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Hans-Georg GruberHans-Georg Gruber 
i would like to write over some data like stage etc from opportunity to the connected Person Account (meaning the account object). 
What is the simplest way to do this?
I am thinking of the following solutions:
1) Using a cross object formula -- not sure how this works with existing objects
2) using a process to write the fields over - but in the process I did not find a way to carry over the field value. 
3) use process and flow with a variable to carry over the value. Might work but isnt there a simpler solution?
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Jonathan FoxJonathan Fox
Simplest way would be to create a brocess using process builder for the object Opportunity on create or update.

Criteria would be Text field is not Null

Action, update field, record related to the record which started the process. And then choose your account field.
Simon DukeSimon Duke 
I have a Visit object that captures records of visits made to our Accounts. Visit records are created through an integration. When a Visit record is created or edited, a process is launched that invokes a flow if the Account lookup field on the Visit record is Null. The flow then attempts to find an account with an exact match name to the Site Name (text field) on the Visit record. If found, the Flow sets the Account Name (lookup) on the Visit record. Up to this point, I have this working successfully.

I now need to evaluate a Date/Time field on the related Account (Last_Visited__c), and IF this Last_Visited__c is less than the Departure__c on the Visit record (also Date/Time), then to update the Account Last Visited Field with the value from the Visit Departure field. My setup looks correct to me, however, it's not working. I'd really appreciate it if someone could look through the below and let me know where I've gone wrong? Let me know if you need screenshots from other parts of the flow/process.

Screenshot - PB
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Simon DukeSimon Duke
I've found the issue. I needed to enable Recursion

Enable Recursion Screenshot
Murali Kumar GopalakrishnanMurali Kumar Gopalakrishnan 
I am a new learner learning the below chapter

I am performing the activity mentioned in this chapter

I would like to understand how the lookup realtionship added to "Activity" is showing up in Event object. 

Could anyone help me to understand this.
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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
Hi Murali, 

Events nd Tasks are both activities, meaning the actual object they're stored in is the Activity object. There is special handling in the system to "pretend" like they're two different objects, but the reality is that they're one and the same.
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Bartek DyczkowskiBartek Dyczkowski

Hey Raghu, 

Check out this article:

- Bartek

Erika AlonsoErika Alonso 
I'm wondering if there is a way I could further condense this formula using the OR function?

/* IF U.S. Donation to Charity1, log Card */
{!Create_a_task_Charity1} = TRUE,
{!donorCountry} = "United States" ),
"Card: ",

/* If U.S. Recurring ≥$25 to a charity other than Charity1, Log Card */
{!donorCountry} = "United States",
{!Find_Opportunity_Record.Recurring_donation__c} = TRUE,
{!Create_a_task_Charity1} = FALSE,
{!donationAmount} ≥ 25 ),
"Card: ",

/*If U.S. non-recurring ≥$100 to a charity other than Charity1, Log Card*/
{!donorCountry} = "United States",
{!Find_Opportunity_Record.Recurring_donation__c} = FALSE,{!Create_a_task_Charity1} = FALSE,
{!donationAmount} ≥ 100 ),
"Card: ",

"Email: " ) ) )
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Paul McCollumPaul McCollum
Like this: 
        {!donorCountry} = "United States" ,
		       /* IF U.S. Donation to Charity1, log Card */
		       {!Create_a_task_Charity1} = TRUE),
                /* If U.S. Recurring ≥$25 to a charity other than Charity1, Log Card */
                {!Find_Opportunity_Record.Recurring_donation__c} = TRUE,
                {!Create_a_task_Charity1} = FALSE,
                {!donationAmount} ≥ 25 ),
                /*If U.S. non-recurring ≥$100 to a charity other than Charity1, Log Card*/
                {!Find_Opportunity_Record.Recurring_donation__c} = FALSE,
                {!Create_a_task_Charity1} = FALSE,
                {!donationAmount} ≥ 100 )
    ),  "Card: ","Email: " 

Monika WilliamsMonika Williams 
Is it possible to add a logo as the "From Name" when creating a Sender Profile in Marketing Cloud? I think that From Names in marketing cloud can only be text, anybody have experience of uploading an image or logo as their from name? If so, how did you do it?
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Paul McCollumPaul McCollum
From Name needs to be exclusively text to fit in the email program basic capability. 
You are filling in "My Friendly Name"<>. There's no angle to interpret an image call. 
SOME email providers are letting you load basic emojis as part of your name or subject but that would be per provider (gmail,, etc...) but it's not likely to be customizable. 

Best approach to keep your messages standard would be to adjust the template. Email body can use html and custom images. A custom "Signature" would be another way to add custom HTML/Images but i don't know if that's available in MC. 
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Eric PraudEric Praud

Just go on your profile (click on your picture in the top right corner> Profile.
In the "Trailblazer Community Activity" section, just click on Answers, or Best Answers.
Another way is to Google your name and a few keywords that were in your solution if you remember :)
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Max WarrenMax Warren

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Angela Mullen-SmithAngela Mullen-Smith 
Is anyone using MyTrailhead to train staff - I saw someone commenting on a Thread here that it costs $25/user/month which is really expensive for an occassional use.
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Jonathan FoxJonathan Fox
Hi there!

I know some people who generally get one or two lisences and move the lisence to the next staff member they onboard. Unless you have lots of people going through onboarding at the same time, you may onyl need one lisence and then pass onto the next new member.
Lorr GLorr G 

I need to create a formula that will look at various fields all picklists returning numbers, if the filed contains a 1 then I counts that as 5 and then addes it to the number in the next field and so on. 

Not really sure where to start with this but I have started to draft the following formula but it just returning an error. 

IF(ISPICKVAL( Article_is_unique__c  = 1,'5'),
IF(ISPICKVAL( Article_is_unique__c  = 2,'10'),
IF(ISPICKVAL( Article_is_unique__c  = 4,'20'))),
IF( Request_Type__c  =1,'5'),
IF( Request_Type__c  =2,'10'),
IF( Request_Type__c  =4,'20))),
IF( Correct_validation_status_and_visibility__c = 1,'5'),
IF( Correct_validation_status_and_visibility__c = 2,'10'),
IF( Correct_validation_status_and_visibility__c = 3,'20')))

any help appriciated.
Thank you, 
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Eric PraudEric Praud
This won't work for single picklists. It's a lot easier :). Try this instead:
CASE(Article_is_unique__c ,'1', 5, '2', 10, '4', 20,0)+
CASE(Request_Type__c,'1', 5, '2', 10, '4', 20,0)+
CASE(Correct_validation_status_and_visibility__c,'1', 5, '2', 10, '3', 20,0)