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Kathy WallisKathy Wallis 
how do I sync outlook calendar with salesforce?
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Francis PindarFrancis Pindar
You need to install Salesforce for Outlook. To do that:
  1. Login to Salesforce
  2. Click your name at the top right corner
  3. Click Setup
  4. In the search box on the left search for outlook
  5. You should then see "Salesforce for Outlook"
  6. Click that
  7. Click download
If you can't see the option or cant download it maybe because you havent got an Outlook configuration yet. If that is the case after your searched for outlook you will see another option "Outlook configurations" from here you can create a configuration (if your administrator) this says how you are going to sync your outlook data with salesforce.
Megumi MladenovicMegumi Mladenovic 
I'm attempting to set up a data connection in Excel to our Salesforce Production and it is not letting me sign in.  I am using the correct credentials because I can log into my instance and I am able to log into Data Loader.  I've tried someone else's credentials.  I've cleared my cache and cookies.  I've restarted my computer.  

When I go to log in it seems to refresh the page with a new web address of https:/

How it looks prior to me attemping to log in:
User-added image

How it looks after I've attempted to log in:
User-added image
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Christopher ViramontesChristopher Viramontes
Do the below and you will find the hack to get this to work!

John Keep

Hi all. We found a workaround for this at our org. It's a registry hack that forces Excel to emulate IE 11 mode when it normally defaults to IE7/compatibility mode which is no longer compatible with the Salesforce login process. If you're not an admin on your machine, you'll have to have someone else make the change but give them this info:
Open Registry Editor and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION
Right click --> Select 'New' --> DWORD
Name: Excel.exe
Value: 2af8 (hex)
nilesh tiwarinilesh tiwari 
Hi All,

I hope all are doing well.
I am not able to connect to SF from Excel. Till Friday(17th Jul 2020) i was able to login but all of sudden it stopped.
1. open Excel 2. Click on Data 3. New Query-> Click on salesforce object.
When i enter credentials it is not taking me anywhere. It still ask me to enter the password.
Appreciate any help here.

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krishna dadikrishna dadi
Hi Nilesh
follow below thread
Sara BurtonSara Burton 

Hi team
Hope you are staying safe!

We have an integrated phone system and where there are phone fields in salesforce, it shows as a drop down - home phone, work phone, mobile phone etc. This has always worked fine - you select one of the numbers and it dials. However, recently its stopped working like that - you click on the home phone and it just shuts the drop down entirely.

This seems to be an SFDC issue rather than the phone provider, because you can click on Mobile no. fine. Any ideas?



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Sara BurtonSara Burton
Just for anyone else that might encounter this - apparently it is a known issue and you can follow it here:
srikanth cheerasrikanth cheera 

I have a requirement to display salesforce certifications in salesforce by using API

if I type some email id of the user need to display his salesforce certifications.
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Prabhat KumarPrabhat Kumar
As far as i know there is no API for Salesforce certification info, you can provide the link of Salesforce Certification check webiste on your page.

Tani LongTani Long 
I'm having a problem with my new Windows 10 laptop - the Data Loader has such small login screens that I can't even login!  I've tried adjusting the normal microsoft settings to no avail.  Looking for guidance on what settings I could possibly reset to adjust the screen size.
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Tani LongTani Long
Thank you for those who gave assistance.  This was a Windows issue.  I was able to resolve by making these changes in display settings, and then restarting my laptop.  

Resolution:  1600 x 900
Change the size of text, apps, and other items:  125%

Suchi JSuchi J 
My requirement is if any payment is done through PayPal (I can see that in PayPal) How can we see that in salesforce how this can be achieved?
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Chris ConnelChris Connel 
Hi everyone,

I would like to know if it's possible to add task on custom object ?
When i want to create a task, i have only standard object available ? Why ?

And, is it possible to disable task for standard object ?

Thank you,
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Boussad SedoudBoussad Sedoud
Hi Chris,

Actually, Yes you can add custom object on task.
What you have to do is (in Lightning) :

Setup --> Object Manager --> Click on your custom Object --> On details, click on Edit --> In 'Optional Features' Section, Check 'Allow Activities'

with Lightning, it take some time, but you will se your custom object on the 'Related To' Field.

And unfortunatly you can't remove standard object on the related to list.

Don't hesitate if you have any other question,

Santosh PatilSantosh Patil 
Hi All,

I am new to sales force and please clarify me below points

1. how to get session id without using user name and password and security token.
2. Is there any sign in mechanisum to get  life time session id or access token from sales force
3. is there way to generate my access token and later i can use to call me REST APIS to get the details.
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Amit SinghAmit Singh
Hi Santosh,
Refer below link: -

Also, Use UserInfo.getSessionId() method to get the Login User Session Id.

You can use Password Authentication

Now Answers to your questions

1. how to get session id without using username and password and security token.
Use UserInfo.getSessionId() method to get the Login User Session-Id.
2. Is there any sign of mechanism to get  lifetime session id or access token from sales force
With the help of public site
3. is there way to generate my access token and later i can use to call me REST APIS to get the details.
Yes, Use Password or OAuth2.O authentication and store the details into custom setting then you can use later as per your requirement.

Hope this will help you :)

Also,I would like to suggest you to post this question into Developer Forum or Salesforce Stack Exchange where you will get more and best answer because this community is related to configuration.

Amit Singh
Christopher DoreChristopher Dore 
Hi. I've been trying to install Lightning for Outlook with Outlook 2016 (365 Enterprise). Everything was going fine until I clicked on the Saleforce View cloud icon on the Outlook tool bar. As the installation instructions noted, I was prompted to log in to my account. When I did, I received a generic error message that said "We encountered a problem. For help, contact your administrator." I've not been able to resolve this. Can anyone provide insights, let me know what the problem might be, or even offer up a solution? Thanks!
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Susan ThayerSusan Thayer
I solved this by going to my Outlook Web mail and clicking on an email from there to log in to Salesforce for the first time instead of logging in from the desktop for the first time. Then when I reopened Outlook Desktop and clicked on View icon the system recognized me as already logged in.