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David WrightDavid Wright 
I would be interested to hear if anybody has an idea of what percentage of customer's have moved from Classic to Lightning?
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Jonathan FoxJonathan Fox

I've tried digging for the answer because you triggered my curiosity.

I can not find any hard and fast stats but her are some blogs talking about it:

Here are some closly related stats too:

Rachel BanksRachel Banks 
How do I search for duplicate Accounts and Contacts and mass merge them? I am searching for a solution that will identify the duplicates and will combine the related records and the fields data. Any help will be appreciated!
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Ben FordBen Ford
HI Rachel,

You can identify the duplicates and mass merge / auto merge the duplcaites with the following app:

Merge jobs
Noga WeissNoga Weiss 
I have a custom object and I created an approval process for it...
However, The "Submit for approval" button is not showing in the lightning page...
Hoe can I add it?
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Bhavna BanodhaBhavna Banodha
Hi Noga,
You need to add Submit for Approval action in the Lightning experience action section in the Custom Object Page layout
Daniel CavosieDaniel Cavosie 
Hi Trailblazers,

I'm signed up to take my Marketing Cloud Admin Certification test next week. I'll complete the trail needed within the next few days. Then I'm planning to re-study the learning objectives and test questions at the end of each unit thoroughly leading up to the test. Beyond this, I'm wondering if there are methods of study this community recommends? It's been awhile since I've taken an exam, what to speak of being nervous about it! Also want to mention that the SF org I currently work in does not have marketing cloud, so I'm unable to get hands on training.

I'm also curious if there are any certified Marketing Cloud Admin test takers out there who can recommend study techniques. This is not an attmept to cheat (if that's even possible?); I want to pass this honestly otherwise I won't know what I'm doing. Rather, it's an attempt to see if there's a systematic way of how the test works in relation to the study materials like Trailhead. Knowing this I'd feel confident about this certification and others I may choose to take.

Any response is appreciated! Thank you!

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Om PrakashOm Prakash
Hi Daniel,
I hope you have also went throw with this "Marketing Cloud Admin certification exam guide with interactive study tools":

Overall your practical hands-on experience will help you in the exam.
Please have a look at the certification guide topics and please explore topic wise steps/configuration in your org.

All the best for exam :)

Stay safe!
Chaitanya AggarwalChaitanya Aggarwal 

I recently learned about Kanban View and tried to use the drag and drop on my opportunities to switch stages. However, it does not change the stage and the opportunity remains as is. If select Edit and change the stage of the opportunity, it reflects in Kanban. 

Please let me know what I may do to fix this, as this does not seem like a common issue. 

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Dnyaneshwar AghawDnyaneshwar Aghaw
Hi Chaitanya Aggarwal , 
Check below considerations of Kanaban Board.
Jeff EnochJeff Enoch 
Hi All, 

I am using the Salesforce suggested workflow below to calculate how long a lead stays in certain status but I keep getting the error message 

Error: Function ISCHANGED may not be used in this type of formula

Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong? 

SF Workflow:

To achieve this requirement we need 2 fields and 2 workflows for 1 picklist value.

1. Create 2 field : New_TimeStamp(Date/Time Field) and New_Total Days(Number Field)

2. Create the 1st Workflow to update the New_TimeStamp field. 
 Set the Evaluation Criteria as "Evaluate the rule when a record is created, and any time it’s edited  to subsequently meet criteria".
 Rule Criteria - Opportunity : Status equals Negotiation.
 In Workflow Action Choose Field Update (Field to update : New_TimeStamp)
 Update the field using the formula: NOW()
 Activate the Workflow
Through the above workflow, everytime the Opportunity Status changes to Negotiation, it would update with the current Date/Time value.

3. Create the 2nd Workflow to update the New_Total Days field. 
 Set the Evaluation Criteria as "Evaluate the rule when a record is created, and every time it’s edited".
 Rule Criteria : AND ( ISCHANGED (Status), ISPICKVAL( PRIORVALUE (Status), 'Negotiation'))
 In Workflow Action Choose Field Update (Field to update : New_Total Days)
 Update the field using the formula: IF( ISBLANK ( PRIORVALUE( New_Total Days )),0,PRIORVALUE(New_Total  Days))+  (NOW() - New_TimeStamp )
 Activate the Workflow.
Through the above workflow, it calculates the overall duration of how long Opportunity Stage was under Negotiation.

