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Emma FayEmma Fay 
I'm working on the Admin Intermediate 'Create Validation Rules' challenge.

This is the challenge:
- Name the validation rule Contact must be in Account ZIP Code
- A contact with a MailingPostalCode that has an account and does not match the associated Account ShippingPostalCode should return with a validation error and not be saved
- The validation rule should ONLY apply to contact records with an associated account. Contact records with no associated parent account can be added with any MailingPostalCode value. (Hint: you can use the ISBLANKfunction for this check)

I'm presuming that to check whether the postal codes are the same you use "MailingPostalCode  =  Account.ShippingPostalCode"

It's the third step which is confusing me. So far my best guess is this, but I know it's wrong:
IF(ISBLANK(Account.ParentId) MailingPostalCode, MailingPostalCode  =  Account.ShippingPostalCode)

I basically want to say - if the field is blank, take no action. If it's not blank, check whether they're the same. If they're not the same, don't allow the record to be saved.

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Andrew CookAndrew Cook
Hi Emma,

I used the following and it worked:

NOT( ISBLANK ( Account.Id ) ), 
MailingPostalCode <> Account.ShippingPostalCode 
Girish KotgireGirish Kotgire 

I am getting this error while deploying one Flexi page:

flexipages/Booking_Record_Page.flexipage -- Error: Invalid property [enableActionsConfiguration] in component [force:highlightsPanel]

I am not able to find out the reason for this....!


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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
Hi Girish,

I believe configurable actions is a Summer 20 feature. Unless you refreshed your sandbox in the past week, it would be on the Summer 20 release, which means you will not be able to deploy certain elements from there to your production org until July, when those are updated.
Kunagu Varun Kumar Srinivasa RaoKunagu Varun Kumar Srinivasa Rao 
Hello All,

I'm getting the below error on the "Build an Account Reassignment Wizard" Flow Project.

Step not yet complete in Project - Account Reassignment Flow
There was an unexpected error while verifying this challenge. Usually this is due to some pre-existing configuration or code in the challenge Org. We recommend using a new Developer Edition (DE) to check this challenge. If you're using a new DE and seeing this error, please post to the developer forums and reference error id: SNEXCJGF

I'm on the Build Logic to Reassign Accounts step
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Kunagu Varun Kumar Srinivasa RaoKunagu Varun Kumar Srinivasa Rao
I figured out the reason for this error. It looks like one of the assignment step has a blank value (The one highlighted in Bold below).

Set Variable to {!accountLoopVar.OwnerId}, Operator to Equals, and Value to {!Get_User_3_s_ID.Id}.

Even though I selected the apporpariate value to assign, it disappred after I click done and open again. The trick is after selecting the appropriate assignment value, we have to click somewhere outside the box before clicking the Done button.
Ravindra AdithiyanRavindra Adithiyan 

Create a class
Name: PropertyUtility
Create a method
Name: newListedProperties
Keywords: public, static, and void
Create a list
Name: newPropList
Create a query and assign the query results to the list
Get this information:
The name of the property
The broker’s email address
How long the property has been on market
(Hint: Use API names, not field names or field labels)
Object: Property
Condition: The property was listed within the last 30 days
Create a for loop that iterates through the query results
Object: Property
List name: newPropList
For each item, concatenate the property name, followed by a colon, followed by the broker’s email address: <Property Name> : <Broker Email>
Store the concatenated string in a variable named propEmail
Print the propEmail variable to the debug log

I tried the below code but I get the error 

"Challenge not yet complete in My Trailhead Playground 1
We can’t find the correct SOQL query in the PropertyUtility class."


public class PropertyUtility {
public static void newListedProperties()
    list<Property__c> newPropList = [select Name, Broker__r.Email__c, Days_On_Market__c from Property__c where Date_Listed__c = LAST_N_DAYS:30];
    for (Property__c prop:newPropList)
        string propEmail = prop.Name + ' : ' + prop.Broker__r.Email__c;

Please Help!!!
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Ankush AgarwalAnkush Agarwal
Hi Ravindra,

You may try with below apex class:

