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Chad WaltonChad Walton 

I have a client that uses WeText platform at the moment for the texting service.

For Pardot is there a designated Texting platform that integrates? Also is a third party needed?

Let me know.


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Chris GardnerChris Gardner
Pardot doesn't have any native integrations to SMS tools. You can integrate them through a middleware tool (like Zapier). I have used some of those tools to trigger communication between systems before. It does require extra fees, but is relatively easy to set up.

As an alternative, you can see if a Salesforce enabled SMS platform offers something beneficial. SMS Magic ( and SMS 360 ( both appear to have some Pardot capabilities.
Aaron BeattyAaron Beatty 
Hello trailblazers!

I'm trying to track down some documentation to help us configure a new MobileConnect instance.  The pages have a bit of information on using the tool once it is configured, but I'm looking for documentation and/or a workbook to help us configure MobileConnect.  Anyone have any resources that might help?

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Nicole PomponioNicole Pomponio
I was able to find this link, it has getting started and account administration, importing contacts and creating and managing messaging -
Mahesh RaghuramanMahesh Raghuraman 
Hi Techies,

I am building a simple REST inbound API and sending some Contact record as JSON response. In @HttpGet, I simply return contact record, now how can I send Headers info. alone with this response?

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.
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Anuj YadavAnuj Yadav
Hi Mahesh,
You can use standard RestResponse Class and can send the header information in the properties. For  more information visit the link

Savvy AdminSavvy Admin 
In the Salesforce system, there is a custom object that is called "Lead" with the API name "Lead__c" that cannot work with SMS Magic to send SMS through the customised button. It works with the custom object "Custom_Opportunity__c".

From SMS Magic's technician's explanation, the custom lead should not use the same name as the standard object and they wanted us to change the API Name. However, it has been working for a long time in the system and if we change it, our daily work cannot progress normally. (There are hundreds of customised features and code linking to that custom object, the de-reference and re-reference process will take too long time for us.)

Actually the Standard Lead's API name is "Lead" while the custom lead's API name is "Lead__c". I have no idea why SMS Magic could not make it work. Is there anyone with good idea to make it work?

Thanks a lot.
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Vinay ChaturvediVinay Chaturvedi
Hi Joey,
I won't recommend you to change the API name in any case if you are using it in different functionalities as well.
As to bring new functionlity in salesforce ecosystem will require a lot of rework and regression testing -and hence a not recommended approach.
Now if the SMS Magic represntative has mentioned that you cannot keep same name for both of them,then please check with them that are they talking about API name or Label?
Because in your case although the label would be same but not API names.
And if they confirm for API name,then for sure then they should be able to solve this issue.
Hope this helps!!
Toru KaiedaToru Kaieda 

Has anyone experienced issues sending app inbox messages in Journey Builder?   I've set up a few mobile push interactions in the Journey Builder.  When I ran tests on the Journey, I'm able to receive mobile push alerts, but not inbox messages.   I am, on the other hand, able to receive both alerts and inbox messages without any issues when messages are set as "scheduled," and not as "Interaction."  Problem seems to occur only when messages are sent in Journey Builder.    Does anyone have solution for this issue? 
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Toru KaiedaToru Kaieda
Just got a response from support.  They are saying that App Inbox Messages dont work in the Journey Builder despite of what their sales team told in the presales talk.  It is also contradictory to what it says on their help page.    Very dishonest.  Watch out if you are using SMC for your mobile app solution.
User-added image

Everything is in the title. It works just fine with an iPhone, but it doesn't work with an iPad, even though the ability to send sms from the iPad is activated.

Thanks in advance.
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Dnyaneshwar AghawDnyaneshwar Aghaw
Send SMS messages in Salesforce for Android and iOS
Knowledge Article Number000240916

DescriptionSalesforce for Android and iOS users are  able to send SMS text messages from the Accounts, Contacts, Leads, and Person Accounts Objects with an formatted phone number.  

By default, the action is included at the end of the Salesforce for Android and iOS and Lightning Experience Actions section on the object’s page layout.

Considerations for sending SMS messages in Salesforce for Android and iOS
Users are able to send texts from the browser version on mobile devices but not when emulating from a desktop.
A listed phone number must be available on the page layout and contain a valid number for the SMS action to appear.

Admins can remove the action from page layouts if needed to prevent this feature to end users.
Sent text messages are currently not save in the activity history of the record.
The Send Text Action is limited to only phone fields much like the Call Action.
*** This action does not work in Ipad at this time.due to limitations with SMS messaging via IPad.
John FelixJohn Felix 
I'm not sure whether is this the right place to ask this query. Is there any way to connect external API to send SMS from Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
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Ashutosh TripathiAshutosh Tripathi
Hi John,

Although there is no default functionality in Salesforce to send SMS, there are some apps in the appexchange which can send SMS

Just search for the keyword 'SMS' in the appexchange.

If you have a third party SMS subscription, then you would have to write your own code for apex callouts or outbound messaging, but first have a look at the appexchange apps.

You can check image screen Send SMS using APEX API (

If you want to build your own using apex then check this below resource links contains the example with code:

Here's is rest api example for that:

I would suggest to check the appexchange app first which easy and point-click but if your specially looking for code then you have lot of options as I shared above.

I really appreciate your time to make this post here but I would like to inform you that this community is focused on help with declarative configuration changes and non-programmatic solutions.

You have a better chance of getting relevant answers if you post it on one of the following forums [lots of talented developers out there who must have worked on similar problems before.

StackExchange []
Official Developer Forum []

For any configuration changes and point and click design solutions, feel free to post in this community and we will be glad to help you out. 

Hope this helps. 

Good luck!!
Alaa AljelaniAlaa Aljelani 
I really need your help in understanding the integration between SMS gateway and salesforce.
I'm not personally familiar with it. As I haven't done before.

How can I integrate them via API? how to do this?

If anyone can give me a detailed overview about it.
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John MitchellJohn Mitchell
This is a big question. 

Exhaustive documentation regarding Salesforce's APIs can be found here:

I do not have information regarding SMS gateway or their API structure.

You may be better served to ask this question on the developer community ( as this answers community is primarily focused on configurable solutions without code.
Denys SavchenkoDenys Savchenko 
     I have list of customers from Mobile Push Demographics with "last date app launch" attribute. Also have Data Extention with customers, and i don't need to connet them.
   For example, I want to make Data Extention, filtered by "last date app launch" (attribute from list).
   Please, help me with advise. Thank you
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Ajay DubediAjay Dubedi
Hi Denys,
You can create a data extension and use an SQL query activity to populate it based on the criteria that you're looking for.

I hope you find the above solution helpful. If it does, please mark as Best Answer to help others too.

Thanks and Regards,
Ajay Dubedi