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Shubhashini RajaShubhashini Raja 
Hello Trailblazers!!
I cleared my Admin Certification today. I'm so happy. Thank you so much Trailblazer Community for helping me accomplish this. You guys have responded immediately for every question I posted and thanks a lot for sharing the required materials on topics I need referencing. You guys are amazing. Let's keep Blazing!!

Next prep for "Advanced Admin"
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Sakthivel MadeshSakthivel Madesh
Wow.. Congratulation Shubhashini !!

Try this trailmix from trailhead -

Advanced Administrator Quiz from SalesforceBen Website -
Colbridge  Colbridge   
In trailhead while practicing CI using Travis CI CLI in the 
Continuous Integration Using Salesforce DX - Wire It All Together Unit -

Getting the following error while trying to login to GitHub using the command travis login --org 

We need your GitHub login to identify you.
This information will not be sent to Travis CI, only to
The password will not be displayed.

Try running with --github-token or --auto if you don't want to enter your password anyway.

Username: myusername
Password for myusername: *************
Not Found
for a full error report, run travis report

Entered my GitHub username and password correctly, still can't log in. Any ideas how to resolve this?

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Colbridge  Colbridge  
Was able to figure it out after spending several hours. 

You will need to create a new personal access token in GitHub here:

Then instead of using your GitHub password, copy and paste the new token and enter the following command instead at the command prompt:

travis login --github-token YOURTOKENHERE

Successfully logged in as username!

Good luck. Hope this helps someone. 
zakia amreenzakia amreen 

In app customization specialist step 2 
Create app fields

 Num of Volunteers Still Needed (Number) =
i used this formula
IF((Desired_of_Volunteers__C - shifts_Taken__c)>0,Desired_of_Volunteers__c - Shifts_Taken__c,0)
Error: Field Desired_of_Volunteers__c does not exist. Check spelling.
kindly help!
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jaswanth godavarthijaswanth godavarthi
Try this

IF((Desired_Num_of_Volunteers__C - shifts_Taken__c)>0,Desired_Num_of_Volunteers__c - Shifts_Taken__c,0)

Brian KesslerBrian Kessler 
I have completed all the tehcanical requirements for the Lightning Web Components Specialist superbadge, but because the authors of the challenge don't understand rule #1 of professional testing (DO NOT TEST IMPLEMENTATION DETAILS), I am having trouble to collect my badge.

At present, I am stuck on challenge 13 with the error:
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
We can't find the required imports in the component boatDetailTabs JavaScript file. Make sure the component was created according to the requirements, including the imports from the module that includes wire adapters to record data.

As my solution is fully functional, it seems either their solution has an unnecessary dependency or that their algorithm for checking (which shouldn't exist anyway) is defective.

Alternatively, they are breaking another rule of testing (each test should test one and only one thing) and they've compounded this problem by providing a useless and even misleading error message.

Either way, these are my imports:
import {APPLICATION_SCOPE, MessageContext, subscribe} from 'lightning/messageService';
import {NavigationMixin} from 'lightning/navigation';
import {getFieldValue, getRecord} from 'lightning/uiRecordApi';
import {LightningElement, track, wire} from 'lwc';
import labelAddReview from '@salesforce/label/c.Add_Review';
import labelDetails from '@salesforce/label/c.Details';
import labelFullDetails from '@salesforce/label/c.Full_Details';
import labelReviews from '@salesforce/label/c.Reviews';
import labelPleaseSelectABoat from '@salesforce/label/c.Please_select_a_boat';
import {refreshApex} from '@salesforce/apex';
import BOATMC from '@salesforce/messageChannel/BoatMessageChannel__c';
import BOAT_TYPE_FIELD from '@salesforce/schema/Boat__c.BoatType__c';
import BOAT_ID_FIELD from '@salesforce/schema/Boat__c.Id';
import BOAT_DESCRIPTION_FIELD from '@salesforce/schema/Boat__c.Description__c';
import BOAT_NAME_FIELD from '@salesforce/schema/Boat__c.Name';
import BOAT_LENGTH_FIELD from '@salesforce/schema/Boat__c.Length__c';
import BOAT_PRICE_FIELD from '@salesforce/schema/Boat__c.Price__c';

Can someone please tell me what I is "missing"?