Days_On_Market__c < 31

public class PropertyUtility{
    public static void newListedProperties(){
      List<Property__c>  newPropList = [Select Name,Days_On_Market__c,Broker__r.Email__c from Property__c where Days_On_Market__c < 31];
        for(Property__c p : newPropList){
         string  propEmail = p.Name +':'+ p.Broker__r.Email__c ;
Gustavo SelujaGustavo Seluja 
Please be aware that the module 'Use Data Loader to Update Data' in the project titled ' Import and Export with Data Management Tools', fails to mention the need of a record id to update the account records.  The file downloaded per instruction on the module does not contain the Account record id (obviously because it does not know the playground instance you're using).  The previous module on the project, which exports the account data, does include the record id, and the trailblazer should be instructed to use it, or the update will fail.
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Christine MarshallChristine Marshall
You should post this in the Trailhead group:
Rakesh Kumar Reddy YasamRakesh Kumar Reddy Yasam 
Looking to take your career to the next level? Join the Level Up Challenge and get ready to earn your first Salesforce credential. Choose the Administrator or Developer career path, and we will support you with relevant learning through Trailhead Superbadge Super Sets (or super set). Super Sets are a collection of Superbadges, skill-based, domain-level credentials that prove your Salesforce expertise. While supplies last, eligible participants who complete a Super Set will earn a voucher to sit for a Salesforce certification exam ($200 value)*.

Team, need an info on the Level up Challenge as part of the First Certification, For admin we have three badges need to be completed.

Business Administration Specialist
2.Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboards Specialist
3.Security Specialist

To get voucher for admin, we need to do anything ? Please let me know
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Rakesh Kumar Reddy YasamRakesh Kumar Reddy Yasam
Hi All , who are waiting for the level up challenge for Voucher, kindly request you to wait for 3 weeks.
I have created this Query and closing this and please mark it as a best answer, Cheers :)
Saravanan SekarSaravanan Sekar 
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:Please ensure that product2Extension and its methods are still working as specified in the earlier challenge.  

I am getting the above  error on my last 8thChallengeIssuechallenge.
Please help me to resolve this.

Saravanan Sekar (Saran)
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Saravanan SekarSaravanan Sekar
HiLo Everyone,

I found answer for this question from the below link.

My ProductWrapper should be supposed to be like below,

public ProductWrapper() {
productRecord = new Product2(Initial_Inventory__c =0, Name='Test Product', isActive=true); pricebookEntryRecord = new PricebookEntry(Unitprice=0.0);

Saravanan Sekar (Saran)
Dan KnudsvigDan Knudsvig 
In this hands on challenge I am getting the following error message: 

The 'High Probability Opportunities' list view does not appear to be configured correctly. It should show only opportunities whose stage is 'Proposal/Price Quote' or 'Negotiation/Review', and whose probability is greater than or equal to 50%.

In my filter I have selected 'proposal/price quote' and 'negotiation/review' along with a probability greater or equal 50%. What am I missing?
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Narender SinghNarender Singh
This thread will tell you exactly how to do it.
Danielle LaneDanielle Lane 
I am stuck on this step and not sure what I'm doing wrong. I keep receiving this error: A new Opportunity with a 'Prospecting' stage for a 'Prospect' Account did not successfully create a Task for the Account owner with the Subject 'Send Marketing Materials'. User-added imageUser-added image
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Danielle LaneDanielle Lane
I figured it out! I had [Opportunity].Type equals Prospect instead of [Opportunity].Account.Type
Rob EsmondRob Esmond 
I'm working a price line item formula field to multiply the total number in 4 quantity fields by the total product line price. There are a variety of scenarios where all or 1 of the quantity fields can have values. (Example - figure the price of 10 users x 5 servers x the unit price).

I'm running in to a problem when some of the quantity fields used in the formula are left blank because they're not needed for that line item. Then the formula is returning nothing.

I don't want the unused empty fields to have a value of zero, because multiplying by zero returns zero.  I've clicked the box to have empty fields treated as blank.  However, I'm getting the same result, so it seems like it's treating blank fields like they have zero in them as well. Unless there is a value in each of the quantity boxes used in the formula, nothing appears in the field. 

Here's the formula I'm using to calculate the price line item.  Some or all of the fields that start with "Flexi" may have quantities. If all have quantities, the formula works, If any are blank, nothing appears.

( Flexi_Applications__c * Flexi_Users__c *   Flexi_Servers__c  * Flexi_Docs__c )*  UnitPrice

Something is missing. What do I need to adjust?

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Ahilesh RagavanAhilesh Ragavan
Try like this:
BLANKVALUE(Flexi_Applications__c,1) * 
BLANKVALUE(Flexi_Users__c,1) * 
BLANKVALUE(Flexi_Servers__c,1) * 
BLANKVALUE(Flexi_Docs__c,1) * 

Make sure you choose "Treat blank fields as blank"