Say, the Opportunity Stage was under 'Negotiation' for 1 day and then moved onto 'Need Analysis' Stage and was again changed back to 'Negotiation' and stayed for 1 more Day; so our Workflow adds the previous 1 day duration and the current 1 Day giving an Overall Duration of 2 Days.
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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi Jeff,
Please make sure the Evaluation Criteria is Set to
Created and Everytime it's edited (2nd Option)
Lindsey DunnLindsey Dunn 
I have a custom field on my Contact called RAM China which is a lookup to Users. I need to user named there to have read/edit access to the record regardless of owner.
How best can I do this as sharing rules allow for sharing with groups/roles/etc.

Thank you
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Deep SinghDeep Singh
Hi Lindsey,

I have tested this with the given scenario in my personal org. Which worked perfectly as required by you.

Please Try this.
Create a trigger with the name “ShareContact” and paste below code.
Activate the trigger.
Make sure your Org’s OWD for contact is Public Read Only, otherwise you won’t be able to save this trigger.

+add picture1+

//----------Trigger Code Start---------
trigger ShareContact on Contact (after insert,after update) {
    if(trigger.isInsert || trigger.isUpdate){
                             List<ContactShare> listOfContacts = new List<ContactShare>();
                             for(Contact ctc :{
                                           ContactShare studentRecord = new ContactShare();
                                           studentRecord.ContactId =;
                                           studentRecord.UserOrGroupId = ctc.Grant_User_Field_c;
                                           studentRecord.ContactAccessLevel = 'edit';
                                           studentRecord.RowCause = 'Manual';
                             Database.SaveResult[] jobShareInsertResult = Database.insert(listOfContacts,false);
//----------Trigger Code End---------

Now replace the Grant_User_Field_c with your custome field ‘Ram China’.

All Done!

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Andrew FragiasAndrew Fragias
Hi Imtiaz,

I believe you are describing an email notification based on a certain condition. You can use Process Builder or flows to send an email notification to a specific Email address referencing an existing email template.
bhanu akellabhanu akella 
Usecase: Fire validation rule if the value in the Custom field  (Is_Batch_Excluded__c) of a cutom setting (API_Adminstration__c) is True for a particular user. 
Validation Rule Used:
$User.Id ="0050L000009FABcQAO"

Validation rule is not firing when using $ is used but firing $User.ProfileId (same profile of the user) is used. 
// With User.Id 
$User.Id ="0050L000009FABcQAO"

//With ProfileId
$User.ProfileId ="00eE0000000m2zX"

Please help
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Ahilesh RagavanAhilesh Ragavan
Validation rules doesn't work with 18 digit IDs(onnly 15 digit ID), so use this:
$User.Id ="0050L000009FABc"

Claire FieldClaire Field 
We have an integration set up between Salesforce and Cvent to add the people who register for an event in Cvent to the associated Salesforce campaign. I have set up the campaign member statuses to be either "Registered", "Attended", or "Cancelled". "Registered" is the default value. I'm noticing a lot of campaign members have a status of "Attended" even though the event hasn't happened yet and "Attended" is not even the default value. Does anyone have an idea on how/why the campaign member status gets set to "Attended"? There doesn't appear to be anything in the Cvent integration that is setting this field.
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Till KlotzTill Klotz
Hi Claire,

the campaign member status is a "special" picklist that is customized through the UI when creating / editing the campaign in the advanced mode.

These are the steps to customize the campaign status:
  1. Click Advanced Setup on a campaign detail page.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Update the existing entries or add new values.
  4. To add entries, click Add More. You can add up to 50 entries.
  5. Select one entry as the “Default” value.
  6. Choose which values count as “Responded.” Members with statuses that count as “Responded” are tallied in the Responses in Campaign field on the campaign.
Here, you can see that the status can be defaulted differently depending on the actual campaign!
Thus, you could check the campaign advanced settings and see which value is set as your default.

Generally, there are no Salesforce standard automations around changing the campaign member status.
Therefore, if it was not the default status for the respective campaign that caused many members to have the status "attended", it is either a custom automation (Workflow / Process Builder / APEX) or it is the app afterall.