's mails on the account?
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sakshi nagpalsakshi nagpal
Hi Shahar,

 Activities are related to Accounts/contacts.
 Activity visibility depends on visibility of parent object

 So role hierarchy can be used to control visibility of parent object
Daragh DennehyDaragh Dennehy 
I'm thinking of switching all my classic email templates to lightning and I'm trying to figure out the limitations and considerations.

Can you use lightning email templates in a process builder or for email alerts? Or is this functionality only available to clsssic email template. I'm seeing different contradicting articles so I'm looking for clarification.

What are the benefits of switching to lightning experience?
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Narender SinghNarender Singh
In process builder, emails are fired based on Email Alerts.
And unfortunately, you cannot use Lightning email templates in Email alerts. So, in short, the answer is no.