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Ismail KhanIsmail Khan 
Hi All, 

I had to create a field on an opportunity record type. I am wondering if it's possible for that field to appear on the opportunity depending on a value of another field. I know this can be done by dependent picklists. Unfortunately this is a date field that needs to pop up when a location is selected on antother field. 

Thanks in Advance
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Jayson MoralesJayson Morales
Hi Ismail,

Unfortunately, it's not possible through standard functionalities to show a field based on the value of another field. You need to use custom coding for this or you can vote for the idea below.

Idea: Dependent page layouts - data rules to show, hide, or make fields/sections req'd

Hope that helps.

Ihor JIhor J 
I am new to salesforce and I am trying to figure out how to change default Role list. 
User-added image
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Srinivasa RayapuriSrinivasa Rayapuri
In your case it is PartnerAccount, so you will have to choose Partner Role
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I switched to classic to update the values 
Lucas ArrudaLucas Arruda 
Is it possible to Salesforce connect with SAP Ariba to send data and create data into the SAP Ariba?
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Guy KeshetGuy Keshet
yes it is. you can custom code it, you can use mulesoft whcih provides native connectors for SAP and salesforce, or you can use the applciation provided by Ariba:
Arvind JegatheesanArvind Jegatheesan 
When i use record type, I only get the option to show and choose record type ID. How can I show the actual text values? 
Ultimately, I want this flow screen to lead to another flow screen that shows related picklist values for other fields based on the record type selected in the beginning. 
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Pattie MilnerPattie Milner

Hello community and anyone else that stumbles back onto here!  I am getting a few questions about my answer, so I would like to clearly post a correct one that is based on the new Flow Designer (as my original one was based on the old one).

On a Screen element, drag a Picklist Input field onto the layout.
I called my picklist "Record Types" and the Data Type is set to Text.
For Select Choices section, click the Choice box and choose "+ New Resource"
The Resource Type should be Record Choice Set.
I named my set "Record Type Choices".
For the Object drop down, select "Record Type"
Change the Condition Requirements to be "Conditions are Met"
For the Field, select "sObjectType", equals, and choose the Object your record types are related to (Account, Task, etc.)
Scroll down to "Configure Each Choice", this is where you set your labels and values.  Label is what you actually see in the drop down list and the value is the actual value of that choice.  Set the Choice Label to be "Name", choose the Data Type to be Text, and then Choice Value should be "Id".

Here are a couple screen shots of my Task Record Type Picklist, where you get a choice of "System Task" or "Standard Task" (the names I currently have for Task Record Types).
User-added image
User-added image

I hope that clarifies it for everyone!

Aniqa MoinuddinAniqa Moinuddin 
Does anyone know how I can define a formula that returns Monday/Tuesday/Thursday etc from a date field? The only formula I can think of requires that I define a variable ( Sunday = Day (Date expression) + 7x; where x= integer between 0 and infinity)

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Sami EllongSami Ellong
Try this:

CASE( MOD( Date__c - DATE(1900, 1, 7), 7), 0, "Sunday", 1, "Monday", 2, "Tuesday", 3,
"Wednesday", 4, "Thursday", 5, "Friday", 6, "Saturday","Error")
Claes DahlstrandClaes Dahlstrand 
I´m a new admin at a new company. My users cannot se the opportunity tab, cannot find it in "Setup/App Manager/Navigation Items". The org seems to have two different licenses, not sure why. One user license is called Salesforce and the other Salesforce platform. Can someone advise here?
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Julien ROUSJulien ROUS
Hello Claes,

Salesforce platform licenses do not provides access to "CRM objects": 

With Platform licenses you will have access to :
Custom objects.

So either that user need access to opportunities and need a Salesforce Platform, or the user will not have access to it.

Hope it helps!
Ken BruntKen Brunt 
 I thought all custom objects will automatically show up as a tab. My new object does not, yet I'm sure that it is deployed. Is there a setting somewhere that I'm missing?

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Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
Custom objects are not automatically assigned to Tabs. The limits for COs are higher than the limits for Tabs. When you create a new CO you have to explicitly create a Tab and tie the two together. You can do it within the CO creation flow, or by going to Setup > Create > Tabs after you create the CO.
Jason CardinalJason Cardinal 
Hey, Trailblazers! 

I've got a question that I'm pretty stumped on. I have a few formula (checkbox) fields on the Quote Line Item that are rolling up to the Quote. All of these fields are working just fine, with the exception of one and I can't figure out why.

I have the same exact structure in each of these formula fields - using IF statements, but for some reason this last formula won't come through as a filter option.

The formula causing the issues is below. It (shouldn't) be a complexity issue, since there is a much more complex formula that is rolling up and functioning exactly as expected. This one for some reason just doesn't want to cooperate.
   AND(Quote.RecordTypeId <> '0120Q000000D5d9QAC', 
      OR(custom_checkbox1__c = true, 
      custom_checkbox2__c = true, 
      custom_checkbox3__c = true, 
      custom_checkbox4__c = true

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you guys in advance.
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Doug BurkhartDoug Burkhart
It's due to the line of the formula that is evaluating the Quote's Record Type. One of the limitations in using a formula field for Roll-up Summary (RUS) fields is if the formula field contains a cross object reference, then it can't be used.

"If a roll-up summary field doesn’t contain cross-object field references or functions that derive values on the fly, such as NOW or TODAY, it can calculate the values of formula fields." from knowledge article: (

If you added a field to the Quote Line and put a process in place where it replicates the Quote's Record Type into the field via workflow/process builder, then you could edit your formula to reference that field instead and should therefore make the formula field available in your RUS since it would then be a text field on the same object rather than a cross-object field.
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Sourav DuttaSourav Dutta
Hi Rakesh,

Try This:
IF( MONTH( TODAY() ) = 12, 
DATE( YEAR( TODAY() ), 12, 31 ), 
DATE( YEAR( TODAY() ), MONTH( TODAY() ) + 1, 1) - 1)

Best Regards,
Admin UserAdmin User 
I am curious about how Account & Opportunity Teams can be used to open up access to records.  In what way is sharing a record with a Team different than sharing with a Public Group?
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Eddy RichmondEddy Richmond
Hi Burt,

One difference is collaboration on specific Opportunties. A feature of Opportunity Teams is defining roles of those members of the team and thus delegating responsibility. For instance you could havea a Sales Rep, Sales Engineer and even perhaps a Sales Tech to assist with the more technical pieces of the sale.

Another feature is the ability to use Opportunity Splits and divide the commissions and credit amongs the team.

Public Groups have a main use which is sharing rules and allowing other group members access to each other's records. Public Groups can be used on many different objects where Opportunity Teams are obviously just for Opportunities.

Does that help clarify it a bit?