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Todd HalfpennyTodd Halfpenny

Oh my life!

I've been trying to get past this issue for almost an hour and a half now, and I thought what if I just change the order of "getFieldValue" and "getRecord" round (I had them like you - in alphabetical order), but this was not in the order they were mentioned in the challenge.

AND NOW IT WORKS (or at least I'm onto the next error).

Would you mind trying this out too please @Brian?

David O'ConnorDavid O'Connor 
Hey everyone, does anyone know of a way to hide a field from a layout when the record is initially created (so when you are in the edit record screen)? The catch is that the field (its an editable text field) needs to show up after the initial record is saved that first time. Any help would be great, thanks!
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Jeff MayJeff May
I do that all the time, without visual force.

1) Create a record type called "New whatever" and add a page layout without those fields.  Make sure all users have access to this record type in their Profile or Permission Set.

2) Create a record type called 'Whatever" and add a page layout with those fields.   Make sure NONE of your users have acceess to this record type in their Profile or Permission Set.

3) Write a Workflow Rule Field Update 'on create' to Field Update the Record Type ID to the 'Whatever" Id.

Nicholas HutchinsonNicholas Hutchinson 

After taking a look at the documentation for pardot, I cannot find a limit to the number of emails that be sent out via pardot.
Is there a limit to emails that can be delivered via drip campaigns/automations in pardot? (E.g. monthly/daily)

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Quratulain TariqQuratulain Tariq
Hello Nicholas

This feature comparison document mentions unlimited (1-1 and mass emails)

[Ref: Answer -]
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This is because of storage, Limit exceeded.
Nobady answered, I figured myself.
mike bakermike baker 
Hello,  I wanted to use a formula that says  If the picklist field "contact tier" is 1000  and the number field "contacts loaded is greater than 1000, than check the box.  Also wanted to use for all picklist values 5000 and 10000.  

I tried to start with this 
IF(AND (ISPICKVAL(Contact_Tier_c, "1000") & (Contacts_loaded_c <1000), TRUE,FALSE),
IF(AND (ISPICKVAL(Contact_Tier_c, "5000") & (Contacts_loaded_c <5000), TRUE,FALSE),
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Eric PraudEric Praud
No need for it Mike. If the conditions are not returned, the checkbox is not checked. You can try my formula and test
Hayato UesugiHayato Uesugi 
When I try to create Optimization profile at Field Service Setting, Salesforce says that "Optimization profile creation error has occured, Please contact salesforce support for more details".

This error also occurs when I try to do same stuff at another environment.

I am now using DE edtion with ap17.
Does anyone know why this kind of error occur?

It would be greatly appreciated if you could give me an answer....
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Venkata Naresh ThathaVenkata Naresh Thatha
Have you tried this ? Found in other forum.

Clone an existing profile and name it FSL Optimization .Make sure permissions mentioned in this FSL_Optimization (" target="_blank) are enabled. Create a user with this profile and login as this user. You will get the option to activate optimization under field service settings.
Daniel GonzalezDaniel Gonzalez 

Hi SFDC Community,

I'm having a bit of trouble creating a percentage formula for my report. In looking at the screenshot below, here's what I want to do: I want to show the percentage each rep has in each stage in relation to their respective totals. For instance, you'll see that Ashley has a Grand Total of Total Price at $241,216.70 and that she has $10,500.00 in Stage 6. What I want to show is the percent of her total that's in each stage - stage 6 would show 4.35%, Closed Won would show 92.48%, and Closed Lost would show 3.17%

So far, I've only been able to create a formula that shows percentages in relation to the Grand Total, which is not what I'm trying to do.

Thanks!User-added image

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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi Daniel,
You will need to setup the custom summary formula field as below
User-added image

report screenshot
User-added image
Custom Summary formula
Just replace the AMOUNT:SUM in the above formula with the Total Price SUM , click on insert summary fields select Total Price and select SUM