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Stu CampbellStu Campbell 
Hello, I've been watching a ton of Trailhead videos and reading a lot about Cases, Process Mapping, Support Processes, etc, and can't figure out how to structure SF to do what I want. 

We have two processes I want to have run independently, and I thought that Cases would be the best. Maybe I'm wrong. 

The first is Repairs/ Returns (RMA). We have a process as the return works its way through the system. There's sometimes a dollar amount attached in non-warranty returns, but I don't really need to worry about that enough to run these as an Opportunity. I mostly want to be able to track issues that cause RMA, and make sure we track where the unit is in the process. 

The other process is Tech Support. This is straight forward, and the main concern is making sure that we track what customers are calling us about. 

I thought about combining these into one, but the issue is that RMA and Tech Support follow different steps/ paths through our system. 

How should I structure these? Any help is appreciated! 
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Tony TrinhTony Trinh


That is correct, you need to create them.
After you have created the Support Processes, go to Object Manager -> Cases and click on Record Types and create the two Record Types (one for RMA and one for Tech Support) and assign the Support Process and Page Layouts to each.

Record Type differentiation is not only a feature for Cases, but can be used for anything to distinguish different processes.
For example, if you were going to use Opportunity Record Types, you can do separate Sales Processes (like Support Processes) for, say, New Development or Existing Business. That way, you can control what fields will display from that Object.

I hope that answered your question. I go off on tangents a lot lol

Lucas LopesLucas Lopes 
Someone could explain me what is it? i would like to know,and how can i use and setup.
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Marc SofiaMarc Sofia
Hi Lucas. It is an email report that managers can schedule once a week or once a month that will include their team's open opportunities. They can have the report emailed to themselves only or themselves and their direct reports. There are other options ( can choose.

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Sunita PhadnisSunita Phadnis 
Hello Everyone,

I have enabled Entitlement Management, created an Entitlement, then added the Entitlement Name to the Case Page layout. However the Entitlement lookup is not showing on the Case Page. I have checked the Field Level Securiy and also ensured that the page layout is assigned to the user's profile.
I have not created Entitlement Process and Milestone, could that be a issue?

Any reason why this could not be working? 

Thank you.
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Sunita PhadnisSunita Phadnis
Got the solution, the Field Accesibility is required to be set for the Entitlement Name field on the Case Object. All this while I was checking the Accessibility of the Field on the Entitlement object. 
Vincent BartolomaVincent Bartoloma 
I would like for a certain sandbox to only be accessible to a small group of test users. Do I need to de-activate all of the other users in the sandbox in order to be sure they cannot access it ? Is there an easier way than that ? 

Thank you.
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Benjamin BolopueBenjamin Bolopue
Hi Vincent,
Here's an article (" target="_blank) that will talk you through how to use the Data Loader to mass freeze Users.

Andrew ShanksAndrew Shanks 
We've recently set up Omni-channel and we have 1 agent available most of the time. 
This agent wasn't getting any new chats but we were getting notifications of cancelled chats and the cases that get created when a customer starts to chat. 

The agent had gotten 6 dropped chat notifications, I login and make myself available and get alerted of 4 chats available, some had been waiting for 2hr. 
Why weren't these chats routed to the Agent who had been available for 3 hours and then end up going to me? 
We tested internally and we get the message when trying to start a chat that it's looking for an avaialble agent, but then nothing happened. 

I have tried help docs and searching this forum but couldn't find anything. 

Routing model: Most Available 
Units of Capacity: 1.00
Capacity: 100 
I don't have Skill Based routing turned on. 
The agent maybe had 1 other chat open, so there was plenty of space available before capacity. 

Not sure what I'm doing wrong here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
Any help would be appreciated! 
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Andrew ShanksAndrew Shanks
The solution, after having a case with Salesforce: 

1. On the Support Queue I was using: the classic delete and re-add fix
- Edit
- Remove the Routing configuration 
- Save it
- Edit
- Re-add the configuration, save it. 

2. Each Queue should only have 1 Object, which is their best practice. 
- I had Case, Chat Transcript, Chat Session all on one queue, so I made new queue's and spread them out, but still linked them all back to the same Routing Configuration 

Things seem to be working smooth now! 
James WilsonJames Wilson 
In Salesforce Service cloud when responding to a customer, it keeps attaching the full log of the email under --- Original Message ---

Eventually, this means the emails get too long to send out and we have to delete all the bits under Original message.

Is there any way by default this can be removed so it doesn't attached the entire original message each time?

User-added image
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Eric PraudEric Praud
Hi James,

Unfortunately, it is not possible:

There is maybe a good workaround in the comments though:
"You can use below alternative approach of doing it.
Create a New Action on Specific Object,
Object Manager --> Cases --> Buttons, Links and Actions --> New Action called 'Blank Email'.

For this Action, you can set a predefined value for "HTML Body" as blank string "".

You can include both 'Email' and 'Blank Email' action on the page layout so that staff can include or exclude the tread as needed."
Jamie McGarrigleJamie McGarrigle 
Hi all,

I was unable to join Friday's Admin Preview Live webinar as it was quite late on a Friday UK time.

However, in the invite it said:

As always, everything will be recorded and posted to</p (" style="color:#0563c1; text-decoration:underline)>

However, the link is not working.

I am very keen to watch the recording so if anyone knows where I can find it then that would be a big help.


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Ankit KumarAnkit Kumar
😳TYPO alert**** follow the following link
Chris KerseyChris Kersey 
Is it possible to change the related list quick link labels to something other than their defaults?
I have a related quick list item called opportunity field history (8), but the object itself we named "Application" and would like that quick link item to be named "Application Field History (x)" instead.

Is this possible?

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Ankit KumarAnkit Kumar
Hi Chris!

I tries replicating your situation in my Dev Org and found the solution as following. Try it and let me know if this helped you!

Steps to Rename the Related List Label under an object:

 1.  From Setup, go to Customize > Tab Names and Labels > Rename Tabs and Labels (CLASSIC)
      or Lightning Experience---->  SEtup> qick find > Rename Tabs and Labels > Step 2. Enter the new field labels >  scroll down to find your labe under 'Other Labels'.
Hello Team,

I am current preparing for Salesforce Admin.  i am currently at 
Customize an Org to Support a New Business Unit  > 
Automate Your Business Process. 
I am trying stuck at  adding a new rule entry to the Standard Case Assignment rule to route billing cases to the Billing Support Agents queue where in 6th point it says Click the lookup icon, then search for and select Billing Support Agents i did everything exactly but the search results doesnt show me Billing Support Agents. When i search for Billing Support Agents it says no records found. Please fine the SS below. Any help please !

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Ankit KumarAnkit Kumar
Hi Sanjay!

Try these steps:
1) clear Billing Support Agents from lookup and just type 'support'
2)See if the Billing Support Agents queue pops up with some typo. This is to ensure there was not any typo error by you while creating Billing Support Agents field Label as instructed in the beginning of the unit Automate Your Business Process

Let me know if this helped you!

Lisa HaigyLisa Haigy 
I have enabled in support settings for our closed cases a customer satisfaction survey to be sent.  I cannot find how to change the template that is being used.  I need to remove information that is included.

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Jayson MoralesJayson Morales
Hi Lisa,

Unfortunately, we can't modify the survey notification. I would suggest to submit this question as idea in the Idea Exchange site.