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Jesus PrietoJesus Prieto 
Hi all!

Just wondering the best way to create a DE from all my Mobile Push users, so I can use it as an Entry Source in Journey Builder.
The only way I found so far is by creating a SQL query with the data within the data view _PushAddress.
However, I'm struggling with how to get the Contact Key field, as it is not in _PushAddress data view, but it is asked for me as a requiered field.
Any suggestions?
Does anyone have a SQL query example for this?

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Jesus PrietoJesus Prieto
Hi Nick!

Just to let you know that you're completely right. I opened a ticket asking for activating Audience as entry source in JB in my account, and that's all! Now, I can use the lists created in Mobile Push as audiences for my JB, as simple as that.
Thanks a lot for your advice!

Christian EichhornChristian Eichhorn 
Hello Salesforce,
could you please tell me if it is somehow possible to expand the 'more' section by the default Task objects, since there is only one field below. So there would be enough place to see all field and there would not be 'more' necessarily to be placed on the mobile app.

User-added image
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John ChavezJohn Chavez
Hello Chris - Looks like you have Simple task form enable for mobile. Go to 
Setup > Feature Settings > Sales > Acvitiy Settings.   Or simply go to setup and search for "Acvitiy Settings"

Disable option called "Show simpler New Task form on mobile " 
Hans HongHans Hong 
Many of our users are first time mobile users, so the "mobile only" app is not really useful for transitioning, because they aren't transitioning from anything. The "Mobile Only" app being the default when they first log in is confusing to them and we are constantly having to instruct people to go into the app launcher and picking the appropriate app.

Is there no way to just remove the "Mobile Only" app, or skip it completely so users go to a different app by default?
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Michael GammonMichael Gammon

We were successful in removing the "Mobile Only" app using instruction located at (" style="color:#0563c1; text-decoration:underline)

If you’ve previously made a Lightning app available for mobile, the Mobile Only app might not make sense for your transition. You can disable it by adding a connected app custom attribute. In Setup, enter Connected Apps in the Quick Find box, select Manage Connected Apps, then click the name of the connected app you want to modify. In the Custom Attributes section on the connected app page, click New. Enter HIDE_MOBILE_ONLY_APP for the attribute key and “true” for the attribute value.

גלעד מוטרוגלעד מוטרו 
We are using in our Org in salesforce1 on tablet with secured network.
When I tried to search address in account, our network blocked me and didn't show any results.
We need to know what is the URL that  we need to allow access in secured network.
ThanksUser-added image
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Allie LawlerAllie Lawler
You should whitelist all ** sites!
Alexander PulowAlexander Pulow 
Hi folks,

I have a weird behavior in the mobile app for a global action that I created.

Layout in admin looks like this:
User-added image

But in the mobile app it seems the subject gets a higher priority then anything else and basically the whiole layout does not match - it looks like this:
User-added image

Only when I click "more" the other fields appear, even though there is enough space to disply them in the first place.

Then I tried to delete "subject" from the layout and all of a sudden it looks like expected:
User-added image

I just dont get it. As it is right now I would really hesitate to use "subject" just because the one click more on "more" is really bad UI/UX and I am afraid user will not fill all fields.

Has anybody an idea if it is a bug or some feature I don't understand?
Maybe even a workaround?  
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sakshi nagpalsakshi nagpal
Adding link-
Patrick JamesPatrick James 


We've added a couple custom fields to our Opportunity object. They are both required fields and management does not want any default values.   How can I get these fields onto the Mobile App's "New Opportunity" screen?  I can't seem to find it.  

I've added them to the compact layout and can see them in the mobile app, but users cannot create new Opty's on the mobile app since they don't have access to those fields when they create a new record.


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Thomas LangeThomas Lange
Go to Setup -> Global Actions and click the Layout link next to the New Opportunity action:

User-added image
Then, you should be able to add your fields here.
Jyoti kumariJyoti kumari 

Can anyone please explain to me as to what is the difference between Salesforce lightning and Salesforce1 App, or how are they related?

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Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
Salesforce1 Introduces Salesforce1. Salesforce1 is the new social, mobile and cloud customer platform built to transform sales, service and marketing apps.Salesforce1 is the first CRM platform for developers, ISVs, end users, admins and customers moving to the new social, mobile and connected cloud. Salesforce1 is a brand new app which replaced Salesforce Chatter and is what most of the current Salesforce buzz surrounds. In theory it'll allow you to make use of ALL Salesforce functionalities from your mobile, including all custom objects, apps and even Visualforce pages. It's also feed-first, so Chatter is central to it.

Lightning Experience:
 Lightning Experience, the new, fast, beautiful user experience from Salesforce. With a sales-centric mindset, we focused on reinventing the desktop environment to better support your sales process. The result is an intuitive, intelligent interface that helps sales reps work more naturally and close more deals faster.
It’s really just the beginning! Lightning Experience will transform Salesforce CRM and extend to service, apps, platform, and more. No matter what department you're in, we understand that the way people work is changing.
All this change is greatly influenced by the rise of mobile. Sales reps at your company are already using mobile to research prospective customers, get directions to client meetings, connect socially with customers, and more. We get that. That’s why Lightning Experience takes the cool stuff from the mobile experience and brings it to the desktop. 

Salesforce1 is using same framework for user interface like lightning but both are dieffrent.
Alberto OjedoAlberto Ojedo 
I'm trying to embed a Wave dashboard onto the Account layout so I can provide my Sales Reps some sales insights when working on existing customers.
We have noticed that even though we have tried to add the dashboard as a Lightning Component and as a embedded Visualforce page onto the standard layout, when logging in using an iPad ot a phone, the Wave dashboard doesn't appear at all.
Is there any possible workaround without having to navigate away from the record?
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Dean De-ViellDean De-Viell
@Alberto, I thought I'd try the Visualforce route even though you flagged it didn't work and I've had some success.

I followed the information in the link below.

My vf page is as follows:

<apex:page sidebar="true" standardController="Account">
<wave:dashboard dashboardId="0FK1q00000000KVGAY"
openLinksInNewWindow="false" />

And here's it showing up on an iPad:

Einstein Dashboard on an iPad

I've deliberately kept the vf simple just to get it working, I've taken out the filter section but I don't see why this shouldn't work if I have a valid dataset, I'll have a play with this next.

The issue I'm having now is that the faceting doesn't work in mobile, well it does but when you click on a part of the donut for example it opens the dashboard in another page, it doesn't update dynamically on the fly as it does on the desktop.
Aliya JansonAliya Janson 

I have downloaded the lightning for gmail extension and it works great on my desktop. 
But I want my users to be able to access this gmail integration with Salesforce on their phone.  Does anyone know of or recommend an ios app or solution where my users can log an email, create a new lead etc. to Salesforce through gmail on ios?

Thank you.
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Thomas JonesThomas Jones
Check out Salesforce Inbox ( Hope this helps!
Shruthi GMShruthi GM 
What is the reason behind this?
Those two datatypes are available on other std objects but its not present on Activity object.

Please help.
Thanks inadvance.
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Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
You can't create this data type field on Activity. You can promote and upvote this idea here Allow custom "Text Area (Long)" fields on Activities.